seal skunk shark - livestream 10/12/2021 - in which Amber contemplates doing Wednesday Weigh-ins

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She read this super chat twice, then said something like ".....Oh. Well, I'm sad for you." That definitely hit home for her re: Wipey


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She's been streaming for half an hour and hasn't broken 2k viewers.
Screenshot_2021-10-12 Foodie Beauty(17).png
And this is the current participant list:
Screenshot_2021-10-12 Foodie Beauty(18).png
She's still getting money thrown at her via superchats but I wonder if people are finally getting sick of the same old borefest every damn week.

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I've listened to most of this one while out shopping and honestly it has been mostly free of mentionable moments. The only two things are her overapologizing to the the wokes about having said "blackie" once upon a long ass time ago because apparently people are remembering it again, and her stunned reaction to the poly superchat that has already been mentioned. Otherwise there's almost nothing in here worth even thinking about for positive or negative. Her usual narc-isms are even kind of muted, she seems more mild and humble than normal towards her audience which is just fucking weird and less interesting than normal.


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I wonder if Amber livestreams when Wipey leaves for the night to go slutting around make new poly "friends" and that's why she always seems so demure/forlorn :story:
Lesbians are the demographic that practices safe sex the least (nobody wants to do clit stuff using a dental dam), so I wonder if we're gonna have a gonorrhea saga a la Chantal? Maybe that's why her hair is so frizzy.

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Just when you think her titles couldn't get any more exceptional, she lowers the bar. I'm thinking the only exercise she gets is digging the trench she buries that fucking bar in these days.
Every time I see one of her inane titles in the 'New Content' section I get annoyed. Why have they got so much more dumb over the last couple months?


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She had to have known her dad would end up in the hospital again, I mean, she said herself he left last time against medical advice.

As for “blackie” that girl has SO been called out many times before by the audience on it so her playing naive now and saying she didn’t know until NOW? no.. just no… I prob buy she didn’t know ORIGINALLY because she is that dumb!

On what planet is amber a super sexual person 🤣🤣🤣🤣 girl claimed she’s never even been penetrated by fingers and she didn’t do anything sexual for 4 years with Becky…

After that the rest was just too boring…

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