Science Fiction Titan John W. Campbell deemed problematic; name removed from award - Let us remember our history by ruthlessly scrubbing it.

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Mola Ram

Self Righteous Ego Bastard Asshole
Haven't seen anyone from the Sad Puppies weigh in on this yet, though when they do I imagine it'll be scorching.

Campbell has been falling out of favor for years, but this was precipitated by this year's winner, Jeannette Ng, who at her acceptance speech blasted Campbell as a fascist.

Cheer up, Ms. Ng! It'll be your turn someday.

PL 001

Oh the Lovecraft purge is coming, make no mistake. They already changed some other award - World Fantasy, I think - so it was no longer a bust of the man from Providence. They'll find excuses to shitcan any number of the old timers.
I've already started seeing it happening with the leftists here in Portland. Mention you're a fan or you've read his work, and you might as well be a cross burning Klan member. Don't you DARE question why they keep those faggy little plushie Cthulhu dolls if they feel that way though!

Mola Ram

Self Righteous Ego Bastard Asshole
Oh lord, John Scalzi is one of the original ubercucks, one of the earliest adopters of this mindset.

I (thankfully) never read any of his books, but I did read his movie reviews for Official US Playstation Magazine back in the 2000s and even back then he had a habit of sperging out in weird ways at times.
Scalzi and Cory Doctorow have both been smugging it up over this. Ng's twitter is downright insufferable. A big advocate of OwnVoices, naturally.
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You can try to scrub his name all you want. Even when times change, Campbell will be remembered and Ng will not be. They blast old science fiction for being white imperialist but nothing's changed. They still use the same thematic elements that the old white writers they hate so much did.

>go to the boingboing article
>start reading
>Heinlein apologists
>peace out before I get Mad At The Internet
Scifi (and fantasy) used to be more interesting when the authors weren't concerned with aliens' genders. Used to be some correlation between awards, sales and quality.
I just wanted to read good books

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