Sean Schemmel, voicing Goku, calls Gohan a fag -

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Is Sean Schemmel based & redpilled?

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Sean's always screamed "closet case" to me.
Vegeta being the best father and husband confirmed
Give it a while, Nick's got some Sabat clips too apparently.
i wonder if there will be a clip of bulma calling mr.popo a nigger
Calling it right now, it's a Funi VA saying nigger.
I am very excited to hear Christopher Sabat go on a full unedited speech on how half saiyans are the niggers of the multiverse, or redpill Goku during their fight in the Buu saga, on how disappointed he is that both of their sons are disgusting sub human half-breeds who need to get gassed.

Suddenly raimiposting became real


Now featuring 100% more Natasha Romanoff
Yeah, but Ghost Stories is unique and amazing. Instead of a stereotypical dub where they try to be as close to the dialogue as possible while making regional allowances, they outright made it an edgy sex joke filled parody.

Plus that little shit was totally a fag.
Patton is the og adv fag tho if we're going deeper its Gendo's actor from Evangelion

Btw besides kirby Morrow being one of the most underrated Goku voices....
Big Green dub always is good for a laugh.

Seems Soyku has a Fag history.
Not that there's anything wrong with saying the word Faggot - and getting offended over it makes you just like an SJW - that said, everyone is getting mad at Sean because the hypocritical Cunt was shitting on Vic and his religion, only for this to come out and Sean looks like an even bigger douche... and that was just a TEASE from Nickolas last night?? God damn, with Sabat's dirt getting dug up too, Funimation is in for such a world of hurt. It's over for them at this point guaranteed, the question now is, will the 2nd-rate cunts like Marchi, ANN, RT and the rest get their just desserts?
Kevin T. Collins is a goddamn national treasure.
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I miss the time when the show was good
He was kinda dead when she was dressing up their second child like him.

Again, I’m a dbz fag. Just ignore me.
But he made the choice to remain dead so he gets no pass on being a cuck that abandoned his family for even more years (yeah I'm a Dragonball fag and Idgaf)
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This is like Christmas! A full production clip. If it was 5 minutes that means it took at least an hour for someone to edit an export. Company resources had to be used to make that and it had to be planned. Top it off with the competitive relationship to Funimation. Seems like eating Jelly Beans and touching hair are the least of their worries. Would be a shame if the corporate rules of Funimation's were not being applied equally to each of its employees. Wouldn't want any appearance of impropriety, nepotism, cronyism, collusion, or anything other term to cover claims of being an equal opportunity employer. When in reality its just as shady as any other company but too incompetent to utilize their shady business practices to create an unstoppable monopoly. Cheating in life and still loosing.
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