Sea Salt Mine - here there be chimping over the lawsuit

Nah Sirloin, you're having a pretty serious cry because your history of being a loser got exposed and now you can't hide it.

Also, good for ZeroXtasy and FlutFlut in calling out these people, including BT, aka Mr. "I'm having a taxing day on the Internet because Zac is dead and Biden is called a 'racist'", for being an attention whore.


A Rabid Conslut Bit Me.
Has this Dee idiot made the doxxemon list yet?
She jumps in on a whole lot of anti Vic posts and associates with BT,Manjaw and other faggots.
She also wished Death on us Kiwi's about the zac death thread.

Shes the type who will sperg out and go all bat shit crazy over being doxed.
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