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Haru Okumura

The Empress
Jul 27, 2020
jp5656 has added a new customer portal that is not Ethan's - this makes it clear that they have the technical resources and infrastructure to support other clients but have elected not to do so in Ethan's case:


Sitemap /

This behavior means it is very likely that Ethan has been kicked to the curb and is desperately searching for a new vendor. Equally notably, this is the first new client to be added under the domain and not the domain...and it may be the last, since it seems like the shell game is ongoing and the next round is quickly approaching.

If you examine the Terms of Use for the new site (William Mount), you will notice references to "American Ad Network Inc", another company:


ToS /

If you examine's Terms of Use, you will see the exact same text, including the same contact phone number and address of registration, except referring to SecureServer:


ToS /

Thus, we can conclude that these are the same entity and that another rebranding is in the works. All hail our new American Ad Network Inc overlords.


I'm not gonna read that
Jan 7, 2020
Does he think his paypigs are just going to forget about it, especially those who can't watch live?

Ralph’s remaining paypigs fully believe that Josh “Pedo” Moon is personally responsible for taking down the website and will gladly accept that there will be no refunds.


Bewildered Ape is a Closeted Gay, after Green Card
Dec 15, 2015
-more oxyberries
-how ever many months worth of payments on his nissan sentra (before running that red light of course)
LOL No doubt, but aren't his yearly subscribers getting antsy over the lack of refund?

Gunty hasn't provided them with an alternative solution has he?

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