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Most well-adjusted and contributing members of society can go "a day or so" off twitter without imagining that people are going to think they've necked themselves.

Also, if some randos on the internet thought I was a completely different person I would find it amusing so I don't know why Violet, who is definitely not Jake Alley (that's an absurd conspiracy theory duh) is so agitated by it.

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Gammalt bröd rostar aldrig.
I think Jake could do alright as a crisis spokesperson or some other bullshit PR job, saying so little in so many words is a talent and his twitter feed is just hundreds and hundreds of words all incredibly vague and non-incriminating.
The problem would be that he speaks at three times the normal speed so people wouldn't understand much of what he was saying but they would notice that he seems to be panicking when playing down the "gas leak in New Jersey" the one that is "completely under control and not a danger to the public".


там хорошо, где меня нет
I love how he laments that nobody reached out to him while he was gone.

Every sympathetic follower that he has eventually just mutes him, nobody can stand those walls of word salad for over a week, there's not a single interesting or original thought in there.

Ironically the only people who notice his absence are those who follow him to mock him. We're the only ones who care enough Jake, how's that :story:


정말로? Yes! Okey dokey yo.
Wtf was the point he was trying to make? Cause I actually read every single word there, but I'm not entirely sure it's even in English
Dogs can't give birth to kittens, unless they get hit with some legendary quills from a golden porcupine from the land of "across the yard", where men dress like women and women are unimportant, horrible bigots.

Oh and something about slaves.


там хорошо, где меня нет
Reagan's Press Secretary makes Jake look like an amateur.
Well obviously you can't throw Jake in the big boys league, they'll say mean things he'll cry and that's just going to be very embarrassing for everyone.

Baby steps, have him write a facebook statement for his local fast food joint on their next "hair in the french fries" incident


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Fuck this passive-aggressive garden ornament. There are children dying for want of vital organs while this guy wastes his existence berating people for not devoting their entire lives to his fee-fees.

What really happened was that last time, someone expressed concern and he thought, “That’s a clever way to trick people into paying attention to me.” Which is a real dick move.

This time it didn’t work because 1) cry wolf, 2) Jake is literally always whining about how awful his life is and somehow is still with us, but most importantly, 3) Twitter is not important. Your average person doesn’t have time to make sure everyone they follow isn’t dead, and if they did notice one of them gone, they’d just assume they were busy.

It really highlights how little Jake actually has in his life. He himself is always going on about how busy he is, yet he thinks not posting on a social media site 24/7 should be a cause for concern.

Never mind, Violet, if you were bleeding on the floor, I’m sure your horribly abusive not-your-mom housemate would call for an ambulance.

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You'd think he'd get the story in his rants somewhat right since that's all he has to do all day, but even that is optimistic.
View attachment 731672
View attachment 731673
”journalist” who is upset about “whisper campaigns tarnishing my reputation” is getting facts second hand and not verifying them. The lack of self awareness.

His Patreon for the first time is trending downwards. Better make up some more lies Jake.

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Even a troon is correcting him on his lies. Jake the defamer is lucky nobody cares about him enough to sue him.
What could they sue him for and get? The massive vs the masses and redshirt? People can get the stuff for free by making their own copies and likely better since they would try more than Jake ever did

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