Sea Salt Mine - here there be chimping over the lawsuit


Furious Fluffy Anna
I found some rando r.e.tard making edgy threats towards two Youtube faggots and decided to delve deeper

Meanwhile in faggy Youtubers and edgy RWBYtards.PNG

Internet tough guy.PNG

Hero Hei.PNG

Some ancient defense of the obese non-binary sped that advocated violence against Vic a month ago

Vic lickers.PNG

Generic defense of the wife beating possible pedophile Soye Boye goes here.

I'm defending the Soye.PNG

And a shit archive of their tryhard tweets

I am this bored to be analyzing a nobody edgelord.


Furious Fluffy Anna
KickVic is racist it seems.

KickVic Racism 3.PNGKickVic Racism 2.PNGKickVic Racism 1.PNG

Also insane troll logic from this rando recurring disingenuous faggot. He MIGHT have a point based on if Vic stays a "public figure" in appeals, but holy shit this faggot is hyper disingenuous and opens up several logic holes in his "malice=/=actual malice"shitpost.

The fuck is wrong with your logic.PNG


Furious Fluffy Anna
I can't tell if BT is trolling or just really mentally exceptional.
BT is just a simp. He wants to be Monica's number 1 snack tray holder.

EDIT: New Kwality Kahntent from some speds. More advocating violence against Vic, because they are moral arbiters on the truly correct side of history.

KV sped ready to be devoured by Vicstans.PNG

Double the faggotry.PNG

Pronoun hour. Because of course it is.
Yes.PNGYes times two.PNG
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ill have to agree with BT here, rekieta twitter antics are pretty fucking pathetic too. Like stop interacting with dumbasses on twitter.
I do agree that Nick should stop interacting with these dumbasses, but let's not pretend that BT isn't known for his stupid mouth either. Nick may be "pretending" to be an intern, but at least he's not pretending to be an Internet tough guy who talks out of his ass and can't handle criticism and opposing evidence.