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ive had it. im done. im sick.

i dont want to murder anyone. let me make that clear.

but i am evil. i am evil because i used murder in a sentence.

you see im a sick sick bastard. a psychopath. i do not want to murder anyone. and i do not want you to murder anyone.

war is murder. fact. look at it for 2 seconds without your jade colored glasses. yes. i think this is correct. this is not what is wrong with me.

High school and the transition to college can be a scary time for any lolcow. Luckily, the internet has birthed a place where those with crawling in their skin and wounds that will not heal may go to sharpen their edges. is a forum with no age restrictions, however is populated by primarily high school and college students (or dropouts). Discussion on the forum generally amounts to the confluence of a /pol/, /v/ and /cow/ primer study. There is chimping, flaming, racism, hate speech and ideation on new and creative ways to get out of school.


My life is going nowhere. I have almost no friends at all. My only friend is this one sophomore who uses memes all of the FUCKING TIME. He gets on my fucking nerves. I have not once had a girlfriend. I'm an ugly fag who is too much of a fucking geek to get any girls. Worst of all is that my mom died a couple years ago. Although she was an addict, she was the sweetest person you would meet. She was extremely caring. I can't take my life anymore. I've had suicidal thoughts for a while now. I don't know what to do anymore

Raids and Ragequits

Being a forum populated by teenage and barely post-teenage boys, raids and ragequits are quite common. Below is one from the forum's local troll Duelix.


Image changed to remove dead body

It has also become a right of passage for users who are on their way out to make a thread showing their disdain for the community.

I'm embarrassed I actually used to post here. I'm also embarrassed for those of you who still post here. You guys are going nowhere in life. None of you seem to have any motivation to do anything in life, but if you want to drop out of school, get a GED, and try to make a living with what little you have, by all means, go for it (here's a tip - the best working conditions require a bachelor's degree or higher, and if you don't care about income, I hope you're happy with living in poverty). If you don't, I suggest you grow the fuck up and stop complaining. You're not going to be a revolutionary. You won't create something incredible or worthwhile. If you thought any of those, you're delusional.

It's all about income. That's all that really matters. Most of you have figured it out by now. Society equates human value with income. The more money you have, the higher you're viewed. The less you have, the lower you're viewed. You can't change it. The best you can do is work with it, which is what I've been doing. Right now I'm at one of the most prestigious, highly-ranked universities in the country. I'm meeting intelligent people with ideas and motivation to change the world. I'm working with what I have. Instead, you guys complain to each other, complain about the system, refuse any help at all, expect change without actually doing anything, and will likely never develop any worthwhile connections or learn any useful skills. No one will ever take you seriously.

I can't believe some of you actually brag about failing classes, having to repeat grades, and withdrawing from school like those are monumental achievements. Do you realize that in the long run, you're fucking yourself over by doing that?

Here's a thought: why not accept it? I mean, seriously, you're in school for, what - 13 years of your life? Did you ever stop to think that every single other person in the world went through that? Why not get over it? You're not being robbed of anything. Have you ever considered that maybe it's not school that's wrong, but it's you? Everything works both ways.

EDIT: Here are good quotes:

Quote:The best thing would be if all haters for school became millioners
The problem is that anti-schoolers will never become millionaires. In fact, if they're as anti-school as some of you guys are, they'll never see any income beyond minimum wage. There's a reason for that.

Quote:I'm going to start off with a simple capture card device, about £5. After that, I'll start doing videos, gaining views, battling other Let's Players to gain fame/infamy, all in the hopes that I can get money.
Spoiler: you won't get money. The way the most famous Let's Play people get money is through advertisements. Advertisers pay them to put their ads by their videos, because they know that many people watch those videos. Unless you're a talented entertainer, you won't ever reach a level where you'll be paid for putting videos on the internet. I hope you have a backup career in mind.

trar's ragequit (pulled from behind paywall)

You know... There are many reasons I could pick for leaving this site. But I think there's one that stands out most of all. (03-31-2014 04:31 PM)Chanku Wrote: The Ops in the IRC are NOT representatives The implication here that the moderators do not represent the users on the site that they moderate is nothing short of naïve and idiotic. This, combined with his not banning Duelix and his thread about the drug discussion in the IRC, and his threatening Sharpie, Gwedin and Neue for apparently no other reason than to flex his Internet Muscle, is testament enough to Chanku's incompetence and failure as a moderator. This alone would be reason enough for me to leave. There's also the fact that SoulRiser can't be arsed to really do much of anything to improve the site, the fact that DoA carries too much of the libertarian streak that destroyed the old forums to be anything resembling a good moderator period (anyone who agrees that "no one has a right to regulate speech or make people put warnings on speech" is not fit for mod status on a forum ostensibly dedicated to support. people who need support generally could use them and anyone not willing to provide them in this manner is not equipped to moderate a support website, not to mention the destruction of my Obamas), the fact that xcriteria is too indecisive to be a good moderator and is heavily focusing on faulty methods to connect with strangers over the internet about how much school sucks, and asking each and every one of them a long series of questions about how to change it all. (Amateur videos and goddamn TV Tropes only get you so far.) A site is only as good as its staff, when it comes down to it. And if the staff are bad? It's time to go. Some of you are good people. Not enough of you are to save this place. And then there's the IRC. It's starting to resemble the old School Survival, that clubhouse of 4chan shit whose twisted community excluded anyone else who wandered in. I think I am justified in my judgement going by the kind of activity there. If you feel like calling me a hypocrite on this, note that this was my reaction to certain things that were said. I do not have the time to rebut every single shitty thing. Compare this website to Tumblr. (To any new users who read this: perhaps go there instead.) Yes, it's technically a blogging platform full of disparate communities and individuals, but it's got plenty of people who hate school, has a good number of resources for them (including some that, frankly, this site probably would not even think of), and possesses more practical knowledge about what to do about it. It's also updated more than three times a year. Formerly, I would have said School Survival had real potential as a supporting element of the education transformation that may very well be coming, but now I'm not sure. It seems more and more a relic of the past, now that I dwell on it. Perhaps it could serve as a sort of hub, but I don't really know. It would take more effort than the site can muster right now to transform itself into something more relevant, or to capture more traffic, and I'm finished carrying the burden for it. I'm sorry it had to end like this.

My school (XXXXXXXX) is fucking PISSED. I got bored, so i did a chunk load of doodles and other stuff on Student Council election posters. About 10-20 posters got vandalized by me. So, for the past 3 days- i have recieved the nickname of-

Ghost Picasso

Even though there is no way i am that good as Picasso, my school is giving 15 dollars to every student that gives literal information to the leading of "Ghost Picasso".
If i do get caught- i will recieve 3 days of detention and a referral.

I feel like i should stay in the shadows- cause either way, i still get the same punishment

Even mods aren't free from drama here


The community first opened in 2005 and grew until 2012. The admin and owner, soul, hadeen the community fall into disarray and came to the conclusion it was in the best interest to cut it down, lumberjack-style.

I'll leave them in read-only mode for now. If you want to keep in contact with people from the forums, you should get their contact details via PM or something. Maybe one of you can create another forum somewhere else (in fact, please do... it's a free internet).

Why? I'm just tired of it. I'm the admin, so I can't really just "take a break" without missing out on a lot of stuff that I really shouldn't miss out on because, well, I'm the admin. Which brings me back to: someone else please feel free to make another forum.

To everyone who needs advice or something: Do whatever you can to make your life better, even if everyone else thinks you're insane. Believe in yourself and do what needs to be done. Screw the unbelievers. :P

Thanks for everything though, I learned a lot from everyone here. I hope you guys set up an awesome new forum or whatever you decide to do.

If you're interested in making a new forum, I recommend or for domains, and for hosting. MyBB or phpBB for the scripting, both of which I believe can be auto-installed from HawkHost's control panel. I use MySQLDumper for making auto-backups. If someone else makes a new forum, I'll link to it prominently from the old forums so people can find it.

Feel free to use the comments here to discuss this or whatever, but don't bother trying to talk me out of this. I'm done. That is all

The forum was only down for a few months, however a splinter named Dark n' Edgy was formed. The forum was only down for a few months, and was reopened for Back-to-School time. Since, the interaction between Dark 'n Edgy has been relatively contentious.
Archive of board re-open hotlink:

The Re-open and the Night of the Knives

Upon reopen, most of the users had fucked off to Dark n' Edgy, however they still posted on School-Survival as well. This led to a great deal of in-fighting, trolling and anger and autism.

The response by moderation was to pull the plug on 75% of the userbase (anyone with an account on Dark n' Edgy.


Community Members
There are multiple users who are now being noted as being lolcows. Below is an example.
KFC Nyan Cat - tumblr and Deviant Art Sperg with significant online footprint

Special thanks to @hood LOLCOW and @Wildchild
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They even have a SJWlike discussion wow
Special mention (
Data isn't an infallible, almighty tool. It's a human creation that usually measures human elements and that can be twisted this way and that. Even if the minority groups WERE more criminalistic, that would likely be due to the pressures of being a minority in Western society a good number of them face, more or less. This extends to being economically disadvantaged. You're not doing yourself any favors, racist or not.


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Ten bucks says that none of these people could survive in an actual school shooting/survival situation.

I get the feeling that despite the disclaimer, someone's going to take it a little too seriously. Assuming they aren't simply living in their parent's basement and all.
These kids probably wouldn't even survive outside of their houses, let alone mother's basements.

Also, an excerpt:

What kind of shitty ghetto school must these people go to in order to witness shit like this?

I think the problem doesn't fall within school itself but the kind of schools people in this forum go to.


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