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Hello everyone and thank you for attending our mass vaccination dr KiwiPAC 2021! Let's have a round of applause for everyone who is in attendance while we lock the doors! I would like to take this time to discuss the leader of our movement, what he's about and why he may look familiar to you. You may have seen him on FOX, CNN, local affiliates, Twitter, and perhaps on your own street corner. We are going to begin with how the average person would come to know him and add on layers as we continue. I guess you could say finishing this thread will require...persistence...I won't do another joke like that - I promise.

Scott Pressler AKA #ThePersistence
Part 1: They Must Know Your Name

Screenshot from 2021-04-06 13-54-31.png

Scott Presler, 33, is an under-the-radar grifter and political activist. He's from Northern Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida - remember this when you hear his Southern very real accent that changes in some videos. He's also been politically active longer than he would have you believe, and his narrative and background will be different depending on how you are being introduced to him. The classic first sign of a grifter is a chameleon - and this man is A+. Just remember that, despite what he says, he's been was employed (Archive) by the GOP in 2016. Despite needing a token gay, this relationship didn't last long. But first, let's meet our man:

Are you someone who cares about the environment? Do you watch local news affiliates? If you shop at Wholefoods there's a good chance you'll get advertised a video like this:

SCOTT PRESLER: Why he started the #CleanUp movement​

(Youtube link)

Notice his video has different shots of the same group of people at the same place. These trash pickups are notorious for being a PR stunt. They're also where he got his name out there. He also does these clean-ups in exclusively Democrat run areas. It's clear this is not really to help people but to garner some controversy and be in front of the cameras. Below is another video of the same event, notice the media has footage of them at the exact same place. They never moved. Later in the thread he'll make claims of organizing a nationwide "cleanup initiative" where they cleaned "12 tons of trash" in a day but I cannot find any evidence of this occurring.

Second Baltimore clean-up takes place since President's tweets​

(Youtube link)

Are you a conservative patriot who loves America? Do you believe in border security and are anti-immigrant? There's a video for that:

Border Wall Visit Part 2​

(Youtube link)

Unlike when he's up north, down south he likes to get patriotic good boy points when he works in the south. But what if you hate that? What if you're liberal and all of this repulses you? No problem my friend, Scott has you covered.

Scott Presler in Las Vegas​

(Youtube link)

Here our boy sits at a Starbucks with a "Gay Republican for Trump AMA" paper taped to his laptop with wholesome music overlaid. He's all about spreading good vibes, remember this. It is all love with this guy. Here he is advertising his brand "#Gays4Trump"

Part 2: Stick to the Playbook


Scott knows his audience, he knows how to market to them. It's particularly obvious if you watch multiple interviews or speeches together. You'll find that the way he relates to people is very mechanical and copy-paste from each group to the next. He has recently been interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting where he markets himself as a speaker, teacher, and political organizer. He is teaching people how to organize and politically motivate your peers and is apparently still picking up trash. Here is his most recent updated schedule
Screenshot from 2021-04-06 11-43-19.png

As you can see, the man really gets around.

🔴 RSBN Interview with Scott Presler at CPAC 2021 2/25/21​

(Youtube link)
Notice around 2:35 he says he was a former dog walker and trash collector. He says that. A lot.
For example, this next video where he within the first minute brags about how he'd be famous and rich if he were a Democrat, and became a dogwalker and trash collector.
Then he goes into some weird claims where he worked at a school and learned Spanish to communicate to parents and taught himself Arabic to welcome in refugees. Which if you pay attention to Presler, has made frequent anti-refugee statements. Maybe it's because he's speaking at an event full of Cuban/Venezuelan conservatives. He also claims heavy credit here (and frequently elsewhere) that he elected Texas governor Abbott. And will sometimes claim he's from Texas despite his biography saying he's from Jacksonville, Florida and Northern Virginia later on. He then brags about working for the GOP in 2016 in Virginia, a state that went for Hillary. After claiming he vanquished her, he doubles back and says he secretly worked in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio as well - just that no one knows because it's suuuuper secret.

Scott Presler Gives an Inspirational Speech​

(Youtube link)
Around 3:12 you're going to hear this super fun and original story about going to the White House. Here he will discuss how cool it was, how he (ladies, he) flat-ironed his hair. The Trump family and a thousand famous people are there. he sees Trump answering questions on the right. He knew Trump was going to turn and look at him. And, like a race car driver he was ready to go. Once he finished answering the question Trump turned his direction. First - his hair moved and then his face. Scott shot his arm up to speak next. Suddenly, Trump. pointed. at. him. He was shocked, he didn't know what to do. Scott triumphantly stood up. He screamed, "President Trump!" And for 2.3 seconds he locked eyes with the president. This magical 2.3 seconds are so important to him that he repeats this exact story, detail for detail, countless times.

Conservative Sanitation Activist Scott Presler Speech at #WalkAway Rescue America Rally (FULL)​

(Youtube link)
He starts with his boilerplate intro and immediately jumps into his White House story at the precise 1:00 mark. Very impressive. He continues to masturbate himself for the next five minutes on camera. Yes, he does talk about being a trash collector and dog walker in this video as well.

March 5, 2020 General meeting with Scott Presler​

(Youtube link) - He begins speaking at 14:30

This whole video is cringe but Scott somehow manages to hit every single trope and recycled story in his wheelhouse. So we know he like to talk about himself when he speaks, and he will market himself to you based on who you are. Who is Scott really?

Part 3: Keep it 100%

Scott's narcissism is endless. He tries to rally the crowd at the Million MAGA March and it immediately becomes all about him, only briefly talking about the movement and the crowd present. Even as he discusses whatever the crowd has planned or will mobilize to do, he immediately rants about his next move to Georgia.

Scott Presler Speech At Million MAGA March​

(Youtube link)

Here is a video of him being interviewed by a child at CPAC. Sorry kids, the sound quality is bad. Here he discusses Obama being reelected is what prompted him to make his Twitter account. Considering his account was made in November of 2012, it might be true - and weird.
Screenshot from 2021-04-06 15-27-26.png

Conservative activist Scott Presler at CPAC 2021​

(Youtube link)

Scott, despite his calls for tolerance and acceptance, is pretty anti immigrant and anti muslim. Agree or disagree, this guy will talk one way and act another like a poor man's Milo Yiannopoulos. He was a head strategist for ACT for America, a large anti-Muslim hate group (Archive) according to the ADL. It seems his official working relationship with the GOP ended around this time. As Rational Wiki (Archive) points out, he took this grift to places like rural Ohio (Archive) to gin up fear of Sharia law, you know, in places where it's a threat.

He has attempted a few rallies independently but have never been successful. He also started a "Blacks before Illegals" movement in the style of the Black Lives Matter logo. This was pretty controversial and landed him a Twitter suspension. How does one react to a Twitter suspension?


Part 4: Cut the Slack or Get in the Mud

We've established that Scott's got a little bite to him. So what happens when he feels threatened? Here is his totally reasonable reaction to his Twitter suspension:

Scott Presler Suspended From Twitter For Standing Up For Blacks​

(Youtube link)

He thinks his sign was so brilliant, watch him give a brief presentation Steve Jobs' style on his one-man-movement and follows up with blaming the DNC for, "not putting blacks first."

Democrats Choose Illegal Aliens Over Blacks​

(Youtube link)

The last Youtube sperg I'll show you is his FBI/DOJ coup conspiracy. It's explained very rationally and calmly.


(Youtube link)

He is very fun on Twitter as well. I'm not going to go spelunking for fun tweets, that's your job. But I will leave you with some nuggets that I have found.

Screenshot from 2021-04-06 13-54-39.png

Because of course he has a Reddit account
Screenshot from 2021-04-06 13-54-53.png
Screenshot from 2021-04-06 13-55-53.png

Yes, that is confirmed to be his car

Part 5: Conclusion

In conclusion, Scott Presler is a conservative grifter, concern troll, and overall fabricated human being. It's unclear how much he cares about the poor or the voiceless, but he definitely dislikes Muslims. The only thing he seems to care about is being in front of the camera and make wild ass claims for the world to see. He's always hinting at people to slide into his DMs whenever he's on camera in a new area. Despite him being outright insane he's brought out to events to act as a shield against claims of homophobia. He's been lowkey for a long time, but since his recent taste of the national stage, it seems that he's starting to act out more. As he goes on this national tour (schedule listed above) I hope you watch along and post any interesting clips you see. If there's only one thing we can be sure this man cares about, it's his platform.

Oh, before I forget, he looks a little different on the news. Maybe the camera adds 15 lbs or it's the makeup he wears. I am going to conclude this post with three of his news clips so you can more easily spot him in the wild. I look forward to seeing you on the Presler tour!

Conservative activist working to clean up America's cities​

(Youtube link)

Scott Presler on Fox News with Shannon Bream talking about his Baltimore clean up event​

(Youtube link)

Scott Presler on CNN with Don Lemon​

(Youtube link)



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Hello everyone and thank you for attending our mass vaccination dr KiwiPAC 2021! Let's have a round of applause for everyone who is in attendance while we lock the doors! I would like to take this time to discuss the leader of our movement, what he's about and why he may look familiar to you. You may have seen him on FOX, CNN, local affiliates, Twitter, and perhaps on your own street corner. We are going to begin with how the average person would come to know him and add on layers as we continue. I guess you could say finishing this thread will require...persistence...I won't do another joke like that - I promise.
Too much "personality" on your part.

And from what I was briefly able to skim, he comes off like an IRL troll (whether or not he's any good at it). You need to restructure this to better emphasize cow traits from the beginning.

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I'm fine with what the guy does politically.
At least he doesn't bounce back and forth with his beliefs like a complete shill.
There is a growing sentiment from gays like Grenell, Peter Thiel, Brandon Straka, and Presler that the left used them for decades so they can see the same thing happening with minorities.

If more conservatives had as much interest and energy devoted to politics as him, perhaps the country wouldn't be China's floor mat.

Shame he's gay tho lol

I've seen this guy around. 'Conveniently' came out as gay right after the orlando shooting. He stated such in his Twitter posts somewhere too so I'm not just pulling that out of my ass. You also have a typo in the title, 'the presistance' might want to fix that.

All things considered though despite the few blips he's made on my personal radar and what you're trying to showcase he doesn't seem too lolcowish. Internet famous perhaps but I've never heard of any meltdowns or odd behavior from him.
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Scott Pressler was one of the main people directing the Million MAGA March, there was a Stop the Steal crowd(Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, Ali Alexander) and the MMM crowd(Brandon Straka, the guy who created #walkaway). The MMM crowd prevented anybody further then center right from speaking(aka the Stop the Steal crowd) and actively pushed people out who share their own values. It hurt the rally itself and cause a lot of infighting.

If this self obsessed chomo really had the values he claims to have, he would allow more explicit speakers and actually anti-immigration people. Instead he wants to be an alt lite grifter gatekeeper.
It's so common with these grifters where all they want to do is shit on islam because they know they'd be thrown off a roof asap :story:


I skipped the title straight to the post, that subtitle caling him a "GOP woke shield" is fucking potent.
IIRC people speculated on whether or not he would fully troon out too. Watching his progress is gonna be fun.
Politics isn't funny anymore. Where's the REEEEEEE, where's the sperg?

Is this just a fucking "I don't like this guy" PA request in the form of a surprisingly well written OP?
I disagree. Grifters are attention whores, and do wild shit to get attention.


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This guy deserves a thread just for being such a stereotypical fag other than the GOP part. His voice has more sugar than a can of coke.

I kept scrolling and waiting for the punch-line to drop but all I got was a fake real gay man who is no doubt making a boatload of money from baiting all these TV stations into inadvertently shilling his projects.
At least his car is pretty embarrassing, I guess?

Cherry Popcicle.

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I really don't get whats so bad about him. Like, I agree with some shit he says, I don't agree with other shit hes said, and as usual a political cunt is a narsisicst. The car is pretty funny, and watching generic right wing people argue over who is a better member of red team always makes me giggle, but I don't get what makes him a lolcow. Being a gay conservative really isn't enough to make someone a lolcow imo. Maybe I'm just desensitized to the political grifters.