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Given the recent release of the lawsuit, I have decided to update the OP.

This thread is dedicated to the smug hot takes about the Vic Mignogna lawsuit.

04/18/2019 - ROUND 1 - Vic Mignogna v Funimation / jamie Marchi / Monica Rial / Ron Toye

Even with >$100K in a War Chest and a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" Law Firm led by Ty "FEAR THE" Beard representing Vic Mignogna, KickVic galaxy brains share their hot takes on the lawsuit. Most commonly by making really ill fated comments like:

"Hey look! No lawsuit this week. Guess I wasn't the one lying."

"And Vic diesn't even has a lawyer"

"There is no fucking lawsuit."

"I'm pretty sure no one is going to court."

"I wonder if the reason no lawsuit has happened yet..."

And as of approximately 4PM (GMT-5) on 04/18/2019, the goalpost has officially started moving:

"lmao Beard has zero chances to win this better let them be smug now so that when it crashes and burns we can laugh at them..."

:) This is gonna be fun. :)
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Really want to take these people aside and try to figure out where the "no lawyer/no real lawyer" narrative is coming from, because it's even nuttier and more easily disproven than the "there won't be a real lawsuit/nobody's getting sued" one.

My best guess is that they still - still - think that Nick is Vic's lawyer, and that he being a bumpkin and/or YouTube personality invalidates whatever legal credentials he might have. But to believe that shows such a lazy ignorance about this issue that you'd hope would preclude these people from commenting.

I mean, I was going to write that maybe they're at peak Dunning-Kruger and will soon be sliding down the curve, but in order to experience Dunning-Kruger you need to at least have some level of knowledge and ability above that of normal people…


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im sorry but what the fuck does ty get out of this if there "is no fucking lawsuit"?
does this guy really think nick makes so much money on super berries that he can give some of the money to ty?
is it more likely he thinks the go fund me campaign is a farce and ty's just gonna get all that money for doing nothing?
why are all of these people so exceptional


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I wonder what they'll say when the lawsuit files with evidence now of what I suspect is ironclad 'these three purposefully committed TI with KC'.

I mean, obviously it'll be a variation of 'deny everything', but will we get to see a meltdown first?
They can't even watch a video, their sad girl eyes would glaze over and their pitiable girl brains would seize up trying to understand a legal filing.


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I wonder what they'll say when the lawsuit files with evidence now of what I suspect is ironclad 'these three purposefully committed TI with KC'.

I mean, obviously it'll be a variation of 'deny everything', but will we get to see a meltdown first?
They'll waffle about how the complaint is bullshit and how the kickers are going to BHBH out of the water with their answer.

This will be a fun thread to watch until about Wednesday.

When it will become fucking hilarious.
I wonder if this thread will be replaced with a 'Frivolous lawsuit :)' one or if Monica's fans will be so out of touch with reality (as is expected of anyone who actually likes the voice of Index) they'll still be showing up long after filing saying 'what lawsuit, I see no lawsuit, lol. Nick still doesn't have any cases on file and he's not even in texas! ???'

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Its fucking bizarre how they people assume the plaintiff has to prove hes not a rapist to sue these people for getting him fired and kicked out of every source of income. This court case isn't about whether or not vic raped/sexually assaulted anyone. This is about them interfering with vics business and falsely accusing him of a crime. If these delusional inbred morons wont to get vic thrown in the gulag for his crimes, they need to go after him for his crimes instead of just saying hes guilty.

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