Secret Santa 2017 - Better late than never

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UwU Sugoi

Not a weeb
Dec 13, 2014
Sounds like fun! I've never done this before and I can draw pretty well.

Name: @pandalove
Likes: drawing, pandas, coffee, weeb shit, cartoons, video games, Sonic, music, and girly things
Dislikes: decaf, working in customer service
Fun fact about me: I once beaten Yoshi's Island 4 times in one year. It's my all time favorite game! :lol:
Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 900?: sure, but maybe like one or two


Necromancer Corgi Queen
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Feb 3, 2013
Awwyeee Secret Santa's back


Likes: pufferfish, spicy chicken wings, tard cum tea, cold weather, cute ethnic girls, video games (Pokémon, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Persona 3, Rune Factory), obnoxious techno, mental illness, cats, synesthesia, Promethean: The Created, frenzied berserkers, traffic cones

Dislikes: arthritis, being fat, being disabled, stomach issues, medication side effects, self-dx-ing Tumblrites, summer, people who don't clean

Fun fact: I'm a color-sound synesthete. I also livestream vidya with my roommate.

XMAS BOT Y/N? You betcha!

But you're the best artist on here!
I wish I could but work is too rude to me and my arting time. (:_(


Epic UGH!
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May 9, 2015
Name: NotAKitty

Likes: ghosts, 2hus, ghost 2hus, tall redheads, weapons, conservatism, neolithic archaeology (barrows 'n' shit)

Dislikes: furries, traps, other forms of internet deviancy

Fun fact about me: I may be moving to Japan for a year in the near future

Can you be an X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sure, but don’t expect quality
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Vocaloid Ruby

#VOCAMERICA is a scam
Oct 9, 2016
@Vocaloid Ruby

Likes: vocaloid, vegetables, music technology, music, horror

Dislikes: Liars, cunts, Flat

Fun fact: My icons has been stolen in the past for catfishing.

Can you be a bot thing: Nah mate, I’ve got enough on my plate already!


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Nov 3, 2013
Name: atm

Likes: Buses, tanks, Isuzu trucks, dekotora, Namco, project Inter Media Artists and Specialists (except CG it's gay), Bibendum, Inmu, cats, Christmas in July, space

Dislikes: WWF worldwide wrestling, kiwi forums, gay shit, christmas, Scania AB gay swedeshit, XBOX, tight spaces, balloons, Love Live school idols

Fun Fact About Me: when I was like 5 I almost drowned. I was nearly sucked down a sluice gate after falling in a fast flowing river but a passing dude managed to grab me.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: fuck off nerd

Old Wizard

I'm doing my part!
Nov 13, 2017
Name: @Old Wizard

Likes: Video games (Skyrim, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Darkwood, the likes), horror, and anything high fantasy. Also science and alternative rock.

Dislikes: Steven Universe, Rick n' Morty, anything that's had a Tumblr fandom ever, most furries, emo kids

Fun Fact About Me: I can draw animals (and as a result,
)really well.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Hell yeah. Hook me up with people who like stories and art and photoshopped stuff.


I'm a cat fueled by hopes and dreams.
Oct 26, 2016
Oh fuuckk i was trying to learn how to do 3d modelling and i haven't finished yet, now i won't make it in time. :(

Name: @Schwachkopf

Likes: Online Chatting on both forums and others, furry stuff, 3D stuff.

Dislikes: fatty food and junk food, skeletons.

Fun Fact About Me: I browse 4chan /3/ (3DCG) daily for new info's and resources.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Not yet. :(
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Henry Wyatt

Only ironically racist
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Oct 17, 2016
Name: Uncle Moe Lester
Likes any shitpost images, subtle loss edits, LISA the painful, chris chan's taint
Hates: ???
Fun fact about me: I started a meme on /vp/ where you spam midget porn i guess...
I cannot be a santa bot


I regret nothing.
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Mar 24, 2017
I guess this will probably force me to draw something that isn't furry for once. Hopefully I'm good enough.

Name: @Reynard

Likes: Post apocalyptic stuff (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro, Fallout, etc.), abandoned buildings, Hotline Miami, tactical FPS games (SWAT 4, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon), Doom, military things (tanks, camo, guns), contemporary military history (WWI to the present), Slav memes, Cheeki Breeki, furry shit, futa, women with wide hips and a nice ass, nerdy girls with glasses and a sweater, root beer, The Big Lebowski, Don Bluth movies, 2D animation, music (any genre but pop, my favorite artists being Tool and Buckethead), all things guitars (Jackson dinkies and soloists, if we're gonna get to what I like the most), and the color seafoam green.

Dislikes: SJWs, fighting/racing games, self-diagnosed tumblrites, anything remotely related to diapers, the two-party system, extreme ideologies, Steven Universe, pop music, scooped mids, futa with no balls, sour cream, tomatoes as anything other than an ingredient, cucumbers, vocaloids, and bara.

Fun Fact: I jokingly said I was an irl hermaphrodite in a chat and people believed me for somehow.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I can draw, but I don't know how many people would enjoy getting furry shit in their stocking. I think normal people would prefer coal. I also take a long time to work on one drawing, so not many, if any.
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Nov 30, 2017
Name: Leapin_Lizards_98

Likes: Trendy maymays, reptiles, art.

Dislikes: Fetish art, the elderly, furries.

Fun Fact About Me: I've never actually owned a lizard.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Unfortunately, no.


Preferred pronouns: shit\shits\shitself
Nov 22, 2013
I think it's time I participated in one of these!

Name: ShittyRecolor

Likes: cats, dogs, capybaras, Andersen's The Steadfast Tin Soldier, giant robots, dragons, orcs, rubber chickens, guitars, Animu, comics, Killer Instinct, the color yellow (I know, I know, :autism:), dead memes that make me look like a grandpa, lolcow Schadenfreude

Dislikes: Young adult literature, fan fiction that's too shitty to be good but not shitty enough to be ironically enjoyed, political\religious\etc. extremes\partisanship, groupthink, animal\child abuse, virtue signalling, ticks, assholes who dish it out but can't take it, those weird Japanese porn stars that are hot but squeal like squeaky toys in a grinder, fart rape, toxic autism

Fun fact about me: As a teen I had no idea that the German phrase "mit jemanden Schlafen" ("to sleep with someone") means to have sex with someone instead of sleeping at someone's home, leading to some funny\uncomfortable moments as an exchange student.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000? I'm in.
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literally who
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Apr 23, 2016
I'm a drawfag, why not? My computer might be dying, though *sad face*

Name: MysteriousStranger

Likes: kittens, Golden Age comics, gin

Dislikes: constipation, ethnics, lamb

Fun Fact About Me: I can wiggle my ears independently. It isn't as fun as it sounds.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: meh, if you get caught short and my Photoshopper still works


Aug 10, 2016
Likes: music, a bit of vidya, writing, being told Y2K Baby liked something of mine on a millisecond basis
Dislikes: Homestuck
Fun Fact About Me: I use my tears as lube.

Can you be an X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: What do i have to lose, other than my dignity? I lost that when i signed up here. Hell yeah!

Double Dee

The lolcows bring tidings of great joy!
Sep 9, 2015
Name: @VerdantBuckle34

Likes: birds, tabletop RPGs (my current love being Shadowrun), origami, Chex Mix, music (especially slow ambient tracks), and Magic the Gathering.

Dislikes: Tumblr snowflakes, being cold, papercuts.

Fun Fact About Me: I own a 5-ish foot tentacle plush, named 'Clyde.' My best friend made it for me as a birthday gift.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: No, sadly- my life's a bit hectic this year.

Kiwi Jeff

True & Honest Fan
Jul 17, 2016
Name: @Kiwi Jeff

Likes: profile posts, pupsters, raccoons, my friends, Desert Bus, fruit, orange chicken, shows and movies about muscley men beating each other up (i.e. JoJo and Predator), stupid things that don't take themselves seriously (i.e. Metal Gear Rising and No More Heroes), mecha model kits, memes: the DNA of the soul, Lycan Jonze, cboyardee, PilotRedSun, FM Synthesis, 80s technology especially music equipment, midis, soundfonts, YTPs and YTPMVs, Christmas in July, hhgregg, and Rick Astley.

Dislikes: people who don't have a sense of humor/ are no fun, politics, and Smash 4 in a competitive setting.

Fun Fact About Me: I've had to teach myself nearly everything I know.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I should be able to. I'd probably make something too weird though.

May 23, 2016
Name: @Stahl

Likes: Music, dank memes, silly stories, games. Basically anything that is funny.

Dislikes: I mean I'm fine with anything as long as it isn't gross or incomprehensible.

Fun Fact About Me: I'm okay at using Unity.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: No
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