Sea Salt Mine - here there be chimping over the lawsuit

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That wasn't Shatner. Jesus Christ with this people



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The dangerhair should have been a clue.

It's nice of these people to adopt a visual warning that lets you know that everything coming from their mouths is going to be absolute bullshit. Just look for a hair color that does not occur in nature and you know to expect degenerate gibberish.

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1. BT is trying to fuck Michele now because Monica has dropped off the face of the planet in terms of social media.

2. Shatner is a chill dude when you aren't trying to micromanage him like some cons try to do, much like Vic. Come to think of it, they've both got very similar personalities. Anyone who wants to say Shatner is a diva or whatever twist on that sort of statement some sped gives probably did something to piss him off.
But yeah, Shat man bad too while we're at it.

What do you expect, these type of people always post shit without doing their due research

Well, do you have to do research when you believe you are the smartest person in the room all the time? Or do you just shoot off from the hip and ignore your ever growing list of failures?
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I... I don't even.

This is as nonsensical as saying Ron Toye is guilty of TI because cheese tastes yellow.

Douchette isn't helping, either, though he's not wrong. The appeals court is not a trial court. They don't decide if the defendants are liable for the causes of action brought against them. All the appeals court determines is whether there is enough merit to Vic's claims that it ought to be heard by a jury.


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