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The only thing I can say was that I think it's really weird to do a video about perfume, and talk about the smells of them when you are sick/talking about being sick since your smell isn't going to be great.

I'm also not sure I believe all of them smell great after so long, perfumes do have a shelf life.
Who the hell wears perfume when they're sick? At worst it would probably make you feel worse since you're inhaling synthetic, potentially irritating fragrance chemicals. And unless you're so sick you can't shower or have been puking you shouldn't smell bad when you're sick.
I kind of wonder if this is a peek into her mindset about her sensitivity to her own smell.


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Between the wax melts, the Air Wicks, and the sprays, she is constantly inhaling poisons. Also ingesting BPA's on all the plastic from which she eats. Marker fumes too from all that time spent coloring.

Little late, but I looked up that pizza place they went to in the "I'm Married" video and surprise surprise, it's a pizza buffet, Gatti's Pizza, cuz Amber loves a salad bar, y'all.


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Dissertation Topic: Lolcows
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I don't understand what this is supposed to be. It's not journaling. I thought it was scrapbooking but there's no real pictures. I guess it's collage-ing? But even then it's not good. There's no theme (although I guess she's say the theme is 'her') and not enough layering to really make it a collage.
Collages are pretty basic so if she had any original ideas and a smidge of artistic sense she could make something kinda neat and maybe frame worthy but this is more half-assed third grade art project.

There's nothing wrong with mindless art projects or messing around, but more so for people who actually have responsibilities and need some mindless time.


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Not that I believe anyone is legitimately asking for this sort of video, but if anyone is, they need a slap. The like to dislike bar is hilarious, but the fact anyone at all likes this shitty perfume video is beyond my understanding. Does she honestly think it's an interesting topic?

Even Amy Slaton makes more of an effort with her channel. Don't get me wrong...I know her videos are poorly made and her content is shit, but she at least attempts to offer variety.

Jesus FUCKING christ is this girl perpetually an emo middle schooler? I know people have speculated that she's had high school mentality, but it's much worse than that... this is just childish. She's gone beyond high school... it's 7th and 8th grade crap. I would think I may have made a dumb collage like this when I was 12 when I was pissed off at my parents and trying to be edgy, but not when I was a near 30 year old. I am just surprised. Should I be? Probably not.

EDIT: Umm, it was supposed to show the screenshot of her "serial killer" collage. No idea why it didn't work... sorry. Still new to this forum.
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Ever since she moved into the Gay Kentucky Big Brother house, she's constantly coloring, "journaling" (aka cutting out random words from Teen Beat magazine) and eating. I'd slit my wrists with boredom after an hour in that house. Does she have NOTHING better to do in Kentucky? Her life is so lacking in purpose. It would make me sad if it she wasn't such a lying, juvenile, bitchy, slovenly bag of dirt.

Also: anyone notice the "Freaky Friday" movie clip on that journaling snap? I liked that movie too.. when it was released.. 14 years ago.. when I was 14 years old..

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So she had PAC? Not serious in itself, and is very common in people over 50. But it's considered a precursor/risk factor for atrial fibrillation, and that is serious. It could lead to stroke or heart attack. Her hypertension may end up playing into that. Her diet hasn't changed so you know it hasn't gone away.

Obesity is a known cardiovascular risk factor and it increases the risk of cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. The fact that she had any cardiac symptom at 26, even a common one, should concern her as a warning sign that her game is about to come to an end.

I'm really surprised she can sleep without a cPAP machine. She probably needs one, and not having it is the cause of her odd sleeping hours. The pressure on her heart and lungs is immense.

It'd be interesting to go back through her hospital videos and see what has been said to her that she ignored or twisted, but I can't stand her long enough to do it. We've been focused on diabetes but there is a lot else that could go wrong and she has probably gotten these little warnings and ignored them.

Bottom line: she is not a healthy girl. She seemed happy about her health in that video, so I'm assuming she has no concept all her organs are struggling. "Swollen feet" and lymphedema, hypertension, plus PAC, a warning sign that heart trouble or even sudden cardiac death could come. She probably has liver problems, kidney..

I just do not want to hear about any colon issues. *splash*

Agreed - the symptoms she described are very reminiscent to AFIB and HEART FAILURE.

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