Secret Santa 2017 - Better late than never

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Jerry Mouse
May 27, 2017
Name: @soryu

Likes: SEGA games, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, skunks

Dislikes: memes, Nintendo fans, social media commies

Fun Fact About Me: I've won an ugly sweater contest with a cat print vest

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sure!

CIA Nigger

Not a fed, just a random object on the street.
Retired Staff
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May 15, 2017
Name: @CIA Nigger

Likes: Business laptops (HP Elitebook, Thinkpad, Toughbook, etc.), GNU/Linux, mechanical keyboards, MAME, obscure underrated video games, 80s-mid 90s era industrial and related genres, oldschool UNIX workstations, loud jet engine servers, the Xbox 360/One controller, console modding, shmups, Windows 2000, Digimon, Yamaha FM synths, 90s rock, dumb internet drama, Serial Experiments Lain, Subway, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, Burger King.

Dislikes: Troons, self diagnosing Tumblrinas, Nintendo fanboys, internet communists, people who use services like Patreon/Paypal/ko-fi for crowdfunded welfare, Windows versions after 7, most Nintendo consoles after the SNES (the cube is a good party console though), Intel Macs, Java, bloated JavaScript fueled websites, electric cars, GNU Emacs, iPhones, the Wal-Mart checkout, my local McDonald's, Arch users, crappy sequels/reboots, shitty HDTVs with lots of input latency, shadowbans.

Fun Fact About Me: I've gotten good at fixing tech that quits working for stupid reasons. I got a Thinkpad X220 once for free that was completely dead, turns out the power button was broken and replacing the keyboard fixed it.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Not really, my new job limits my free time.


True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
I had a blast doing these!

Name: @darkhorse816

Likes: Bowie, Beatles, Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined one). Queen (Freddie Mercury is my spirit animal). Also Game of Thrones/ASOIAF and iZombie. Guys with mustaches. And Star Wars. The Godard film, Breathless.

Dislikes: Taylor Swift, chicken, when people say "I'm just telling it like it is." Negative people, people who think they have to be mean in order to look smart, clickbait (unless it involves cute dogs), that swirly ball of doom that Macs do.

Fun fact about me: I once ate a glowing, electrically charged pickle. I'd do it again.

Can you be an X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I wish, but sadly, no, I'm a bit busy these days.


Janny chaser
True & Honest Fan
Jul 28, 2017
Name: @GarthMarenghisDankplace

Likes: British comedy, Greek mythology, Beauty Guru drama, people who eat ass, DSM-V, cake, low effort shit posts, MSpaint, animals with paddy paws, salt and vinegar crisps, hair metal and glam rock.

Dislikes: Capitalism, fMRI studies that don't account for the multiple comparisons problems, Pumpkin Spice anything, people who put marshmallows onto top of the cream on a hot chocolate, unsalted caramel, otherkin, mooncups, the empty feeling the follows wanking, my neighbour who keeps letting his dog piss in the elevator.

Fun Fact About Me: I have a duplicate inner organ, but you'll have to find out which one yourself big boy ;)

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I relish the chance to prove my usefulness to my human masters

Spelling Bee

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Verified Bee
Feb 6, 2013
Name: Spelling Bee

Likes: Bees and honey, 80's action movies, rugby, good food, game devving, drawing, metal gear solid, scotch whiskey (also getting drunk on said scotch whiskey)

Dislikes: Anime is my kryptonite

Fun fact about me: I'm one hell of a cook

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000:
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Has a teensy top hat
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May 30, 2015
Name: @Gentleburd

Likes: Birds, Pokemons, Stuffed Animals, Eldritch Abominations, Monster Hunter, Elder Scrolls, Quiet, Nighttime

Dislikes: Bugs, Spicy Things, Monkeys, Hypocrisy, Pretentiousness, Disorder, Temperatures above 85F, Crowds

Fun Fact About Me: I am left handed.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sorry, no. I’m a bit busy.


I came here to squark at you
Jan 31, 2015
Name: Rising Phoenix

Likes: Nintendo, Disney, Sonic, MLP, Osamu Tezuka, Studio Ghibi, slice of life animus, pina coladas, walks on the beach, getting lost in the rain

Dislikes: Not cute things, gore, peas, soap dramas, pretentious art

Fun fact about me: I once won 2 years of disney park tickets in an art contest.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I can maybe take a few extra jobs on if it pleases thee.


I just want to see the world burn
True & Honest Fan
Oct 29, 2015
Name: @Magique

Likes: Pokémon, vidya, rain, cooking, space in general, rpg and reading.

Dislikes: Animal abuse, hypocrisy, cherries, traffic, cold.

Fun fact about me: I'm a terrible prankster. Doesn't stop me though.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sorry I can't.


Heres your mandatory spooky avatar
Aug 5, 2014
Name: @Hmmpf!

Likes: Little Witch Academia, Konosuba - especially Megumin, Madoka Magica, and cars...

Dislikes: Ponies and Politics.

Fun Fact About Me: I can predict what will happen to something or someone and I'm going to do full time job after 2 consecutive part times. Wish me luck :pinetar:.
Oh and I can use Java and some other programming stuff.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: No, I can't. Sorry.
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Breakin' Wind
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Aug 9, 2014
Screw it, I'm in:

Name: TheImportantFart

Likes: Star Wars, creepypastas, SJWs humiliating themselves, bears, rabbits.

The Star Wars prequels, horror and slasher films, heights, spiders.

Fun Fact About Me: I have been to every continent in the world except Oceania and Antarctica.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sorry, mah jerb takes up too much free time.

Bad Dog

Literally just a dog on the internet
True & Honest Fan
May 8, 2015
Name: @Bad Dog

Likes: TF2, gay shit, especially TF2 gay shit, furries, dinosaurs, my own characters, comics, fanfics, smut and vidya

Dislikes: uhhhh sports, avocado, seafood, fake trannies, idk

Fun Fact About Me: i can draw shit i guess but im also lazy

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: I can draw shit but im also lazy but i also work so its not really a guarantee so put me down as a maybe i guess?


smells of YSL and sadness
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Nov 28, 2017
A good excuse to start working on animated pixels ^^

Name: @diana
Likes: Rococo and mid 1800's French art, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, flowers and sloths
Dislikes: the smell of bleach, music majors and slav squats
Fun Fact About Me: I handmake porcelain dolls for charity :feels: i know it's creepy but kids love it...
Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sure, I might need 3-5 days notice, though


Professional Depression
True & Honest Fan
Aug 26, 2016
Name: @Lurkette

Likes: dogs, wolves, dank memes, star trek, mass effect, overwatch, fallout 4, N64/PS2 era games, retsupurae, avatar: the last airbender, futurama, sci fi/fantasy, space in general, psychology, greek mythology, sirens, cerberuses (cerberi???), phoenixes, ballet, musicals/broadway (heathers, hamilton, newsies, wicked, cats, assassins and into the woods are my favorites, not in that order) really REALLY dumb things (crash woah song remixes, sloth pictures, detective halligan, etc) making lists, editing my lists over and over again, stealing other people's ideas for lists, receiving gifts that are given in a heart and spirit akin to OPL ♥

i also have a list of things i like to watch on youtube under my information tab if that helps
Dislikes: grossout/shock humor, @Genghis Khan, @Y2K Baby, stale memes, people who absolutely must be right (unless it's me, it's cute when i do it)

Fun Fact About Me: one time a house a couple blocks away from me blew up. it was empty, and no one got physically hurt, but some idiot went into the basement to steal copper piping and mistakenly cut into the gas line. the gas line was steel btw.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: sure why not

You forgot about the original person who did that, @Kiwi Jeff.

woh woh woh there pal, @Kiwi Jeff is merely a half baked copycat @ShavedSheep. yes, i know. that's insulting. but it's also the truth.
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Attraction Slime

stop with the libel
Dec 8, 2015
Name: Attraction Slime

Likes: shitty obese cats, animal crossing, my nintendo switch, wwe (esp. kevin owens and bo dallas), pocasts (mbmbam, ideotv and oh no ross and carrie esp.) action bronson, neopets, really annoying screaming birds and 90s toys

Dislikes: political centrists, trannies, doodoo, fashion bloggers, mr. resetti (jk i lov him)

Fun Fact About Me: i'm eatin cheesed burger

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: yea
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