Science Self-driving cars may hit people with dark tone skin more often - Ku Klux Kars


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So if dark skin is a problem, I assume that black clothing would be a much larger problem. After all, how much skin do people usually show?
I was thinking the same thing too when I wasn’t snickering at this article.

Espescially in winter, you know? My friend likes to hype that technology is increasing “exponentially”, and maybe that’s true but I’m not seeing it


So if dark skin is a problem, I assume that black clothing would be a much larger problem. After all, how much skin do people usually show?
I think the problem is in contrast, so presumably an all-black figure standing against a white background, like a snowy road, would be easier to see than an all-white figure. Likewise, a darker figure might be harder to see against a background that's more mixed, like a person standing against a treeline or busy street. It's not a case of not being able to see black people in particular, just differentiating darkness from the background darkness.

The article doesn't seem to mention how much poorer the results were? Was it that the cars hit darker people more often or just braked half a second slower versus a lighter person? It says there was a 5% accuracy drop against darker people, but not how that translates to real world results.

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Biased Self-Driving Cars
We already knew that some facial recognition systems struggle to accurately identify people with darker skin.
Now we know that many of the artificially intelligent systems designed to help autonomous cars navigate roads have the same problem — and the result could disproportionately endanger pedestrians with darker skin, a troubling sign of how AI can inadvertently reproduce prejudices from the wider world.
It’s almost as if they just shouldn’t do it.

The old joke about a black man at a crosswalk became reality.

Anyway, those AI cars are supposed to use all kinds of sensors to avoid collisions, not just 2D image recognition. LIDAR doesn't care about skin color.

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