Self White Guilt Rating - If you wear Sketchers or Reebox.

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The other day in a used cell phone store, the clerk did not let the gentleman in front of me in line (who was sagging his pantaloons) hold a used Samsung S20 in his hands for inspection. After he left the store, I walked up to the counter and asked to hold the same phone and the same clerk set it on the counter for me to pick up and handle freely. I assume I was allowed to hold the phone because I wore my pants at the the proper height indicated in the instructions. Coincidentally I left the store at 1300 hours and 52 seconds.
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2ish if I am being uncharitable to myself; Of course, the fact my ancestors have only been considered "White-White" instead of "....White" for the past 70 years or so kind of makes it a bit murkier.


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0 because most of my ancestors were still in Europe in 1865. 🇸🇪🇳🇴 Why should I feel bad about something out of my control like being pasty? I can control the way I treat others.

I don’t call the popo on blacks for my minding their own business.

After watching Jackass, seeing the current state of online discourse, and the current state of the far Left and those spoiled rich white pieces of crap that are part of it, I've got too much white guilt to adequately rate.