seeing my mom for the first time in twelve years - mamalynn wants those sweet sweet savings - 06/09/20


Oop looks like theyre trying to get daddy dearest in on the fun too
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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
She mentioned going to the "cancer center". What does that mean? I've always imagined that phrase as like, a place that administers chemo and stuff. This seems to be progressing very rapidly.

In my case, it was an entire building just down the block from the hospital. In that building were doctors' offices, imaging apparatus (CT, XRay, PET, MRI), its own lab for blood work, an infusion wing for chemo, and of course, the big daddy: the radiation facility. One stop shopping for all your fuck cancer needs.

I'm 100% sure that she's got diabetes. Some are overweight/obese, not even close to her weight and are at least pre-diabetic aka fucked up glucose metabolism.

Same, dudegorl, same. Those beetus knuckles (and now fingers, wrists, elbows, and neck) tell a pretty grim tale.

I get that going through Cancer Treatment uninsured would be a death sentence for the majority of people but I get the feeling that at least for hamber she will be fine she makes a fair bit on YouTube. Although I'm not American so I could be totally wrong.

That's IF you're able to find anyne to treat you as a self-payer. That can be damn hard to find. They're going to make her cough up probably thousands of dollars up front, too. omuch for WLS, but if she really does have cancer, the cancer diet will likely take care of that for her anyhow.


Dont you guys think I should choose my own foods?
Forgive me for being pretty ignorant of the Amberlynn deep lore, but her mom looks like she could have a fair amount of Native American blood. I've lived on or near rez most my life, and I could swear she looks like she should be selling fry bread at the pow wow...
Becky is probably fuming because shes truly native and NO ONE BELIEVES HER!

I thought her mom looked look native as well.