Search up a character on DeviantArt, then post the first result -

Fireman Sam

Sam is the hero next door
Thing is about Deviantart, most of the first images you see will be fairly normal, you need to dig a little to get some weird stuff.
Either that, or you search a more obscure character, or just get lucky.
For example... For Lord of The Rings I first searched Aragorn, nothing interesting, then Celebrimbor, again... The artwork wasn't actually that bad...

Then I searched 'Samwise', perhaps it was that rather than 'Sam Gamgee' that got this, or maybe sheer dumb luck, but have a look at this one.
lord of the furfags.jpg

As far as artwork goes, I think we can all agree that this is one of the better examples of quality, sure as shit not surprised to find furfag stuff on the first result though.

Homoerotic Cougar-kun

Searched "Hanse Davion"

Nothing really dumb until the third result.

Fucking kill yourself, ponyfags. Double for you, Roy Calbeck.

I'm worried about what I'm going to see when I search Kai Allard-Liao.
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