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You know the old saying "Ignorance is bliss", but is it? Do you think being more aware of oneself and ones actions is better or worse for overall happieness?
Do you think the ignorant ARE all around happier as they don't feel the effects of the world around them?

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It depends on if you use the self awareness to improve yourself instead of just being a lazy asshole, or you use the self awareness to avoid the pitfalls you have about yourself
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I think it's a bliss in a very personal level, that's not too hard to disprove. The less aware you are of what's going, the less worries you have.
But maybe in a "bigger scale" sense it isn't because to do anything meaningful in life, for you, and the people that surround you, there has to be an awareness of your actions and how you are as a person, and when it's done right, it's the best way to push yourself to keep improving.

I guess that's the hard thing anyway, balance out the self-awareness with the ability to not get lost into yourself. So in short, it's worse for happiness usually but there is potential to achieve an even better of fulfillment later in life, possibly.
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I think one's opinion about it doesn't really matter. If you are, then you are and vise versa. Only the self-aware would care to begin with, the coveting of the lack there of is mostly a waste of time.
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I would say both. Although I'd argue that the ignorant aren't always happier.

There have been times I wish I could just shut my self-awareness because trying to improve myself and act proper can be tiring, especially after seeing some people being their obnoxious selves and seem to go on with their life scotch free, But I believe they're going to be upset about something that I could not fathom of anyway. I don't think anyone is without unhappiness, it's just we're unhappy about different things.
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From what I can gather most self aware people tend to tunnel vision on themselves leading to a very egotistical and idealistic way of thinking which ironically ends up with them not being self aware because of refusal took look at their surroundings and assess there role withing it. This disconnect between their surroundings and themselves leads to daily problems in real life that make them unhappy.
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do you all think its at all possible to be an even percentage of both?


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lack of self awareness is what turns alot of people into cringe so it's better to be self aware and overcome the bad that comes with it.
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lack of self awareness is what turns alot of people into cringe so it's better to be self aware and overcome the bad that comes with it.
This, 100% and now that I think about it, I’m a little envious of those people.

Being ignorant and having less self awareness is almost like a person being an impulsive decision maker and who takes the risk. Unfortunately, most of the time I’d rather not because of the consequences. I’m also thinking of that small percentage of people who are unaware but manage to achieve success because of their ignorant actions.

Although, being a bit self aware of oneself-has its perks. If I wasn’t self aware of how society viewed myself I would have chosen the easiest less resistant route, never improving myself. I too wouldn’t be able to laugh and get off on other peoples failures as well.

Who’s more happier though? Happiness in oneself is subjective quality. It’s like that scenario where there are children who are so strictly poor but are so happy to do even the littlest things we take for granted or that mom who is working 2 jobs to happily support her family versus a depressed house wife with nothing to do. It’s really just the person’s persona and how they react and see the world.

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I think it basically goes like this:

0-40 IQ: Emotion is meaningless. Below a certain threshold you're more like an iguana than a person. Might be happy, but we'd never know.

40-70 IQ: Bliss. As long as their basic needs are met, they're happy because they don't know about the things that make the rest of us unhappy. They're basically dogs.

71-90 IQ: Nonstop impotent rage. They're perpetually angry because they're stupid as fuck but just smart enough to realize they're inferior. Antifa, hillbillies, BLM, biker gangs, etc.

91-110 IQ: Ennui. They're cogs in the great machine, they know it, and they can't help it. Mostly happy, but rarely fulfilled. The average low grade office worker, most blue collar workers.

111-125 IQ: The sweet spot. Smart enough to do whatever they want, smart enough to change the world in a small but meaningful way, smart enough to really appreciate things. But not too smart. Managers, doctors, engineers, etc.

126-150 IQ: Rapidly alternating between existential angst and lamenting the futility of trying to matter in a world where no one matters. Generally results in some form of coping mechanism, whether a superiority complex, God complex, solipsism, whatever. Tend to either self destruct into barely functional tormented genius types or end up sociopathic billionaires if they can fight off the depression.

151+ IQ: Too busy playing Minecraft to be sad 😎

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Self-awareness is not just a blessing, it's the one attribute needed the most for mental stability. If all of the lolcows on this site possessed that ability, the forums would steadily empty out.

The ones saying it's a curse seem to be confusing it with self-consciousness - a hypersensitivity to feeling and anticipating shame and embarrassment at oneself. Self awareness is different, it's when you're able to perceive conflicting feelings and motivations without repressing them or acting them out.

If bloody Elliot Rodgers had been able to be aware of his own insecurities conflicting with his desire to get a girlfriend, he wouldn't have had to put up a front of arrogance to cope with it.
If Chris had been aware of his own fears of becoming an adult conflicting with his desire to do adult things when he first started becoming known to the Farms, he wouldn't have had to set up a fantasy world to cope with that.
If Amberlynn was aware of her feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred which motivate her inability to look after herself, she wouldn't have had to delusionally go on overeating and frustrating others' attempts to help her until the very last moment.

Do you see what I mean?

It's the single attribute allowing someone not to become a lolcow.

Every lolcow on this site is not aware how milky they are.

Even the self proclaimed : I am being retarded on purpuse types like Onision or Kamicatboy are not aware of their true mental problems.
Their actions reveal their own shortcomings and milk beyond the persona
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Having the ability to have a sense of introspection is generally an attribute shared by all humans. I don't feel that there is any type of "special snowflake mechanism" involved. Though, just like various levels of cognitive functionality, certain human beings have a times a greater depth of introspection opposed to other human beings. I think it is more of the matter of whether or not one chooses to implement action upon their introspection, opposed to let it become dread, and as well angst. It is very easy to be deterred once you get to the level of realizing that you are just a primate that has very little influence, as well very little control over the outside world. Be that said, there are just some people at the same time though, that have a better ability to fine tune their brains just well enough to remain at a sense of equilibrium. Life is entropy, humans though are orderly animals, hence what arises out of our third eye is the notion of order out of chaos. As well, a desire to have a level of influence over the situation. The cognitive dissonance between cows, I don't feel is as obvious. Sure the theory stands that cows are not typically aware of how tasty their milk is, but at times, some cows thrive off of the tastiness of their milk.

Look at someone like Christian, very naive, but very aware of his situation. Though, used his awareness of the situation to excuse him of the proponent of action, along side the further development of his victim complex. Hence, despite the attribute of self-awareness isn't the resultant, rather the motives in which drive their decisions. To either generally improve their situation, or amplify the situation. I feel this is dependent on generally the characteristics associated in ones emotional response. Some people are addicted to feeling like shit and use every reason to feel like shit, to fulfill some pathological desire to remain the worlds autistic to kick.

I feel it is rather reductionist to try to make the assertion that self awareness would either be a gift or a curse. As well, I feel generally though that it is a blessing nor a curse for the ability to have self-awareness. Rather it is an by product of the physics of our nervous systems. Every animal has an level of self-awareness, just depending on how developed their nervous system is, more or so is the matter of how they can express that level of awareness. As well, self-awareness is the byproduct of many generations of natural selection.