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World Senate intelligence panel agrees with US intel agencies that Russia intervened in 2016 election

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by CatParty, May 16, 2018.

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  1. https://apnews.com/155c60ad393b42a2953e71e5f12f304b

    The Senate intelligence committee says it agrees with a 2017 assessment by intelligence agencies that Russia intervened in the presidential election earlier to hurt the candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton and to help Donald Trump.

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said in a statement Wednesday that his staff has spent 14 months “reviewing the sources, tradecraft, and analytic work, and we see no reason to dispute the conclusions.”

    That’s in contrast to the House intelligence committee, which agreed with the majority of the report but said last month that the agencies “did not employ proper analytic tradecraft” while assessing Russian president Vladimir Putin’s intentions.

    Lawmakers on that committee said they agreed that Putin had wanted to hurt Clinton, but did not agree that meant he wanted to help Trump.
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    CatParty Boo
    True & Honest Fan

  2. So, if Russia hacked our election, shouldn't our gov start arming us to over throw the false demigod elected?

    I'll buy it when my local Nasty girls drop a Mk19 and plate carrier off.
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    True & Honest Fan

  3. Yeah I can imagine the world powers that be want Hillary to shut her flaps, regardless of who else is affected...

    True & Honest Fan

  4. Can they do it again next time?
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    Testaclese Maximus

    Testaclese Maximus thoughts are getting darker by the day
    True & Honest Fan

  5. So how exactly did they hack the election?

    Facebook posts and shitty articles, or something?
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    Derp Potato

    Derp Potato Just a Spud doing spud things

  6. Until I see evidence for something worse, I'm going to assume the "hacking" took the form of bored teenagers shitposting on Facebook.
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    Coconut Gun

    Coconut Gun He's the gun member of the coconut crew

  7. What is this, the Montreal Screwjob of politics. Hilary screwed Hilary. Until the Dems get I this trough their heads, they can't progress.
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    tehpope privacytools.io | prism-break.org

  8. Great. Now the left needs to demonstrate how many voters were convinced by shitposts on Facebook to vote for Trump instead of Hillary and that no other force on earth could have caused them to change their mind. Easy.
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  9. Let's start an investigation into how many times Russia has done this before, especially when it was communist. How about other countries, like China hacking Romney's website to help Obama? It wouldn't take more than fourteen months to come to such pointless conclusions. Trump is literally HITLER and it was HER turn! Those are the ONLY reasons why this was ONLY an issue for the 2016 election.
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    CWCchange ǝƃuɐɥɔƆMƆ

  10. We did it bros! Drumpfo the Russian Puppet was exposed! So when are we swearing Goddess Empress Hillary in?
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    Trash Eater

    Trash Eater Keeper of the Ali Baba sword

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