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View attachment 661293Poor Srhbutts, people are just out to destroy him
I barely paid attention to the Carrera story, despite having some knowledge of her involvement in the GG shenanigans, but I can definitely say that I saw a LOT of people losing their shit and firing her directly under the bus, the second the allegations were made public. In fact, some of those people are ones that have taken strongly worded positions in the past about due process, presumption of innocence, shit like that.

Funny how none of those condemnations or attempts to distance oneself are evident at any time, where Butts in concerned.

OT: It's entirely possible the whole Carrera thing is a Serpico style fuckjob by her ex (exactly as she's claimed in the statement released), but let's face facts, having meth in the house is pretty likely to make CPS act, regardless of her ex-boink-mate having gone fundietard.

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Jake is probably too physically unfit to throw people in dumpsters regardless of whether he looks like a fat troon or a fat man
He's imagining all his totally real twitter friends following him around and throwing all the trolls\assassins in dumpsters for the delicate little flower known as Jake Violet. Or that would be happening if the TERFs hadn't somehow hacked his name onto blocklists.


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Jake and other troons are still harassing the 60+ y.o. woman who was attacked in the street by a troon, said troon was convicted of assaulting the woman, and of coursethese two nitwits pretend the trial didn't happen.
ZAK S! Jake, a man, is not a woman and is barely in tabletop gaming, no one needs to have the back of a neckbeard that never leaves his house. I wonder if Zak even knows who Jake is, let alone who Jake really is.
Jake admits he provides absolutely nothing on Patreon
Jake's hateboner for Zak S goes back to at least March 2015, when he and other members of Chelsea's chat group were harassing him.
Jake claims to have a stand-up comedy routine "ready to go," possibly about his dick.
Jake thinks MIKE MEARLS owes him an apology for a "personal bit of fallout"
So Jake tells people lies (such as how he's going to be homeless, that he is already homeless, that he isn't homeless but is living with an abuser, that he lives alone and is scared of Kool-Aid Men coming through the walls, etc.) and they supposedly tell him he's so "strong" for surviving all the bullshit that never happened to him.
Cow crossover.
"my futons are huge and thick"
"Pick up person who is feeling bad"
Jake Alley October 12th 2015 a.png
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How is Jake “so strong?” By his own admission, the only thing he has to put up with is threats over Twitter (that only he can see). That’s not on top of a job and a family, or ill health. That’s all. He admits himself that he doesn’t do anything to earn the money he receives.

Even if you believe his tales of homelessness (no one here does), he clearly has a network of people who will let him and his cats and his desktop PC and his game books and his 8 T-shirts stay with them for free and mooch off their internet. He’s not living on the streets.

So no, whichever way you slice it, he’s a mental and emotional weakling, even compared to an average person. I’d love to put him in a room with a combat veteran, a cop, a refugee, an ICU nurse and an actual homeless person and hear him explain how strong he is.
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I'd want him to prove himself at an open mic, but I would never want to watch it because bad standup can be excruciating, and you know he'd blame his failure on transphobes anyway.

I do like how if someone's getting hate, Jake always has to show he's hated them first. And he claims he's not competitive...
Don’t worry, you’ll never have to have second hand embarrassment from Jake’s stand-up routine that doesn’t exist. The dude can’t take being tagged on twitter, the idea that he could get up on an open mic night and do comedy is one of his more absurd ideas of this thread and that’s a high bar.

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