Scorch / Rodney Brian Graff & Kahuki / Kendal Ray Emery - SovCit, Wannabe Lawyer, Self-Employed Appliance Repairman & his Convicted Child Rapist Roommate

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Oct 3, 2016
Scorch may have come across critical posts/articles pertaining to his 15 April "Dragon's Lair East" furmeet, the one where he openly invited children to engage in furry porn viewing and creating. Determined to continue the trend of responding to criticism with lectures on irrelevant matters, he made an FA journal talking about the Age of Consent laws in Colorado. |
Scorch Journal 2- The Age of Consent in Colorado.jpg

Dragons Lair Post 1.jpg

Dragons Lair Post 2.jpg

Dragons Lair Post 3.jpg

I believe the AoC laws he is expounding apply only to physical sexual behavior. And even if they did apply to viewing and drawing furry porn, since he is an old fart he'd be openly violating the law by allowing children 14-16 to attend such an event (and he defined "adult" as 14+). I am reasonably sure that it is illegal in most or all places in the USA to show any sort of pornography to someone under 18, and that such an offense is named something like "corruption of a minor" or "showing harmful material to a minor". I can't be bothered to find the exact Colorado law he probably broke.

I don't know what his understanding of the objections to him and Kahuki regarding his event is, or why he thought anything of this nature was wise given his very recent notoriety and him cohabitating with a RSO. He's literally psychotic, and even his meandering furmeet ad is self-contradictory and seemingly irrelevant, so I have no fucking idea what he knows or is thinking. I hope someone asks him why he did this and how this essay is pertinent to his scenario and he answers it.

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Oct 3, 2016
Soon after the firestorm over the letter from Scorch broke, a non-furry lawyer actually was informed of it and wrote a lengthy blog entry (archive) detailing his legal opinions of the letter and the SovCit ideology (he is not supportive of them), and his experience with/impression of furrydom since being noticed and appreciated for his blog post. He has said he's considering attending a furry con at the behest of some furries, and if he ever makes a fursona it would be a lawyer badger who has a fixation on alcohol.

My favorite quote of his is near the end:

"Furry Sovereign Citizens do not insist that their fursonas are their actually identities, which bums me out as I was really looking forward to seeing “BOOMER THE DOG, A FREE DOG OF THE LAND” on a legal pleading at some point."

He wrote a follow-up post (archive) the next day focusing mainly on the professional obligation of lawyers to not mistreat or poorly serve a client because of their lifestyle choices, circumstances, or any other traits. He also defended furries as being people like everyone else, and showed off pictures furries drew for him of his prospective fursona.

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Oct 3, 2016
(Note to @Feline Darkmage : Small typo in the thread title. Kendall should be Kendal.

Okay, here is the second batch of dialogue between me and the informant.

Customers and Business

Scorch is actually quite talented in his craft, and he might not be fully to blame for his limited business success. Also, he has an A+ from the BBB (archive), for what that's worth.

Me: Does he even have many customers? His journal indicated he spends most of his time waiting for calls (he probably does other things in that time, but that's what he said).

Informant: He was pretty busy a lot of the time when i lived with him, but he usually only worked 2-3 days a week and came home by lunch time or a little later. Some weeks itd be more and he'd be out late. A couple weeks he got nothing at all. It seems to vary but the way he put it recently business is down

Informant: Of course there's a few factors that could influence that. One is that his service map isn't very expansive because going too far would necessitate more loss than itd be worth. Second is colorado has a lot more handy men willing to do jobs on the cheap since the economy and population is bloated.

Me: So he actually went to other clients and didn't just do work at his shop?

Informant: And yes he goes to the clients. I actually went and helped with some jobs. Honestly the biggest thing i learned is don't be an idiot and not maintenance your shit otherwise your paying some dude 100 bucks to clean your clogged mechanisms.

Me: How proficient and experienced was Scorch at that anyway? I saw his multitude of FA pictures and he seems to me- an utterly uneducated person on his craft- to be quite industrious and capable.

Informant: He's pretty good I'd say. He has a knack for tinkering. I think he went to school to repair air planes when he was younger, dropped out cause of the stress not necessarily because he wasn't capable

Informant: There are things i can admire about him. He wouldn't be a lolcow if he'd get some damn help and stop taking conspiracies so seriously.

Me: That and his circumlocutory and bizarre manner of speech are what make him a lolcow, yeah.


To my substantial surprise, this anti-government SovCit fanatic isn't armed or willing to spill blood in extreme scenarios.

Me: Oh, is Scorch heavily armed? I've presumed he was, but I just remembered I haven't heard or seen any evidence for that.

Informant: Naw he doesn't have guns. He kinda tards about gun rights but he himself is a coward.

Me: That's weird. How does he expect to defend his homestead and rights against the oppressive regime or criminals?

Informant: Oh right i didn't mention this. A us Marshall did investigate due to reports. He was deemed not a threat cause scorch let him in and showed him around and said he didn't have guns nor would he shoot anyone.

Me: A federal Marshall came in? Do you know what brought them there?

Informant: I believe scorch said in the event he's threatened he'd run or surrender. He has a reinforced steel door and cameras tho so someone would be dumbto try

Informant: Some anonymous tip that scorch was a sovereign citizen scorch thinks cause that was the focus of the questioning

Me: I'm surprised they went and looked at him just for his ideology. We have actual criminals they can't be bothered to even investigate.

Informant: I'm sure they exaggerated the threat. Maybe called his electronic projects bombs

Verbal Speech and Mannerisms

I've observed some lolcows such as Simba Lion and Foxler sound rather normal and adequate in ordinary verbal communication. Scorch somewhat follows this trend. Also, he believes cash is "non-redeemable" despite essentially doing just that with it.

Me: What is his verbal speech like? Like, disregarding his beliefs and the topics he chooses, does he sound bizarre and extremely tedious when he verbally speaks, or is his style and structure pretty normal?

Me: I've noticed some lolcows tend to have colorful, bizarre, or otherwise distinctive or idiosyncratic speech patterns and traits online, but in verbal conversation they often come across as rather normal, competent, and unremarkable.

Informant: He speaks somewhat normally with his weird sovereign vocabulary peppered throughout

Informant: His voice is kind of deep and monotone. Its not bad tbh.

Informant: Like he made a big show checking out groceries by giving them cash and being like " here's 40 non redeemable promissory notes"

Me: That's charmingly crazy/eccentric, actually. Actually, no, it's not. How is cash "non-redeemable"?

Informant: Dunno some conspiracy because he doesn't understand what "fiat" and " backed by the faith and credit of the u.s. People" means

Me: Which is bizarre given he's accepting currency and engaging in commercial activities with it.


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Aug 13, 2016
"Furry Sovereign Citizens do not insist that their fursonas are their actually identities, which bums me out as I was really looking forward to seeing “BOOMER THE DOG, A FREE DOG OF THE LAND” on a legal pleading at some point."
Someone should get this to Jim. It should be in his next sovereign citizens video.


Aug 10, 2016
Nothing too interesting from Scorch today.

5-14-2017 Journal / archive

5-15-2017 Journal / archive

Also, a youtube channel filled with the 'tism.

"Hey there science furries-"

Stopped watching there.

But seriously, this guy looks like he lives in a generic Otaku place. He buys a lot of things he doesn't need, like crappy plushes and statues of dragons. He knows what he's doing when it comes to his brand of physics (He probably doesn't but let's play pretend) so if he sold the bullshit and actually used the money towards building something he could actually get a less crappy home.

But a furfag's addiction overwhelms potential talent.

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Jun 14, 2016
Those who actually know me know that I am very old school which means I actually still use things such as a hard wired telephone or an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) system just as many other "grey muzzle" furs do who where already 'old' when the internet (as we now know it) first came into being in the early 1990s.

In IRC; it provides for "actions" by way of a /ME command such as "Scorch flaps his wings" which appears differently in a chat room different from regular text.

Then, one day, I discovered a animation series known as "Oscar's Oasis" on netflix which is the only television I might watch since I will not endure corporate commercial interruptions and of course, the constant Problem Reaction Solution (PRS) scenarios constantly being played out on those Emmy Award winning (entertainment) 'news' programs that are programing everybody who have faith in 'news' and accept these programs religiously.

The Problem, Reaction Solution Scenario: Diocletian's Theory Explained-

Then; I discovered in this series an episode title "Fluff The Magic Lizard" and I immediately realized this is an ACTION as in "Scorch Fluffs the Magic Lizard" !

And THUS; the magic lizard was born as an IRC action that now serves as a "Magic Metaphor" in which the "magic lizard" may represent many DIFFERENT things but for the most part, just appears as the magic lizard that I always present as a one word, single action as in-

Scorch Washes the magic lizard.
Scorch Dries the magic lizard.
Scorch Fluffs the magic lizard.

I also had a desire to create or commission a general drawing of the 'magic lizard' which is currently described as such-

"The magic lizard is a 100% gauranateed, all encompassing, all powerful, universal, multisexual, indestructible, multilingual, positive-negative, Yin & Yang, onmi-potent, all-seeing, flight ready, machine washable, inflatable, reversible, fluffable all purpose magic metaphor. Which is also a made for tv movie in Japan
and an episode of Oscar's Oasis.

See also:

So; as I was browsing art awhile ago; I was reminded of a creation from the wonderful talents of artonis who created a fabulous drawing of a Star Wars character called a "boga lizard" and she is a very fine representation of the sexiest lizard I have ever seen on the screen.

Then I discovered his creation was not a commission so; I offered to "adopt" this character for the purposes of appearing AS the magic lizard which has now been "spruced up" so she now looks much better for these modern times (since April 2015).

Please let Artonis know that we all really appreciate his efforts creating all that he creates including this very beautiful and sexy 'magic lizard'.

Kindest regards;


Applicable law:
This digital copy of the original media (art, photograph, document and etcetera) is offered as a free gift intended for download into your own possession and possession is 90% of the law.
You have right to do whatever you want to do with this possession in private provided you do not violate any copy-right copy-claim and legal title to the original property in the public.
Any trespass on this copy-claim and legal title for the original (other 10% of the law) may be subject to substantial legal and lawful penalties.
Including, but not limited to, administrative remedy process and perfected new claim(s) against your property such as your accounts, land, buildings, vehicles and etcetera in the amounts of no less than $10,000.00 per offense.

Who and what is Scorch?
A short biography-
tl;dr crazy man rambles about an art. (art not included because it is gross)

Nov 10, 2015
God I hate these SovCit nuts. I used to have to deal with them all the time at work. They're the most annoying people in the world. Unlike your regular brand of crazy, SovCits are so anti-authority of any kind that they'll go out of their way to make the lives of everyone around them as miserable as possible, even if all they're doing is buying groceries.

My one consolation whenever I have to deal with one is that their shit almost never manages to get through court. Judges are usually smart enough to work around their jabbering. The only time they ever get off a charge is when someone else makes a mistake that probably would have gotten them off without the legal-wannabe bullshit.

Anyway, here's a video of SovCits getting the crap beat out of them to cleanse your palate.
except for these fucks


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Sep 17, 2017
Scorch is spamming furry mailing lists to promote a video by Casey that is about Scott 'I will sue' Malcomson. He goes on to wax poetic about the IMVU-FurAffinity lawsuit before mentioning that FA banning users is actually terrorism.

DeviantArt link he posted.
Who and What is Scorch?
  • by ScorchGDƒ, Jun 19, 2018, 1:57:05 PM
  • Journals / Personal

Who and what is Scorch?
(A short bio of more recent facts.)

Scorch, also known as “Scorch Green Dragon” or “ScorchGD” is a legally constructive alternate ego originally created, issued and owned by a natural man and respected Private Contractor who maintains a five star customer service rating.

He (natural man) rarely appears in a Public Legal Capacity regardless of his physical location and does exercise his Inherent Right to express himself in his Private Capacity including his Official Credentials of his Private Office he occupies as Officer to Officiate all his Private affairs including his Private Contract Obligations. See: Official Private Credentials@

He is also an all around hobbyist who is formally trained in aircraft construction, maintenance and repair and who also creates many original writings and fabricates many machines, devices or objects as featured at his favorite social media site ScorchGD at DeviantArt and who is known to be very supportive of the anthropomorphic arts enthusiast community including his assistance to many of his local enthusiast acquaintances (furs) who were simply down on their luck and needed a little assistance in terms of housing, computers, supplies, transportation and etcetera.

He does operate a local fur meet in Denver called "Denver Highlands Den" which he currently hosts at the historical Mason's Temple in Denver every 3rd Saturday. (See Mile-High-Furries@ for more details and scheduling)

He has also donated much of his time, funds and property to other branches of his beloved community including as well as owned and operated by some of the well known leaders of the largest anthropomorphic arts enthusiast conventions…@ He also serves as a channel operator at as well as substantial support in terms of donations of his time and money to his local convention (RMFC) before it was killed by 'haters' and their threats of violence resulting in skyrocketing security *costs. By way of hate, intolerance, defamation, character assassination and blatant lies. Plus a "petition to boycott RMFC" unless the convention provide the services of banning a large group of furs under impossible conditions to actually identify who is allegedly "bad" within the entire attendance at a furry convention...

*The Denver police told the hotel "The threat of violence is credible" and provided a quote of $22,040.00 for daytime security plus this would potentially be DOUBLE this amount to include evening security. The hotel put a road block up by insisting this is "non-negotiable" and the convention must cover this huge cost or cancel the event. This is the EFFECT CAUSED by "Social Justice Warriors" who claimed his beloved convention was being run by "Neo-Nazi pedophiles". And this warrior's crusade did gather a substantial group of supporters who believed these lies and caused, as the Con Chairman worded it: "A very toxic environment" so the convention was cancelled for these two Main reasons of: 1. Huge cost beyond our budget 2. Furs hating furs including credible threats of violence that actually was causing a lot of stress and even health issues among the staff as the direct result of a crusade of Deo the Devil and her worshipers known as her "comrades". And as it turns out, Deo herself is who did trespass on the RMFC/Hotel Contract by way of "swatting" the convention by calling the police to report a crime where none existed beyond the VERY questionable writings and activities of Deo and her comrades.
See: Case study of Deo part 1@ Case Study of Deo part 2@

BTW: The threats came from people in a twitter following who are not raiders and who may not even be furries at all. May just be a bunch of ignorant haters that apparently hate a subculture of a subculture and they have no desire for a peaceful settlement to resolve whatever problem they decide to have or deal with. They apparently just want to cause divisions in our furry culture.

And since he (Scorch) was repeatedly accused of being a furry raider; he went ahead and actually joined the furry raiders telegram channel where he now has first hand experience as an administrator and he has now witnessed multiple cases of outside agent-provocateurs who may not even be furries who have been joining the Raiders chat, bringing in their controversial images and discussions then grabbing out of context screen captures that are used as propaganda being smeared all over the blogosphere for their agenda and crusade...

For more details about these on-going damages being caused by the SJW crusade; see his article titled "True Effect Caused by “Social Justice Warrior” Bullying" at the Raiders "think tank" page here:…@

He also offers discounted or even free appliance repair services to the local furs in his regular service area.

He first appeared on the World Wide Web some time around 1993 approximately four years after the creation of said web (as we now know it) in 1989.

Some of his primary interests-
-Anthropomorphic Arts.
-Law Studies.
-Alternative Energy and Propulsion Systems.
-Self Governance.
-Health and Healing.

More details about his interests are here-

His politics-
He doesn't really care about foreign politicians based in the Federal Corporation* of the District of Columbia known as "U.S.A. Inc." which obviously does NOT represent his interests or those of his nation-state of Nebraska. *shrugs*

His 'politics' are merely to govern himself peacefully as the pre-1933 president Teddy Roosevelt** wisely advised so many years ago.

* See paragraph 15 at:…@

**See: Teddy Roosevelt's Speech@

So; "Scorch's Politics" is to NOT care about ANY of the politics of ANOTHER including the politics of a FOREIGN entity including but not limited to the federal corporation known as "United States" which is totally foreign to his own nation-state of the republic of Nebraska to which he pledges his allegiance.

He often asks: What care I; the foreign politics of all those foreign entities outside and foreign to my own nation-state of Nebraska?!? What care I, a mere peaceful inhabitant; the military occupation of our land? It certainly doesn't care about me, a mere humble non-belligerent.

His oath-
DO NO HARM in my pursuit of Truth, Science, Self-Discovery, Happiness, Prosperity, Spirituality, Healing, Private Travel and Law Studies.

His pledge-
I pledge to be an honorable, legally competent natural person with absolute jurisdiction and authority to administer my own lawful affairs and legal obligations as I exercise my inherent rights and liberties to appear and perform in many different capacities as I serve my creator during my sojourn in Urantia.

His cooperative offer-
To assist Public Servant-Trustee to Perform his/her Duty. What shall be the Term(s), Condition(s), and Consideration for my Performance of a Co-Operation with a Public Servant-Trustee?

His mission statement-
To help the furry community in any way I am able and to use my knowledge and resources to build a community / housing project for other furry fans such as myself.
It will be geared to encourage and support creativity. It will be self sufficient with structures built to withstand mother nature's wrath such as monolithic domes.
It will be free, or very low cost, for furry fans to live there and/or contribute in their own capacity. When I build it; they will come from distant lands to live, prosper, and be happy.
I do not know what form this might take. Could be something built from the ground up or maybe something simple such as acquire apartment buildings and/or hotels for furry fans to live, be creative and hang out together.

And now; you know some of his story.


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UPDATE: Scorch has been banned from the mailing list Colorado Furries.
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