Scenario: You are a judge and a pedophile comes before you.

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Sacrificing children to the elder beings
Apr 17, 2018
You're a high council judge from the rich fictional country of Gramerica.
One day a pedophile who diddled a kid comes before you.

You have three options.
1. Rope the pedophile to not waste tax money.

2. Jail the pedophile and take care of his basic needs, however, his fellow inmates will know what he did, making him go to hell before he dies.

3. Get him to a psychiatric facility where he will be reformed back into society.


I ain't drunk, I'm just drinkin'
Mar 23, 2013
I handcuff them and lock them in a room with the kid's parents for a hour and then rope whatever's left. If the pedo is one or both of the kid's parents then I lock them in a room with me.

Malodorous Merkin

gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh
Jul 7, 2016

Gaia Soraka
Jul 27, 2020
i dont personally believe in the death penalty, simply because it's too humane to let someone take the "easy way out". the judicial system only has so many ways it can punish a criminal.

i'd much rather see this pedo get his justice served on a silver platter in prison. he deserves death, just in a much more painful way than lethal injection or rope.:tomgirl: