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Dickgirl Supremacist
Feb 20, 2016
WSD? There you are. Thought you were gone!

I'm disappointed at not being mentioned ya'll. I have the 5th most posts on the bloody site and the 3 above me barely/never post.
I ain't ever gone. Everyone just left the IRC and I can't be bothered to look at the whiny moderated forums.


See You Space Cowboy
Feb 26, 2016
I had no idea some old threads on SS would be comedy here. Seriously, it was pretty damn crazy. But believe me, it was more fun if you were there.

There was a mass banning once.

The forecast was loads of ban hammers and shit storms. Ah, good times, good times.

Jul 2, 2016
Didn't realize we already had a thread on this shithole. That's what I get for not lurking properly. Still, I find the shit that I posted funny, so whatever.


Ok, THEY say "white

Side note, my racist auto-complete keeps suggesting I capitalize the "w" in white, but it doesn't do it for black...

Anyway, they say "white is reflecting all the colors of the spectrum". Ok so what the F is a mirror? Is it just like really super white? The back it looks grey, so wtf?

The kid was trying to understand how color theory works...

The most powerful weapon is willpower
~The Green Lantern

Do you not like going to school?
Do you not want to go to school?


I did it. It worked. I got what I wanted by say no. Sure, I went to jail, had to do community service, but I got what I wanted. I got out of public school. All I had to do was say. NO.

"go to school"

You might get grounded.
You might get things taken from you
You might go to court
You might get a PO
You might do community service
You might go to juvie.

If you decide to say no and just don't go, be prepared and have a clear list of demands. This is how I did it.

"mom, I don't want to go to school. I want to go to online school or unschool"

I was won over by cheap bargains at first, but kept going. Even that cold, thursday night in juvie. Crying myself to sleep. I had no regrets, and I kept going. I never gave up. And things worked out for me.

If you decide to just not go you may find it easy. Your parents might cave before any court action occurs. Or, you might end up in juvie. In all 50 states you CANNOT go to jail for truancy as it is a status offence. You can be jailed, however, if going to school is a term of your probation and you violate your probation. Read my other post on how juvie was for that.

Nothing worth fighting for ever comes easily. Stand up. You are not a cattle. You have a life, willpower. Do what YOU want and don't let anybody tell you otherwise (I mean school, I dont mean "if you want to stab somebody 27 times go do it.")

The most powerful weapon
Is Willpower.

Alright, the school censorship on Internet has gotten out of hand. Schools think that they have the RIGHT to censor any website they want regardless of the content. Even some of my teachers complain that my school blocked educational sites for no reason. I will be building my own proxy server this weekend and be issuing the address to people in the resistance. Because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and I shall not be silent to the injustice around me.

PS. Even if I get caught, I would at most be suspended for a few days and my proxy becomes blocked. I would not be arrested because I am not violating any relevant law in the US. Even in the event that my site is blocked I can distribute my code to other interested people.

Made me shit my fucking pants. My third grade teacher made us go to the bathroom, said if we had to go use it now and I didn't. Later on I asked to go the bathroom, she said no and I shit my pants. This event made me realize what little goddamn rights I have and how cruel teachers can be.

Feb 20, 2016
Way to necrobump. But in all seriousness, I should check in to see if anything has changed since I was active on the site however many years ago.

Alex Poulos

Not the Celtic Rebel
Jun 10, 2019
When the fuck did kids become such pussies?
These kids probably wouldn't even survive outside of their houses, let alone mother's basements.

Also, an excerpt:

What kind of shitty ghetto school must these people go to in order to witness shit like this?

I think the problem doesn't fall within school itself but the kind of schools people in this forum go to.

Something doesn't add up here.