Secret Santa 2017 - Better late than never

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Professional Depression
True & Honest Fan


Copypasta from last year, because I'm a shitweasel.

Name: GingerDixie

Likes: Pokemon (Nuzleaf, Gengar, Serperior and Kecleon are always a win with me. I like a lot of Pokemon but those are my top four. Also, if my secret santa is a Go player I'm Valor), Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, mythology and folklore (Classical, Nordic, Egyptian, and Japanese) mythical creatures (Griffons and cockatrices if you're going European, tengu if you're going Japanese) tabletop RPGs (I have a blind oracle character named Sakura for the current Pathfinder campaign I'm a part of, I'll give a description of her if anyone's curious), dogs, cats, birds, bears (especially baby bears), seals, medicine (vet medicine especially), wintertime, UF Gator football, swimming

Dislikes: Hot weather, stupid people, animal and child abusers, vegans, Tumblr (recovering Tumblr user), running, idiot drivers, MRAs

Fun Fact About Me: I've visted nearly the entire western half of the US, and almost none of the eastern. Furthest northeast I've ever been is DC.

Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: Sorry, but no.

RK 672

Name: Ride
Likes: Cats, animals, games, comics, TV, sleeping
Dislikes: Bugs, phone calls
Fun fact about me: I didn't know who Chris was until last year.
Can you be a X-MAS SPIRIT BOT 9000?: No

GS 281

Please contact me if you did not receive a PM about this.

Please contact me if you do not receive a gift.

Please contact me if you cannot give a gift.
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