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Emmett Plant writes An Open Letter to Vic Mignogna (a).

tl;dr: You are a creep, you admitted to being a creep, Nick and Ty are exploiting you, blah blah. Same arguments these people have made before. I will quite this specific part, though:

Who is Dayna? Do we know?
@ShortRound doxed her a while back ago:

She's connected to Emmett and his GF, Neysha Perry (who's also doxed).


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Who is Dayna? Do we know?
The typewriter already answered, but there was some discussion here for a few pages:

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BT, since you apparently have never socialized with a human being in your life, I’ll try to add a cell to your brain. Vic thought Monica had been his friend for almost 20 years. They went to conventions together. They recorded lines together. He had no idea what was going on. His response in going against Funi’s order to not contact her in a panic is a natural reaction. How would you feel if you were in his shoes?

Oh, why am I even asking? You’re incapable of any feeling just like how you’re incapable of thinking and fucking. So fuck you and fuck your stupid hot takes.


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He clarified and that’s not what he means. You people think pull like a violent and aggressive act. You can lightly tug on something which is what he meant. Disingenuous faggots.
Shit, this is where I've been going wrong. I had to use a disabled bathroom recently (all others were taken), and it had a light switch in the ceiling with some string saying "pull to turn light on/off". I ripped the entirety of the light switch and several tiles out of the ceiling because of my misunderstanding.