Sea Salt Mine - here there be chimping over the lawsuit


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No, it's because you retards will literally guzzle any cum stuffed lie that falls into your throats like a bunch of philistine sheep.
There's a reason why everyone thinks you're retarded and it's not just because of the retarded things you say. I bet if someone told ya'll the sky was falling, you'd eat that shit up faster than a ham planet in an all you can eat buffet.


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Vic can be the most difficult asshole diva to work with, and if they fired him for that, them's the breaks.
His "asshole diva" behavior seems to consist of simply actually requiring people live up to their contracts despite the fact anime cons are run by incompetent nerds.
Unless someone has solid, definitive proof of Vic being a creep, they are automatically liars by default. Fujos are literal scum.
Fujos are nasty, degenerate, mentally ill vermin. Nothing that comes out of their mouth is worth jack, and all that goes into their mouths are dicks.
Vic can be the most difficult asshole diva to work with, and if they fired him for that, them's the breaks.
I used to volunteer at LAN parties to do setup and tech support. The overwhelming majority of volunteers were not accepted as second event staff when they applied. They thought "I'll move tables for one day then I'll have a free ticket, hotel and meals for the rest of the weekend". No matter how hard we tried to tell them in the recruitment process that they were expected to work 8-12 hours every day. Net result, shit attitude lazy volunteers.

I reckon it's the same thing going on here. Vic arrives at a convention expecting to make tens of thousands of dollars in two days. He wants his fans to have a great show and expects the volunteers to help with that. He had a projector in his list of requirements and it's not fucking there, he has a right to be pissed.

The volunteers, don't give a fuck. They are volunteers because

1) They are broke and if they volunteer they get free admission, food and a hotel, thinking they will just enjoy the convention and not do any work.

2) They are on some kind of power trip and think being a volunteer at an anime show makes them some kind of big shot (see Manjaw).
Is this faggot trying to be like Beta Tard but he white knights Ron?


"Yea I'm done with you and your stupidity."
Dumping these here because I don't want to keep holding on to them

Here's an archive of that BT tweet.

Also, BT calling him a Karen is still ironic when the bitch he worships is literally a Karen and he's too stupid to realize it.
Yeah sorry. I could've archived it myself but Beta Twat's stupid retarded tweets makes me feel less motivated to get it properly archived.
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