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We know that user Z/@Insurgency Moon was sexually groomed by several staff and members of the inner circle of SCP while she was well underage, at least as young as 16. It's probable that she's likely not the sole instance of this, just the one we have the strongest information about. We're aware of other cases involving other members of the site, to lesser extents. It's funny to see but these members seem to have networked via site work and can commonly be seen in proximity to one another. For ex. Gabriel Jade and UncleNicolini commonly collaborated with one another on the site and one of their scps together is titled "scp-4949- Dr. Wondertainment's dr playtime kit for the kiddos™ ft. dado (featuring Gabriel Jade Gabriel Jade ), "dado" being a character created by djkaktus. We all recall that djkaktus unfortunatley worked with Gabriel Jade to rewrite SCP-049; with ARD and Joreth on 3000; with Cyantreuse on the now-deleted Vorehole. Etc etc. Not a sure rule, but there is some overlap and these people obviously attract one another and end up congregating. (Usually in site12 btw.)

Staff who were directly implicated with the grooming and abuse of Z include (not limited to): Gabriel Jade, Eskobar, Randomini, taylor_itkin, Mendelsshon. At least Gabriel Jade and Eskobar participated in an erotic roleplaying fiction with Z, who were aware of her underage status as it centered around Z's self-insert.

Many others were involved and implicated indirectly. For example, SoullessSingularity, the captain of the Anti-Harassment Team (responsible for hearing, deciding on, and escalating harassment complaints) either didn't act appropriately on these claims and evidence of this abuse or outright ignored them. In the provided evidence, given in 2018, the issue of age of consent (AOC) is explicitly discussed with Gabriel Jade handwaving it.

It was not until 2020 when the work of individuals here on KF made the same evidence public that the staff acted. Eskobar and GabrielJade were banned. The site raised its age of entry to 18. After, the de facto owner/leader of the staff lied about not being aware of this and downplayed the severity of the misconduct. SoullessSingularity was demoted from captain of the Anti-Harassment Team, questioning the claim that the staff was blameless in the handling of the matter. Other SCP staff tried to discredit the information in this thread by crying "WAYCISM" and "BIGOTRYS" because we haven't attacked RPC equally for saying words and having political views that SCP doesn't approve of... (words their own moderators have no problem saying and then getting on to others for by the way).

Counterarguments against Z's claims showed up here on KF and were shitty.

According to Z, the individual tasked with the PR coverage for all this bad exposure is taylor_itkin, someone who has protected abusers/stalkers and has been promoted repeatedly by the staff who are aware of this despite it (most recently to captain of the Internet Outreach team after ARD "stepped down").

So anyway the staff have a habit of censoring and immediately shutting down conversation regarding their bad PR, particularly around the sexual misconduct and their protecting/hiding of evidence involving high-profile users on the site. We've seen them do this both on site and off.

We missed this at the time, but Z posted a series of tweets back in July 2020 about the SCP. For context here, she first showed up ITT in May. July is shortly after the fall of Bright, the exposure of a NSFW ERP with SCP staff and underage users, just after SCP upped its age limit to 18. Two big things were going on here at this time: (1) some of the staff were getting doxxed, and (2) we found out that djkaktus was hiding heavily edited nudes of himself into his mainlist articles. So it is understandable that this fell through the cracks (that's a pun).

These links were shared on site19. The actual tweet is deleted now, but they were captured on the wayback machine:

The post mentions the authors of two SCPs, 049 and 1730. The authors of SCP-049 are Gabriel Jade of the underage erotic roleplay fame (who's author avatar/image by the way is Rule 34 of 049, by the author's admission), and djkaktus.

The author of SCP-1730 is also djkaktus. I think it's interesting that he is mentioned in the same sentence as Gabriel Jade, given that we know very well the details that earned him a specific call-out.

Before this, djkaktus has not been mentioned explicitly in regard to grooming. He's only been mocked here for a host of other things, ranging from using sockpuppets to compliment himself and upvote his own articles, cheating on the 5k contest, being the site's premiere narcissist & pre-madonna, downvote brigading GAW articles, advocating banning people who disagreed with his political opinions with no questions asked, stepping down from mod position on r/scp for fucking up during the logo fiasco, interesting activity in site12, offering alcohol to individuals less than the age of 21 (on at least two occasions), believing that he owned the political right with a retarded article, helping get Cyantreuse banned over their relationship, downplaying accusations of Z's sexual abuse, and being a cuck. He's chummy with some very sexual members and ex-members of the site, including ARD, Eskobar, Gabriel Jade, and others who frequent site12 and who were most all staff at one point. Known to leverage his minor internet celebrity to get laid, which the SCP had to make an explicit rule against due to people like him.

Lots here, but just want to post this for a time reference for her age:

[2017-09-16 23:46:07] → Z joined (
[2017-09-16 23:46:22] <Z> OuO what's dis
[2017-09-16 23:47:16] <M> z you're under 18 please leave.
[2017-09-16 23:47:25] <Z> okie
[2017-09-16 23:47:37] <Z> lsf invited me but I shall take my leave now
[2017-09-16 23:47:39] ← Z left (
[2017-09-16 23:47:45] <lsf> oh
[2017-09-16 23:47:49] <lsf> well
[2017-09-16 23:47:51] <M> 16, dude.
[2017-09-16 23:47:59] <lsf> I didn't know
[2017-09-16 23:48:02] <M> a year and a half.
[2017-09-16 23:48:23] <M> she's cool af but... nope. none of that.
[2017-09-16 23:48:25] <M> and that's ok.
[2017-09-16 23:48:34] <SpookyBee> ...
[2017-09-16 23:48:39] <SpookyBee> who is isf
[2017-09-16 23:48:42] <lsf> I understand. I thought they were like 20
[2017-09-16 23:48:43] <M> i didn't know you invited her. please check next time.
[2017-09-16 23:48:45] <SpookyBee> oh
[2017-09-16 23:48:46] <SpookyBee> lsf
[2017-09-16 23:48:47] <SpookyBee> im stupid
[2017-09-16 23:48:55] <SpookyBee> Also that's
[2017-09-16 23:48:59] <SpookyBee> kind'a on Z
[2017-09-16 23:49:09] <M> no is ok you are not dumb
[2017-09-16 23:49:10] <SpookyBee> considering I told them p clearly this was 18+ only
[2017-09-16 23:49:37] <M> i just told them there WAS an SCPorn/NSFW channel.
[2017-09-16 23:49:46] <M> I didn't tell them the name of the place.
[2017-09-16 23:51:41] <M> and i did tell her not to go looking for it.
[2017-09-16 23:52:05] <lsf> I fucked up
[2017-09-16 23:52:18] <lsf> I don't keep track of ages and shit

She came back to site12 in Nov 2018, and participates with no issues, so we can assume she's 18 by then, even though it hadn't been "a year and a half" yet.

Djkaktus also has a history with Z. She appeared on one of his podcast episodes (2017), collaborated with him on at least one SCP article (Jan 2018 ), and he included her in at least one tale he wrote (2017) -- all before she was 18 years old. In this same tale, he refers to the 17-year old Z as an "eldritch little minx", which is in line with her self-insert's character from the ERP. (To be clear, a minx means a boldly flirtatious young girl.) So it seems he had an idea of who Z was to the inner circle. This should be weighed against his proven demands to check people's ages before engaging with them in any sexual manner.

The circumstances of Z's fallout with the community, almost a year and a half before her comments here on KF, are interesting too:
[2019-01-04 20:55:59] → Z joined (
[2019-01-04 21:02:51] <TheRaven> o/
[2019-01-04 21:03:22] <W> Hey
[2019-01-04 21:07:22] <CuteGirl> this screen is too bright for lights off nbut i font esnt lightds on
[2019-01-04 21:07:49] — Tombstone patpats CuteGirl
[2019-01-04 21:08:57] <Z> I am just
[2019-01-04 21:09:06] <Z> so fucking sick of the entire scp community

[2019-01-04 21:09:13] <M> ?
[2019-01-04 21:09:31] <Z> it's a neverending cesspool of drama
[2019-01-04 21:09:39] <Z> and not good on my emotional health

[2019-01-04 21:09:42] <M> Which part? The writers or the "fans"?
[2019-01-04 21:10:01] <M> I've tried to stop caring.
[2019-01-04 21:10:12] <PaintingSkitty> that's kind of why i don't get involved with mainsite or the satellite much anymore
[2019-01-04 21:10:23] <PaintingSkitty> i just stick to Origins and that's about it
[2019-01-04 21:10:51] <M> I just try to ignore things but I've certainly dealt with people who made me want to just stop.
[2019-01-04 21:11:00] <W> I keep discovering I end up adjacent to drama but rarely actually in it?
[2019-01-04 21:11:00] <M> Hasn't been quite as bad over the last year, for me at least.
[2019-01-04 21:11:06] <Z> honestly the only reason I'm still here is bc a handful of friends are here and if I leave the slander targeted at me would just get worse
[2019-01-04 21:11:23] <M> What drama is this, anyway?
[2019-01-04 21:11:33] <PaintingSkitty> i mean, nobody really slanders you in any of the channels im in, at least
[2019-01-04 21:12:13] <taylor_iOStkin> Z: I have literally never come across anyone slandering you
[2019-01-04 21:12:13] <taylor_iOStkin> Ever
[2019-01-04 21:12:17] <M> I can't think of any. Though, I've been through that before, to varying degrees.
[2019-01-04 21:12:22] <taylor_iOStkin> And I am in a lot of side channels and a lot of discord’s
[2019-01-04 21:12:29] <taylor_iOStkin> All I ever here about you is praise for your work
[2019-01-04 21:12:31] <TheRaven> If it's the subreddit, they're mouth-breathing idiots
[2019-01-04 21:12:33] <W> Same. No slander.
[2019-01-04 21:12:33] <PaintingSkitty> you're generally one of the most likable people in the community AFAIK
[2019-01-04 21:12:58] <M> Oh, the subreddit is full of morons.
[2019-01-04 21:13:10] <taylor_iOStkin> I am severely touchy and sensitive right now Z but ffs I have never seen you get slandered
[2019-01-04 21:13:25] <M> Not quite 4chan level "hive of scum and villainy" but still plenty of shitheads and morons.
[2019-01-04 21:13:41] <Z> the subreddit is shitty yeah but that's not the main issue
[2019-01-04 21:13:43] <Z> ugh just
[2019-01-04 21:14:00] <Z> too many drama things happening at once, not all involve me but it's distressing
[2019-01-04 21:14:11] — PaintingSkitty picks up Z and pets
[2019-01-04 21:14:13] <M> WHat's going on?
[2019-01-04 21:14:24] <PaintingSkitty> let's just
[2019-01-04 21:14:27] <PaintingSkitty> create a positive space tonight
[2019-01-04 21:14:29] <Z> M: tbh I don't think it's best discussed in public
[2019-01-04 21:14:30] — W offers hugs to whomever
[2019-01-04 21:14:34] <PaintingSkitty> and focus on good things
[2019-01-04 21:14:51] <Z> but... if you hang out in certain circles you'll see it

[2019-01-07 16:00:58] <TheRaven> .seen Z
[2019-01-07 16:01:00] <jarvis> theraven: Z was last seen 2 days ago saying: sighs
[2019-01-07 16:02:46] <taylor_iOStkin> Why
[2019-01-07 16:04:36] <Quikngruvn> Why what?
[2019-01-07 16:06:41] <taylor_iOStkin> Why u seening Z
[2019-01-07 16:09:08] <NeonSkitty> Z left the community.
[2019-01-07 16:10:10] — taylor_iOStkin nod
[2019-01-07 16:10:13] <taylor_iOStkin> For good?
[2019-01-07 16:10:46] <AbsentmindedNihilist> i didn't know Z left
[2019-01-07 16:10:54] <Quikngruvn> I can't say I'm surprised.
[2019-01-07 16:11:05] <AbsentmindedNihilist> ?
[2019-01-07 16:11:06] <taylor_iOStkin> Neither can I.
[2019-01-07 16:11:11] <taylor_iOStkin> AbsentmindedNihilist: pm
[2019-01-07 16:12:09] <NeonSkitty> I don't really care anymore
[2019-01-07 16:13:03] <NeonSkitty> I've seen enough people pull the whole "This community is toxic and I'm leaving" thing while simultaneously being self-destructive to the Nth degree and destroying themselves to feel absolutely nothing over the subject
[2019-01-07 16:13:52] → MP joined
[2019-01-07 16:14:15] <Quikngruvn> I just hope she's okay.
[2019-01-07 16:14:21] <AbsentmindedNihilist> oh god they're talking about fall out in 19
[2019-01-07 16:14:28] <AbsentmindedNihilist> oh wait we're still on serious topic oops
[2019-01-07 16:15:15] <NeonSkitty> not really
[2019-01-07 16:15:27] <AbsentmindedNihilist> but yeah i hope she's okay too
[2019-01-07 16:15:57] <AbsentmindedNihilist> oh no
[2019-01-07 16:16:00] <AbsentmindedNihilist> i can't find capioca
[2019-01-07 16:16:05] <AbsentmindedNihilist> where did he go
[2019-01-07 16:17:46] <TheRaven> I'm just trying to ascertain what in the fuck is going on this week, and having very little success
[2019-01-07 16:18:17] <AbsentmindedNihilist> shit shit shit where is he
[2019-01-07 16:18:43] <MP> TheRaven: Same
[2019-01-07 16:18:45] <MP> I hate it.
[2019-01-07 16:19:14] <MP> It's not like I can check staff forums to figure it out.
[2019-01-07 16:19:14] <NeonSkitty> maybe if you focused on other things instead of things that have already been dealt with, you'd be having a better time
[2019-01-07 16:19:58] <MP> It's incredibly uncomfortable, someone was banned and I don't know why - it would be nice to know what they did, so I know whether or not to still associate with them.
[2019-01-07 16:20:18] <MP> And nice to know what a bannable offense is here. Never seen someone banned.
[2019-01-07 16:21:01] <NeonSkitty> it usually comes down to "i don't like you".
[2019-01-07 16:21:25] <MP> That does not bode well.

[2019-01-07 16:22:57] <Quikngruvn> M, step 1: don't do anything that could get you arrested.
[2019-01-07 16:23:08] <Quikngruvn> (In most jurisdictions.)
[2019-01-07 16:23:58] <MP> Wait, they did something illegal?
[2019-01-07 16:24:23] <TheRaven> NeonSkitty: I was doing that, until I woke up to everyone on Discord WTFing over an announcement message from Z about /something/ being false accusations and overturned
[2019-01-07 16:25:14] <TheRaven> "Recently, there has been some misinformation and slander going around the community that has since been overturned by wiki staff upon further review. Those who have issues are welcome to speak to me for clarification."

[2019-01-07 16:25:18] ⇐ MP quit
[2019-01-07 16:25:38] <NeonSkitty> I know what happened, and site staff know what happened, and you don't have any requirement to know what happened, because you don't run any of the three channels that hold a place of authority over the subject's importance, since it's a sensitive and private affair. That's as far as this is going, why can't anybody in this community listen to very basic instructions.
[2019-01-07 16:31:40] → Z joined (
[2019-01-07 16:42:42] <Z> There isn't a day these days where I don't feel like shit and disgusted at everything
[2019-01-07 16:43:03] <taylor_iOStkin> You ok?
[2019-01-07 16:49:50] <Z> fuck this site
[2019-01-07 16:50:04] <Z> SCP is without a doubt the most unwelcoming and toxic place on the net I've ever been in

[2019-01-07 16:52:27] <Z> I regret ever finding it and the only good thing that's ever come out of it is a couple of friends and some fanart that helped with school
[2019-01-07 16:57:03] <taylor_iOStkin> Wow
[2019-01-07 16:57:05] <taylor_iOStkin> Ok
[2019-01-07 16:57:06] <taylor_iOStkin> Uh
[2019-01-07 16:57:11] <taylor_iOStkin> I’m sorry to hear you feel that way
[2019-01-07 17:01:08] → Tuomey joined (quis@trolliet.ipsos.trollides)
[2019-01-07 17:03:53] → Dexanote joined (and@theres.a.coldpost.under.the.floorboards)
[2019-01-07 17:14:13] <Jazstar> Z: I'd caution you not to say or do anything that you might regret while in this state of mind.
[2019-01-07 17:14:37] <Z> Jazstar: it doesn't matter now
[2019-01-07 17:14:45] <NeonSkitty> It does.

[2019-01-07 17:14:48] <Jazstar> Even so, it hurts /us/
[2019-01-07 17:15:31] <NeonSkitty> Because what's going to happen is you're going to leave, and lose a community that, contrary to your statement, openly welcomed you in and supported you during your entire presence here.
[2019-01-07 17:16:58] <Z> I doubt that
[2019-01-07 17:17:31] <Z> that's maybe what it appears on the surface but after so long being targeted, harassed and just basically witnessing all the shitty drama here I am done
[2019-01-07 17:17:42] <NeonSkitty> Alright.
[2019-01-07 17:17:46] <NeonSkitty> Leave then.
[2019-01-07 17:17:57] <Z> there is something still keeping me here
[2019-01-07 17:18:00] <NeonSkitty> I would love if you didn't, but I'm done repeating myself to people that won't listen.
[2019-01-07 17:18:03] <Z> when I'm told that's done, I'll leave

[2019-01-16 20:17:07] <subtletea> Did Z get banned?
[2019-01-16 20:21:21] <subtletea> It looks like her host mask is on the list
[2019-01-16 20:21:22] <TheRaven> From here, I believe, not sure about in general

[2019-01-16 20:21:45] <subtletea> I meant here.
[2019-01-16 20:21:47] <M> what happened?
[2019-01-16 20:21:54] <M> do i want to know?
[2019-01-16 20:22:00] <M> am I allowed to know?
[2019-01-16 20:22:03] <InitHello> pretty sure this channel also discourages discussing banned users and their bans
[2019-01-16 20:22:23] <InitHello> but I don't know for sure, so ... ya know ... believe as much of that as you like
[2019-01-16 20:23:08] → Soulless joined (
[2019-01-16 20:23:12] <subtletea> I was just asking for a yes/no, I didn't need nor want specifics
[2019-01-16 20:24:10] <TheRaven> I have no fucking idea to be honest, and I'm hesitant to even ask
[2019-01-16 20:26:46] <NeonSkitty> She was banned, yes.
[2019-01-16 20:26:47] <TheRaven> There was some kind of big...thing a few weeks ago that's being kept more secret than the fucking Manhattan Project
[2019-01-16 20:27:26] <M> welp, i'm clearly not gonna find out unless I ask uncomfortable questions so I'll just not.

[2019-01-16 20:27:41] — subtletea snugs NeonSkitty
[2019-01-16 20:28:10] <NeonSkitty> Malicious activity caused discomfort for a few people and I was approached about it, so I banned her from the channel.
[2019-01-16 20:28:12] — NeonSkitty hugs
[2019-01-16 20:28:42] <InitHello> we appreciate that you look out for the comfort of the members of this channel.
[2019-01-16 20:28:48] <NeonSkitty> that's as in-detail as I'm going to be getting on the subject, though.
[2019-01-16 20:28:52] <InitHello> at least I do, I can't speak for these fuckers
[2019-01-16 20:29:43] <NeonSkitty> you're all free to be friends with Z elsewhere, in real life, discord, etc., but she isn't allowed here anymore unless her act actually cleans up, and considering she seems AWOL now, that might just not happen ever in the perceivable future.

It turns out Z's tweets were posted to both of the most prominent SCP subreddits: r/scp subreddit and the r/dankmemesfromsite19.
But guess what very quickly happened to those posts:


I bet you guessed it. Maybe Z asked them to, maybe they did because the tweets were gone. Whatever the case, I’m sure they were glad to avoid the publicity. It doesn’t matter because they would have censored it anyway.

Here's an archive of the r/scp mods in August 2020, just after the post was censored:
Several of these individuals on the r/scp mod list shows up in Site12, frequently. I won't go into their details because it was probably only one person on this staff who censored the posts to Z's testimony, but those of you who are/were in site12, you know who you are and there is some pretty embarassing shit in there on you.

Keep in mind that the Internet Outreach team, which all these r/scp mods above are on the roster of, as well as everyone involved with any off-site social media presence, has been headed by A Random Day (ARD) until just recently, and now is headed by another creep known by this thread, taylor_itkin, who remember Z claims protected and aided user Mendelsshon in harassing and stalking her.

I hope this helps to see just how interconnected the shady sexual shit that goes down in SCP, the higher up staff, the high-profile members, and those who preside over the primary means of information dissemination in the community are.

what the hell is going on in this selfie?
This is a picture probably taken at the behest of long-time and now ex site admin, TroyL. Supposedly, he trained most if not all incoming staff over a very long time, like a decade and got a lot of incoming staff to do stuff like this as initiation rite. A lot of staff joke about other... less PG rated requests in those initiations, but who knows. No evidence, so no comment.

FYI, the wayback machine archival on SCP links only goes back to Aug 2020 now because they replaced the domain name. Take any current SCP wiki url and change the “” to “” to see the full history.
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Hate to double effort post, but it's time to shitstir. I've had fun doing an investigation of djkaktus and holy shit.
>Disclaimer: There won't ever be any hard proof whether this is true or false. But there are A LOT of coincidences. A LOT.

>Let’s keep in mind that it’s been proven; djkaktus likes to gaslight and hide secrets in plain sight. He is the kind of person who will basically tell you, knowing you won’t know.

>Adriatica lists some of her favorite authors:
adriatica comment.png

All of these are ones djkaktus has expressed fondness for, most notably kalinin and chubert. All them appear on the list of authors djkaktus likes the most.
Here’s a shot of that:

(PeppersGhost is down a ways but djkaktus has never downvoted him (+11). Chubert is down a ways thanks to one downvote and because he produced relatively little to the site.)

Chubert is the tell. He is old-school, well-respected, and known more than your average author. But he is the outlier; he's not a modern day household name, most people on the site aren't going to know him like they know the others. Chances are if someone does, it's because of the episode on djkaktus' popular podcast that featured him. Djkaktus has a history of gushing about Chubert's SCP-1739 as his favorite article on the site:

<djkaktus> Alternatively, one of my favorite articles on the wiki, !SCP-1739
<jarvis> djkaktus: SCP-1739: Obsolete Laptop (written 4 years ago by Chubert; rating: +287)

We can gauge how obtuse this coincidence is looking at all these authors’ ranks on SCPPer:
Kalinin - #27
Jacob Conwell - #42
PeppersGhost - #12
Weizhong- #37

Chubert - #126

>Adriatica's coldpost happened just 3 days before djkaktus' first ever coldposted tale:

<Secretary_Helen> djkaktus: Smoke (Rating: +1. Written 1 hour ago by By: djkaktus) -
<djkaktus> First true cold post

<Secretary_Helen> djkaktus: Smoke (Rating: +7. Written 6 hours ago [17 July 2018] by By: djkaktus)
<djkaktus> that's my first ever legitimate coldpost.

>Adriatica joins the site 3 days later, on 20 July 2018.

>It is hilarious to read this as if Adriatica is one of his many alts... they're dating you guys!!

<djkaktus> Has Adriatica been skulking around here today
<djkaktus> She's not answering my texts
<djkaktus> Which means she's in a meeting
<djkaktus> Or avoiding me
<DrBleep> djkaktus wasn't aware she was in 19?
<djkaktus> DrBleep: she'd mentioned registering her nick to join 19
<djkaktus> I didn't know if she'd done it yet or not.
<PeppersGhost> djkaktus: do you smell New Blood
<djkaktus> .tell Adriatica feed me seymour
<jarvis> djkaktus: Sent.
<djkaktus> PeppersGhost: let's say yes
<Z> djkaktus: I love you
<djkaktus> .tell Adriatica also text me and tell me what you want for dinner tonight and if the answer is anything but hot dogs you're out of luck.
>Why the hell is djkaktus advertising this relationship so much?... cause she a catfish. He is Teoing.
<Z> djkaktus: but what about me ;;;;;___;;;;; I thought you loved me
<djkaktus> She'll hit me up eventually. She can't not eat forever
<djkaktus> Z: you are lovely
<Prototype_Toaster> djkaktus inner circle meta memes new guys out of reality

<Modern_Erasmus> Has Kaktus’ girlfriend joined the website?
<Modern_Erasmus> Cuz if so that’s pretty dope
<Z> OwO
<djkaktus> Prototype_Toaster: more true than you know
<djkaktus> No I just get off before she does and I want to know if I need to get groceries or if I can go home and take off my clothes
>Because pinging her in site19 is def a better way to do that than a text or direct message.
<djkaktus> Z: lol wat
<Z> djkaktus: you know what
<djkaktus> Accurate

>Can't be for sure but this exchange is consistent with Z and Kaktus knowing each other pretty... well.

<Prototype_Toaster> Kak you girl hopped on
<Adriatica> what's that thing you do all the time
<Adriatica> .au

<jarvis> adriatica: Adriatica has 1 pages ( 1 Originals) ( 1 SCP Articles). They have 70 net upvotes with an average of +70 . Their latest page is SCP-4000: The Day the Music Died at +70 .
<Adriatica> well well, that's fun
<djkaktus> Don't do anything stupid. Also I'm running into the bank so don't call me.
>Again... text messages guys. Text messages. DMs.

<Adriatica> oh my god are we talking about taboo
<Adriatica> I LOVE that scp
<Adriatica> fuck me it's so good.
>djkaktus is so butthurt here about for sure losing the 4K, he has to fake gush about the winning article via a sockpuppet. He legit thinks its a good article but hates that it is better than his.
<Adriatica> djkaktus don't worry your losing article is still #1 in my heart

? Adriatica joined (ge@ux.tigers)
<Adriatica> .seen djkaktus
<jarvis> adriatica: djkaktus was last seen a day ago saying: If you're .seen-ing me, I'm going to be gone for a while. Thanks for your interest in the djkaktus brand of products, we hope to better service you in the future.
<TL333s> it's like he knew :O
>Wow! So it is!
<Dave> Adriatica: bring him back dammit
<Adriatica> I wasnt out at his plant today and I haven't heard from him since last night.
<Adriatica> Idk what he's up to.
<Adriatica> it's just weird.
<Bleepandroid> Adriatica sometimes Kaktus dissapears for awhile.
<Bleepandroid> Its not terribly unusual
<Adriatica> yeah but he usually texts me back pretty quickly.
>If they text so reliably, why all the personal messages sent on site19?
<weizhong> He's taking an extended leave of absence from the site
<Adriatica> I knew that,
it's just weird.
> If she knew that, then why come in site19? It only makes a lot of sense when we imagine that it's djkaktus himself.

>Notice that Adriatica's log-in tag or mask is "geaux.tigers". That's a reference to the LSU tigers, a college football team. Now it isn't impossible, but do you know how rare it is for a person on the SCP wiki to like college football? This should give you an idea:
>But it turns out, djkaktus happens to be one of those rare individuals:
<djkaktus> College football season is about to kick off shortly and that usually gets me in the mood for more Alexylva football
<djkaktus> DrBleep: on the plus side, you can now tell people that clemson scored more on you guys in this game than LSU has in like the last six years or something.

<djkaktus> Penn state
<djkaktus> That's a football experience right there
<djkaktus> Beaver stadium is nuts.
<djkaktus> Quikngruvn: additional fun fact, I don't know how much you pay attention to college football
<djkaktus> but Les Miles [former LSU geaux tigers head coach] has been hired at Kansas
<djkaktus> which is
<djkaktus> interesting.
<djkaktus> I'm in bulldog country now and these fuckers all still think they'll run Bama out of Atlanta
<djkaktus> which is comical
<djkaktus> because nobody is beating Alabama

>He has SEVERAL tales about college football:

<djkaktus> .tell Adriatica I'm sorry, I'm going to have to cancel tonight. Stuff has come up. I'll text you when my phone starts working.

<Quikngruvn> Hey kaktus, any chance you can get hold of Adriatica and find out what 4K slot they want?
<djkaktus> Quikngruvn: Ooooooh uh
<djkaktus> Well
<djkaktus> Sort of funny thing about that
<djkaktus> I can probably get in touch with her
<djkaktus> I'll let you know.
<djkaktus> Quikngruvn: Adriatica says to put it at 4445
<Quikngruvn> kaktus, got it, thanks.
<djkaktus> I'll update the numbers once you guys move the page.
>It took me this long to notice that 4445 is right next to Kaktus' number choice of 4444. What a love story. This seems like a strange pick by someone who it didn't work out with romantically. But, seems like a perfect fit for a djkaktus sockpuppet.

>And to top it all off...

<Bread> Unless your the writer of 4445 who coldposted a fantastic thamuel as their first scip
<weryllium> goddamn you adriatica
<PhantomOfTheIHPera> what happened to them after that?
<PhantomOfTheIHPera> .au adriatica
<weryllium> They never came back
<PhantomOfTheIHPera> dang
<jarvis> phantomoftheihpera: Adriatica has 1 pages (1 Originals) (1 SCP Articles). They have 162 net upvotes with an average of +162. Their latest page is SCP-4445: The Day the Music Died at +162.
<PhantomOfTheIHPera> wonder why not
<rounderhouse> I love kaktus' fantastic and extremely unlikely story about that
<djkaktus> What's unlikely about that story
<rounderhouse> all of it

>So the coincidences keep adding up and it just brings a smile to my knowing face. Adriatica just so happens to be a prodigy at SCP writing, knows djkaktus IRL but acts like she doesn’t, happens to like college football, happens to log on and off at the same times, happens to know Quickgruvn is an admin who can expedite her site application, happens to appear two days after djkaktus coldposts for the first time, happens to write a killer first article that is also coldposted, happens to use an esoteric object class for that article that is extremely difficult to pull off well, happens to get onto site19 just when all other forms of communication happen to not work, happens to like the same remote authors as djkaktus, happens to be a student of the site but only happens to have two votes on the site one being kaktus’, happens to know that djkaktus does “.au” all the time, happens to know how to do it herself, happens to be the girlfriend of someone who admits to making sockpuppet accounts (see below), happens to tell kaktus what scp number she wants well after she’s gone from both the site and from djkaktus as a love interest, happens to pick the slot next to djkaktus’, happens to exit the picture in an unlikely way (as reported by djkaktus' #1 brown-noser)… yeah.
<djkaktus> Plus, I've had a few accounts sitting in the RPC discord before it went under
<djkaktus> Spreading seditious ideologies.
<djkaktus> Hell I've got accounts on their site in case I ever needed to use them.

<SeraDomiCher> I feel like the alt should have been caught in the app process.
<djkaktus> I think you'd be shocked about the amount of oversight on applications
<djkaktus> Or rather
<djkaktus> The lack thereof.

<Qwags> Djkaktus, 3000 may have been darkbut it was also very good

<djkaktus> Qwags: enough people and sockpuppets seemed to think so

<CaptainKirby> I thought the plural of djkaktus was "sockpuppets" \s
<CaptainKirby> djkaktus: nice sockpuppet \s
"\s"... riiiight

<djkaktus> stormfallen: I'm powerless to help now - I ran out of sockpuppets long ago.

<djkaktus> Idk I'll probably set up my sockpuppet bot to ruin the average of anyone who commits a shame upon this effort. Dragged to hell by a thousand faceless figures.

>while we're on the subject, a fun fact; the SCP-3000 contest was decided by 13 votes...
<djkaktus> knock-off users on a knock-off website who are so desperate to not be criticized that they will rewrite the rules to ensure you don't get to say mean things to them.

<djkaktus> DolphinSlugchugger: kinchwatch2018
<GabrielJade> djkaktus you put them in a more glowing light than I'm able to.
<djkaktus> They can build an enormous fan base of shitty customers and they'll never be anything more than fake scp.

<djkaktus> Hahahahahaha CFO deleted his wikidot account
<djkaktus> Something something come at the king you best not miss [🤦‍♂️]
<Postmo> djkaktus: is that the RPC guy
<djkaktus> It was
<djkaktus> Rip
<Quikngruvn> Welp.
<djkaktus> He gave me the knife I slid in his back and now he's gone on to the great ether of irrelevancy.
<Quikngruvn> ...kaktus, what did you do?
<djkaktus> Quikngruvn: you never saw this?
<Quikngruvn> kaktus, I don't think I've seen this part. Considering this shit's had so many moving parts, it's not wonder I'd miss most of it.
<Quikngruvn> *no wonder

>He‘s the Eric Cartman of SCP. CFO was right and didn’t trust him any farther than he could throw him.
<djkaktus> This is the seed of his calamity.
<djkaktus> That dude was shitty to me once so I ruined his life.
<djkaktus> This, plus a little pointed sedition on the ole 4chan and badabing badaboom get fucked CFO
>Here’s that 4chan thread
>Here’s his specific posts:

>djkaktus pretends to be someone else and refers to himself in the third person lol. He also shit talks SJWs and the members of his own site. Pretends to be RPC (“us”).

>I actually believe these are his true feelings about SCP on display here. He has no integrity or loyalty. Just a bitch. Lies about how he got the screencap. Uses what SCP would consider a slur (“mongoloid”).
>No one in the thread falls for it. Instead of it working, they just end up shitting on djkaktus. But that’s not the way he tells it...

<djkaktus> It helps to have such a furious rabble available all the time.
<djkaktus> And it helps to know the right people.
<Tufto> ahahah nice.
<Postmo> djkaktus: wait did you do the RPC split or something
<djkaktus> I just got the ball rolling.
<djkaktus> And maybe pushed it a few times along the way.
<InitHello> djkaktus: dang, you're like an assassassassassin but pro bono publico or something
<djkaktus> There was a thread going on in /x/ about rpc
<djkaktus> It was super easy to make it a thread about CFO
<djkaktus> Plus, I've had a few accounts sitting in the RPC discord before it went under <djkaktus> Spreading seditious ideologies.
<djkaktus> Hell I've got accounts on their site in case I ever needed to use them.
— Quikngruvn seditious as fuck
<djkaktus> Nah you ask them to be nice and they call you soy
<riyangendut> spreading division through discord. what a romantic guy.
<djkaktus> So I just started talking about how CFO was in league with the cuck sjw djkaktus and it was all downhill from there for him.
<djkaktus> I like to keep a handful of accounts around at all times in case a false flag needs to be started.
<djkaktus> So don't forget, you lot
<djkaktus> Don't do something that I won't ever let go and then come back months later to send a horde of shitters clawing at your door.
<Quikngruvn> the sad thing is, kaktus was just trying to be helpful, but CFO was just so blinded by rage and dumb that... well, you see what he wrote.
<djkaktus> Hng
<Postmo> djkaktus: rip RPC
<Postmo> you owned it
<djkaktus> I am their dad now
<rounderhouse> What are y'all talking about?
<Postmo> rounderhouse: djkaktus engineered RPC to splinter into 3 new groups
<Postmo> after turning the userbase against the founder
<rounderhouse> djkaktus: fucking mastermind shit
>Here’s the rest of his posts on that thread:

>Uses SCP no-no slurs (“faggot, nigs”). Tries to high ground about loyalty and integrity.
>That screencap FWIW:

>gayops fail

> lol RPC comes in and calls djkaktus out on this
>and just to prove he took the screencap and really didn’t change the image name...
>it’s how I found it:

>CFO comes in to defend himself:


>They even do a nice analysis showing it’s djkaktus Larping in the 4chan thread:

>djkaktus tries to come back and doubles down, even though he’s only fooling himself by now:




>djkaktus’ insecurity demands that he reply and address each slight when his larping fails, also uses “fags” because that’s how he really feels:

>but he underestimates ppl who can smell that ’tism from a mile away man:


>so anyway if goes on but in his sad little world, djkaktus believes he’s some mastermind who trolled RPC and slayed CFO when in reality, he LARPed badly, got caught because he’s a moron who is only guided by his ego, got BTFO butthurt with his tail between his legs, & lets his retarded followers praise him in his side of the story.
>Back to the site19 log bit; Quikngruvn is an admin, just like Roget. Members of RPC came to SCP staff about all this to complain so they knew about this, and of course they did nothing, because it aligns with their political agenda. There is no integrity in the SCP staff it seems.
>There should be no question as to whether or not SCP would officially sanction targeted harassment campaigns against RPC and CFO or anyone. Plenty individuals have been banned for “malicious offsite activity”. Doesn’t this fit that? Guess since it’s admins and djkaktus and about someone the SCP staff would like to see hurt, the answer is apparently no.
<djkaktus> not_a_seagull: yeah definitely throw in different ideas and formats and stuff to keep people guessing.
<djkaktus> Interviews, test logs, exploration, etc.
<jjcooper0811> most kids' literature for instance
<djkaktus> jjcooper0811: yeah it's all very manufactured for the lowest potential reader.

>djkaktus jokes says the quiet part out loud:
<djkaktus> CaptainKirby: nah not you, you're in the inner circle.
<djkaktus> Shit, you're not actually in the inner circle yet

<djkaktus> Our fan base is horse shit.

>Holds grudges when his fragile ego is insulted:
<djkaktus> I have trouble doing kaktuskast episodes anymore because I'm running out of people I don't have a grudge against for spiting me some time in the past.

>djkaktus demonstrates how the elite monopolize their elitism
<djkaktus> You know, people call the crit system here cliquey because the best crit comes in sidechats on the irc, and those

>ever since he did the 049 rewrite and annexed 900 upvotes from it, he has been frothing to assimilate more by means of rewrites:
>SCP-3333 is another example. He didn't get to do them but was eyeing 628, 006, and 008.

<djkaktus> What I really desire to rewrite is the fountain of youth.
<djkaktus> That is my dream.
<not_a_seagull> SCP-006
<jarvis> not_a_seagull: SCP-006: Fountain of Youth (written 10 years ago by Dr_Schubert; rating: +252)
<mlister> djkaktus It's literally in the multi-hundreds
<djkaktus> Allowing this article to go unrewritten would be a mistake.
<djkaktus> it's a very bad SCP.
<djkaktus> that could very easily be a very good SCP
<djkaktus> it has no author
<djkaktus> it's super prominent.
<Bunton> djkaktus: yes, but correct me if I'm wrong - hasn't the precedent always been to only rewrite articles that drop below 0 upvotes and aren't legacy articles?
<djkaktus> and yeah it benefits HEAVILY from upvote inflation in the first 10
>djkaktus will only admit to upvote inflation when it isn't about him or fits his agenda
<mlister> djkaktus that can be said about literally hundreds of S1 articles
<djkaktus> it's up to rewrite staff
<mlister> What do we do, rewrite all of them?
<djkaktus> mlister: Yeah, actually.
<djkaktus> I'd love that
<Bunton> djkaktus: without taking sides, you are acting a biiit like Emperor Palpatine.
<djkaktus> Thanos, actually
<djkaktus> thanks
<Bunton> Your welcome.
<djkaktus> and/or Numenorean sauron.
<Bunton> djkaktus: you DEFINITELY are acting like a villain in a movie.

>gets butthurt when it didn't go his way:
<Klurg> Now your next goal
<Klurg> Rewrite bleep's favorite SCP
<Klurg> 008
<djkaktus> Klurg: I paved the way for that to happen
<djkaktus> And staff decided "nah"
<djkaktus> They'd rather it be bad.
<djkaktus> Sorry, my mistake. They'd rather "maintain the original author's work"
<djkaktus> Even though the original author hasn't been around in over a decade
<djkaktus> And the guy who moved that page from editthis to wikidot has straight up said he doesn't care what happens to it.
<djkaktus> More important to maintain that shit heap
<Lily> kaktus stop being passive agressive it's always been the rules and we're keeping it that way
<djkaktus> Lily: I wasn't aware that I wasn't allowed to be frustrated at the way staff has decided to handle this.

<djkaktus> It's wild that some people just say things.
<djkaktus> Like
<djkaktus> I have a hard time putting myself in the mindset where I would just say something and be able to pretend like it's no big deal.

<mlister> djkaktus The point is that you're making presumptions about large swathes of people
<djkaktus> mlister: yup.
<djkaktus> Sure am.
<mlister> And I, being part of said group, am reasonably pushing back against mischaracterization
<djkaktus> Ok, cool.
<djkaktus> Nobody asked, but yes. Do that.
<mlister> djkaktus Stop talking bad about everyone who upvoted it.
<djkaktus> mlister: again mate I wasn't talking to you.
<mlister> djkaktus It's a public chat, you can't expect people to not comment on the things you choose to say on here
<Croquembouche> djkaktus: in mlister's defence in this case that seemed like more of a general comment than targeted conversation
<Bunton> djkaktus: uh... "I wasn't talking to you" is not really a defense in this context?
<djkaktus> The idea that you all would get so worked up about me criticizing that dumbfuck article is beyond me.
>djkaktus will whine like a bitch when someone criticizes his works without writing an essay on how it isn't a personal attack, but... go on
<djkaktus> Really next level stuff.
<Croquembouche> it does sound more like you're criticising the voters
<djkaktus> Croquembouche: I mean, yeah.

>djkaktus comes face to face with his kryptonite:
<djkaktus> I'm just saying, vote =/= quality, and we shouldn't look at it that way.
>of course he doesn't really believe this; the only reason he is saying this is so that he can convince people to let him "rewrite" (read annex upvotes of ) SCP-008.

<GabrielJade> djkaktus: please write Cack Me Daddy with me at some point down the line.
<GabrielJade> If you have an ounce of goodness in your soul
<djkaktus> GabrielJade: you little minx
>Looks like they share an inside joke about Z here.

>djkaktus gets called out and owned by Papa Clef for thinly veiling his upwelling anger that he lost the 4000 contest to PeppersGhost's "Taboo":

<Clef> djkaktus: I don't think you pulled it off well enough
<djkaktus> That's not what you said
<djkaktus> what you said was "this feels mean spirited"
<djkaktus> not "this is poorly executed"
<Clef> Yes
<Clef> because you failed your execution at the joke.
<djkaktus> The problem is you then immediately quantified it with "coming from the second placer"
<djkaktus> That's not addressing the content of the article at all
<djkaktus> that's addressing your perception of my motivations?
<djkaktus> I guess?
<Clef> Fine. Let me give you some substantive feedback
<djkaktus> Hang on, I'm not asking for it
<djkaktus> I just wanted to be clear
<djkaktus> my motivations were pure
<Clef> Your execution fails. It's juvenile, it feels mean-spirited, and I can't see any particular merit in it except to mock the core conceit of the article.
<djkaktus> it's just riffing on the genius core concept
<djkaktus> Why in the world would anyone think I'm not thrilled to death about how the contest turned out? I've got no reason to be bitter, and ffs I was one of Taboo's biggest proponents. <Clef> Great
<Clef> You and peppers can share the joke.
<Clef> at this point, I'm sticking to my downvote, because in my opinion you didn't stick the landing.
<Clef> yeah
<Clef> good night
Clef left
<djkaktus> Huh.

>djkaktus doesn't like things he wants suppressed becoming public:
<Soulless|Dreamin> djkaktus, is this because you were minimizing that I was harassed to boost how bad your harassment was, and then banned me from your channel when I mentioned that harassment cases shouldn't be compared how bad they are to each other
<djkaktus> I don't really care about the votes, I just don't like the idea of having super low quality articles in the first ten slots.
<djkaktus> Soulless|Dreamin: this really isn't an appropriate conversation to havr in public.
<djkaktus> And this is super unprofessional.
<Soulless|Dreamin> djkaktus, yes, because the professional thing to do was to not mention that you've treated me like garbage while you treat me like garbage in here, too
<djkaktus> Soulless|Dreamin: I don't want to ask you again.

>djkaktus has abnormally thin and fragile skin for such a fat ego:
<drblackbox> .tell djkaktus You don't have the longest scp anymore btw
<jarvis> drblackbox: Sent.
<Dave> ooh that's gonna get under his skin
<Dave> you know what it does to someone when you tell them theirs isn't the longest anymore
<SeraDomiCher> jeezums, his egotistical highness will not take this well, that's for sure
<djkaktus> SeraDomiCher: that's sort of a shitty thing to call someone
<djkaktus> Besides, I don't care about having the longest anything. Length =/= quality. Just because it's long doesn't mean it's good.
<djkaktus> You dumbfucks are the ones who make a big deal about that, not me.
<djkaktus> But yeah SeraDomiCher here I thought we were cool. "his egotistical highness" is a pretty shitty thing to call someone. Glad to know better tbh.

>djkaktus is butthurt after an article did better than his one month:
<Othello> Conwell: Yeah! In just 4 votes it'll be the second highest skip this month!
<Othello> Conwell: More than Kaktus' 9/11 one, surprisingly
<djkaktus> Othello: probably not really necessary to keep saying that.
<djkaktus> It may come as a surprise, but plenty of people have written articles higher rated than me.
<Othello> Also I know that people have written higher rated articles than you djkaktus, it's just a shock to me if //I// ever do it
<djkaktus> Cool. Still probably not something I'd do if the other person is in the room.
<Othello> djkaktus: I'm sorry, I just see you as a really good writer and I get a little full of myself sometimes. I'll stop.
<djkaktus> Good.
<PixelScum> honestly kaktus i think a lot of folks kind of see you as a high water mark or w/e
<djkaktus> I mean that's fine but saying "wow can you believe this thing I wrote is higher rated than that thing X wrote? Wow!" is frankly shitty.
<djkaktus> I have a hard time putting myself in the mindset where that would be kosher.
>"I did it, I finally surpassed Dr. Gears in total upvotes!!! -djkaktus"

>kaktus knows what he alone can get away with and revels in it:

<djkaktus> Rimple: I wrote a one line Keter conproc for 2935 because I was lazy and didn't want to write anymore
<djkaktus> And justified it with handwaving and charisma
<weryllium> Paper bird turned around because kaktus repped it. It would have been deleted in a few hours otherwise
<drblackbox> djkaktus You should actually make a bad article and praise it in the comments just to see what would happen.
<djkaktus> drblackbox: you act as if I haven't already done that.

>djkaktus calls voters of scp low-key shallow and stupid:
<StNickaktus> People get shitty when their dogshit articles don't get votes but little do they realize all you have to do is pretty that bitch up and folks come out of the woodwork to upvote it.
<StNickaktus> I've made a career doing just that
<StNickaktus> I posted an article with 1/13th of a narrative that had pretty css and some nice images and that bad boy was +100 in two days.

>djkaktus commenting on college football pedophilia & sexual abuse problems:
<StNickaktus> technically speaking, that subsect chose to ignorantly believe that Joe Paterno knew less about what Sandusky was doing than he probably did, which is not really functionally better.
<StNickaktus> But yeah the fact that Penn state football didn't get the death penalty for that was sort of wild
<StNickaktus> I think the NCAA is scared of handing out the death penalty because if they do it again schools might start leaving the ncaa
<StNickaktus> What was even more wild was that Baylor football wasn't taken to the gallows after the Penn state scandal.
<StNickaktus> Because the coaches and staff at Baylor DID know.
>sounds familiar somehow.

For character limit, I couldn't include:
  • djkaktus conspiring with Roget over infiltrating the RPC
  • a section describing what djkaktus would do with $1 billion that includes kidnapping children into a blimp
  • djkaktus bragging about leveraging his name for sex
  • 31 quotes of djkaktus worshiping himself and his upvotes
  • djkaktus posturing and attention whoring by leaving a bitch suicide note in site19; his fragile world apparently collapsed when he slammed his boss’s hand in a door and thought he was going to get fired (guess the doorknob got the last laugh)
I'll share those with anyone who wants them, just DM. You’ve got to see it to believe this stuff. This guy is a straight up con artist. And the whole site is oblivious to it and idolizes him because upvotes.

tl;dr -djkaktus ain't a based god, he just a dumb fraud
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True & Honest Fan
While we're at it, here's an old 05 thread about an established member turning out to be a sex pest.

Oh, how times have changed.....
Jesus Christ. They used to be normal.

But still, at least two confirmed as sexual predators comment in that thread, AdminBright and SadXiao:
View attachment 1670148
View attachment 1670151

Can’t make this shit up.

Yep, that was SadXiao, who later turned out to have been preying on teenagers. Gross to look at, because it shows that staff's creeps have always known posting on O5 is a great way to paint themselves as trustworthy.

A lot of people know this, but I'll point it out just in case: The 05command forums are usually not genuine, real-time discussion, especially with harassment issues because saying the wrong thing on the record could cause trouble for staff. The staff commenting are usually talking to each other about what to say before they say it. 05 is a performative area where they turn their private brainstorming (typically from staff IRC channels like #site67) into public announcements, which I think is important to note with creepy shit like this.


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Minor (And late as shit.) update, but a widely disliked SCP (At least among the newer userbase.) got rewritten.

TL;DR: The article went from "religious succubus who's upset that her affect causes males to attempt to rape her" to essentially "SCP-1440, but a teenage fawn and religious".
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Minor (And late as shit.) update, but a widely disliked SCP (At least among the newer userbase.) got rewritten.

TL;DR: The article went from "religious succubus who's upset that her affect causes males to attempt to rape her" to essentially "SCP-1440, but a teenage fawn and religious".
That sucks, SCP-166 was one of my favorite early era SCPs. But yeah, there was talk among the userbase for a long time about a rewrite, due to believing that the original article was promoting victim blaming for rape.


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That sucks, SCP-166 was one of my favorite early era SCPs. But yeah, there was talk among the userbase for a long time about a rewrite, due to believing that the original article was promoting victim blaming for rape.
I wonder if they would be okay with it if she made chicks want to rape her instead of dudes.

Flaming Insignias

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Minor (And late as shit.) update, but a widely disliked SCP (At least among the newer userbase.) got rewritten.

TL;DR: The article went from "religious succubus who's upset that her affect causes males to attempt to rape her" to essentially "SCP-1440, but a teenage fawn and religious".
This ruins the entire point of what made 166 notable, as a succubus nun who despises her aphrodisiac nature is a lot more interesting than a deer girl that shorts out modern tech. What is with their deer fetish?


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This ruins the entire point of what made 166 notable, as a succubus nun who despises her aphrodisiac nature is a lot more interesting than a deer girl that shorts out modern tech. What is with their deer fetish?
If their biggest problem with the original article was her age, they could've easily just have aged her up instead of scraping it all together.

And then there's the "Eew, the sex stuff in this article is icky!" complaints, she's a fucking succubus, what did you honestly expect?

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