Sean Schemmel, voicing Goku, calls Gohan a fag -

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BW 182

Now now, we have no proof that he is talking about Gohan, say what you want about Gohan he did manage to get himself a taste of Videl's senzu bean.

Goten on the other hand hung out with Trunks all the time, and Gotenks is a 100/10 Homosexual.
Goten had a chick in GT, I thought. Trunks must've been the gay one in the fusion, or maybe this is why GT isn't canon anymore :thinking:

Also, lmao @ this and the He-Man gay parody. I love the edgy content, so if there's more, I'd love to see it.


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I don't know about you, but I've been taking to refer to this Vic situation as "Michael Jackson 2.0" since almost everything's the same except for the origin and the planned outcome.
So, when Michael Jackson ended up having tons of "middle-finger money" to burn, he bought the Elvis and Beatles discographies on a whim solely making him a target of Sony Music, at first. Then there was his dentist, a guy named Evan Chandler. Most people that knew about Evan Chandler knew that he was "the" dentist for pop stars, but he'd hook onto the star's clout.
Evan would make an accusation of sexual abuse by Michael against Jordan (Evan's son) to get some easy money, or at least a job in Hollywood somewhere. It would land him in the directorial chair for "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"; He'd form the story while preforming dentistry on J. David Shapiro.
However, Sony would also exacerbate the now-debunked allegations because they wanted the Elvis and Beatles discographies from him, but he was selling them for a price that was "too much" for Sony, so they'd later hang that "child abuser" allegation against Michael in order to get him to fire-sell the discographies. This didn't happen throughout his lifetime, which he'd spend occasional time motivating a boycott of Sony.
Then the trials came and went. He was declared innocent. Twice. But as Sony hadn't gotten what they wanted, the accusations still held on.
We all know about his death, so there's no need for details on that, but the fact that Evan Chandler killed himself five months before Michael did was suspect.
Then in the afterlife, there was suddenly interest in the moonwalker that was, but Sony also managed to get the Elvis and Beatles discographies back during the Jackson family's estate sale. Sony had their cake, and ate it, too.

Short lesson: if you're in the arts, keep the hell away from Sony! Those that don't will be treated like Nintendo did with British and Oceanian developers.
Vic has nothing that Funimation wants (far to my knowledge), except for a job position to open up.
However, there's verifiable evidence of the women there being members of a 501c3 nonprofit that tries to get more women in cartooning by firing all the men.
Also, merit can't make one succeed in the world of work generally now, unlike the 2000s backward. Whether this is a product of stuff like Linkedin and Facebook or just companies being hesitant to hire because of little to no money is yet to be seen.
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Vegeta gets to bang a chick that is both smoking hot and filthy rich. Goku has to deal with a histrionic harpy. Vegeta's son grows up to be a badass sword wielding Kyle Reese. Goku's son grows up to be "The Great Saiyaman".

Vegeta won as far as I am concerned.
Vegeta is a good dad while Piccolo was more a father to Gohan than Goku ever was. Both are chad dads.

I hate to be a hair splitter but what the hell, it was actually his wife that dresses his son up like her husband.

Yes I’m a dbz fag. Hit me with your autistic ratings! 😎
That just makes Goku a spineless cuck on top of being a shit tier dad.

Hangula Hungui

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Kek. Sorry, been a Dragonball fag my whole life, so hearing Goku call anyone a "fucking fag" is hilarious. Childish, yes, but funny.
In my country, Goku was voiced by a guy known to be a failed musician and massive stoner. He also voices Thor in the capeshit universe movies so hearing Goku being a depressed fat Fortnite gaymer sure was an experience. Maybe someday i‘ll be able to make him say something similiar for some pocketchange when he ends up homeless on the street.



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Seems :optimistic: to think this guy is getting cancelled. You can find all sorts of fucked shit in the pasts of all these people like this, and as long as they're full soy-cuck in public it takes a lot of momentum to get the SJWs to turn on their own. Remember: political correctness is a weapon used to destroy people perceived as conservative or at least in your way up the career ladder.

Fucking, dating and/or marrying women that are older than you is sorta gay though (at least gayer than dating women in your age range that are still younger than you) albeit not full on faggot tier.

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Sean Schemmel is a hypocrite ... And a faggot.
Yeah thats the long and the short of it. If these people were professionally miserable morality/language policing scolds for decades then I would actually have a modicum of respect for them for having stuck to their guns consistently.

Instead each and every one of them back a decade or so ago were universally revelling in edgelord "LOL NIGGA LOL FAGGET LOL GAY LOL RETARD LOL NAZIS LOLOLOLOL" shit and were loud and proud about it, but the moment it becomes trendy to be woke they all immediately jump aboard the witch hunting bandwagon and play the part of morally perfect and englightened "activists" and throw everyone and anyone they can under the bus to improve their own image and standing among the designated media kewl kids, and furiously denounce as irredeemable nazis those who say the same shit they were cackling about a few years ago and any who dare criticise their insincere puritanism.

Worst thing is I guarantee they will all jump on the "HAHAHA WE SO EDGY AGAIN AND SJWS SO DUMM!" bandwagon once that kicks into high gear, and will never be treated with the mass contempt they deserve for being such spineless and amoral shitbags
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