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Fucking please. Even the most racist cop would see BT and come to the disappointing conclusion that it'd be impossible to even get his colleagues to think he's a threat. One look at BT and you're only worry is about if he'll trip and drop the snacktray.
Cops don't shoot white people though.


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Emmett Plant writes An Open Letter to Vic Mignogna (a).

tl;dr: You are a creep, you admitted to being a creep, Nick and Ty are exploiting you, blah blah. Same arguments these people have made before. I will quite this specific part, though:

I’ve never advocated that you should lose work or get dropped from conventions. Even after you grabbed Dayna without her consent, I still looked forward to sharing convention guest space with you (and I did, in Phoenix).
Who is Dayna? Do we know?


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