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I think most of them tend to be exagerating how bad their school is and their experience, due to being a teenager. Most of them, probably experience some sort of isolation from their peers, but also go to Middle Class schools. It's more common for them to be middle class, because people who do live in "ghettos" where gang violence does occur, and there is a risk of violence, are less likely to have computers or access to the internet, along with substantial knowledge to use it.
It depends on their locations. In other countries schools are more likely to have weird mixes due to being federally funded. In Canada it is not unusual to have a school located between an affluent area and a poor area that has students from both areas.


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It depends on their locations. In other countries schools are more likely to have weird mixes due to being federally funded. In Canada it is not unusual to have a school located between an affluent area and a poor area that has students from both areas.

In a school that's a mix between affluent and poor, then there would be a lot more effort on security due to the parental complaints. No affluent white family would send their kids to an inner-city violent school where 12 people are punching each other in a mass fist fight for 30 minutes, or where people are regularly bringing guns to school.

I heard that heroin is considered an epidemic now because heroin addiction has been affecting middle class white families more than in the past. When addiction was considered to be primarly a lower-class or African American problem then it wasn't considered to be an epidemic, and the word epidemic and attention to it has only been used when suburban white kids started dying from overdose. It would be the same principle with the school.

If affluent white kids started ending up in a violent environment, there would be more pressure from the parents and even the community to put policies in place and make an effort to reduce it. Nobody gives a shit about poor or black people.
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i love that this thread is no content, just autistics talking to each other about school

If @Philosophy Zombie actually went to school instead of staying up til 4am and skipping to post on Kiwi Farms, then she would be able to join us in our conversation about schools, but she was taught by a sensai master because she's Asian so that's why she doesn't need to go to school.

GS 281

There is also a tool that lets you copy an entire webpage at a time. its an add on for chrome.

@autisticdragonkin You've dug up a lot of cool content, here is what you should do.

1. Cap (get an image of it), imgur it, and put it in a spoiler box
2. Get the original link and paste it under the spoiler box
3. it and put the under the original link

also, if the content is just one or two posts, just snag that. you can print the screen then cut it down in paint, but it is much easier to use "snipping tool", which is in Windows. just search "snipping tool".

GS 281

@autisticdragonkin, here is an example of what you can do.

So it looks like they have a thread on "Being 'autistic'" on their forum. There are some decent posts in the thread overall.


Looking over the thread however, you come across this.


Let's begin with KFC Nyan Cat

Their intro to Dark N' Edgy

Hi. Officer Dinky Hooves here for the Dark N' Edgy Truth Movement. You see, Dark N' Edgy has been brainwashing you all. The site needs you because when you post on Dark N' Edgy, they put black-tinted contacts in your eyes. This causes you to see things that don't exist like stereotype hipsters and Bronies committing bestiality. This makes you not like these groups. They then make you want to commit genocide for dumb things like watching a show. The server does not actually hate these groups. He needs to drain the hemm from them to destroy the world and create his own. So, when you realize the cold hard truth, you can sign up on my YouTube Channel's discussion page. We must stop the Dark N' Edgy agenda before it's too late.

So, KFC Nyan Cat is a guy that @cat found when he was looking through this stuff the other day.

Well since KFC Nyan Cat decided to dox himself...

For more voice cracking autism pls see

Of course he has a tumblr as well, why not?

Intro to tumblr:
Head here for emo moping, neckbeard dating rants, and centrist politics. Before you make assumptions, I am black, overweight, and probably autistic and manic depressive. Also, if you identify with feminism, any part of the "manosphere" (MRM, MGTOW, The Red Pill, etc,) Black Lives Matter, or White Pride, you will not agree with me. This blog does not claim to be an unbiased source on anything.

I'm so damn bored, I'm going blind, and I smell like shit,
At least he is honest...

...and a race traitor.

The ethos of shoplifting

We must not be the only ones interested in this guy, his tumblr was archive 9 months ago.

Deviant Art. Words cannot describe. This was archived 10 months ago.

Gender Wiki (only one edit)

Repeat this after me: there are only four genders (two really, since the other two are just takeoffs of the first two:) There's male, there's female, there's agender, and there's bigender.

Most of the "other genders" are crap (EX: Stargender) or fancy ways of saying Bigender (EX: Demigirl.)

Imgur (just one upload)

However he does get salty in comments

Seems quite busy on Reddit too

Might wanna comb through that before he finds his page here...

Well he also has a YouChew because why not...


PlanetMinecr... We get it you're autistic asf!

So there is KFCNyanCat. Brainiac has a nice papertrail as well. Feel free to look that up.
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GS 281

Nice thing about this site is that it is a primer for the Kiwi Farms Shitposters of tomorrow. :semperfidelis: SchoolIsPrison333.


@Philosophy Zombie?

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Aura vision? Isnt that when youre about to get a migraine

These kids probably wouldn't even survive outside of their houses, let alone mother's basements.

Also, an excerpt:

What kind of shitty ghetto school must these people go to in order to witness shit like this?

I think the problem doesn't fall within school itself but the kind of schools people in this forum go to.
I remember an epic food fight happened at Lunch once. It wasnt my period so I didnt get to see it...


Domo Arigato
Thoughts as deep as the shallow end of a community pool. These were pretty much meant to fail from the get go. Especially the one about failure.


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You forget this is the era of the cheap smartphone and WORLSTAH

WSD? There you are. Thought you were gone!

I'm disappointed at not being mentioned ya'll. I have the 5th most posts on the bloody site and the 3 above me barely/never post.