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So while this thread was inactive, DoubleSwee has uploaded two new videos and became a Fortnite streamer. Not going to bother linking the streams because they are kind of boring, but they do confirm that it's most likely not an act, considering he is streaming for 5-8 hours and doesn't break his act once.
The videos are not what is interesting though. What is interesting is the stream DoubleSwee's brother, Todd, recorded and uploaded to his secret channel Underground Swee without Swee's knowledge on May 5th. The stream is just them hanging around until Swee leaves at around 3:44:50. Ten minutes later, at 3:54:00, Todd decides to look through Swee's computer without his knowledge. The results are... interesting. Here are some of the highlights from Swee's browser history and Gmail:





Here is the full stream if you are a DoubleSwee fan:
EDIT: Oh no, the video got deleted. I assure anybody reading this, it was legitimate and several people on this forum have seen it.
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That just seems too good to be true. I didn't watch the whole 3 hours to see what kind of relationship or banter the two had but I don't know what kind of tech-savvy teenager doesn't lock their computer while living with their family. I'm starting to suspect that these videos are orchestrated by the two of them, similar in vein to that "Greatest freak out ever" video where that kid throws a fit over his Everquest account being deleted or whatever.


And that’s why I don’t like cricket.
Reviving an old thread here but I used to be chummy with Swee’s brother’s girlfriend and she told me the following:

Swee likes shamale porn (this is what his parents found on his iPad history!)
Swee hates Jews
He has some chromosome deficiency (forgot the name oops!) but not autsim.

I can’t believe Swee has a thread. Back when he was rapping about Spongebob selling patties to the West I thought he was a dorky spergy kid (and he may have been). All of his more recent content seems self-aware and ironic to me. I loved the Vegas hotel room video. Made me lol how he kept taking about being able to fit like 15 people in the shower in the suite they rented. Can’t believe that video wasn’t posted here either.


So recently, Swee's brobro came back and said he's going to post more rare Scott content

Meanwhile, Doubleswee started a "paranormal" channel. Every video's pretty much the same; blurry pictures of satellites he took with his iPhone panning across the screen while royalty free music plays in the background. His friend also started one

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