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DoubleSwee is a YouTuber from California in his late teens. He is most well known for his fondness of the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants, of which he's created "rap" music videos for on YouTube. There's also this thing, which is probably DoubleSwee's magnum opus:

If that video is too long for your liking, here's the highlight reel. Also yes, he eats raw hamburger meat in that video. What's worse is that he's not alone in this endeavor; someone is holding the camera -- someone could've stopped that.

DoubleSwee originally had a thread here about two years ago that didn't really go anywhere. This was before more info on him was dropped however, so I feel that it's appropriate to give him another spin.

Autism, or Acting?
I've brought up DoubleSwee to a handful of people before I posted this thread because I couldn't figure out if he was legitimately autistic or if he's aware that he's not all there and is playing it up for YouTube views (ala Sammy Classic Sonic Fan). One of these outcomes is funnier than the other.

To demonstrate, here's a video of DoubleSwee stomping around outside acting like a dinosaur in his fucking underwear:

And on the other hand, here's DoubleSwee acting like Stephen Hawking:

DoubleSwee quite obviously comes from money as the house in all of his videos shows. That and the surrounding property, filming equipment, vacations, and props are all giveaways too. I get the impression that his family just pampers him to shut him up and keep him placated. He's posted numerous photos on his Instagram account of expensive DJ equipment that he uses to mix his "music" with.

"Underground Swee"

The smoking gun for me, and why I think the majority of DoubleSwee isn't an act, is the YouTube account "Underground Swee" maintained by DoubleSwee's brother Todd. It's full of candid footage of DoubleSwee raging and being autistic and frequently getting his mother involved in his scuffles. It plays out like a painfully autistic Viva La Bam.

Seriously, his mother sounds and acts exactly like April Margera. Let's see what his dad is like. I bet he's Phil.

Okay, so maybe he's not Phil margera, but it looks like both parents are sick and tired and are just doing their best to put up with it, so here's a video of DoubleSwee getting his iPad taken away and he loses his shit over it just like you'd expect a privileged little shit like him would:

And there we go again. If this is a ruse, then the acting is good. Too good, because I've seen something exactly like this before. For what it's worth, the iPad video was apparently taken down by YouTube at some point before Todd re-uploaded it, so maybe there's some legitimacy there.

In Closing

I just don't fucking know, you guys. (:_(


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I think Daddy caught him looking at stuff; hilarity ensued.
Also gross with the burger. I am ashamed. Poor patty got fucked to shit.
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I actually only saw Oppa Spongebob Style like a few days ago and I just dismissed it as a dumb 12 year old being dumb, didn't know he had this whole fucking youtube "empire"
As for the ipad video, I've seen autistic teenagers act the same way. I've literally seen a kid flip his fucking shit over eating dinner and sit in the corner and cry and scream and this guy was like 16, there is some clear untreated autism going on here

My two questions are:
Why does this kid's parents let his brother film his freakouts
In Oppa Spongebob Style why does he sound like he's going to kill himself


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Also, slightly off topic but raw hamburger isn't that bad to eat. I've done it and my grandfather used to make what was called a 'Bachelors Sandwich' which was raw hamburger and horseradish. Now chicken, well...

It's far from the worst thing you can eat, but because it's often carelessly butchered and comes from poor cuts of the carcass, it's a great way to get parasites like tapeworms.


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It's far from the worst thing you can eat, but because it's often carelessly butchered and comes from poor cuts of the carcass, it's a great way to get parasites like tapeworms.

It often comes from not only many different cuts of meat, but many different cows from different locations, so if any of them have any infection at all, it gets spread through the whole batch. That's why you should always cook ground meat all the way through.

It's probably safe or at least safer to eat rarer ground meat when it's all from one cut.

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It's far from the worst thing you can eat, but because it's often carelessly butchered and comes from poor cuts of the carcass, it's a great way to get parasites like tapeworms.
You wouldn't really get tapeworms from eating ground beef because the cyst that the baby tapeworm is in would get smooshed as it's run through the grinder. What you could possibly get is bacterial contamination such as E.Coli from unsanitary methods. Having said that if you get a good cut of meat and grind it up yourself then you can eat it raw without issue if you happen to like that kind of thing.


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I saw that Krabby Patty video before, that looked beyond disgusting to both watch, and eat. In fact, I'm legit surprised he even knew how to operate that range.

As for the rest of his videos... yeah, the autism is strong with this one. Doesn't help that he thinks he's actually SpongeBob. Or that he's real.
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