Sergals and the Community of Screaming Bunnyplanes - A community revolving around bunny plane edgelords emerging from Japan (Not a John Furrman Halal)

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There are many factions in the furry fandom, all chock full of drama, autism, degeneracy, you name it they wanked to it. Now of course being as degenerate as furries are, their appeal has been well established in Japan, best known for such things as sushi, anime, waifus, tentacles, and war mongering anorexic fluffballs from another planet.

Because of the topic, this is going to be a long ass fucking post. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible without dropping details, but I would like to at least make an index in case I can't contain EVERY SINGLE THING in this one post.
It's going to be a long night.


So let's start with the creator. Trancy Mick is the creator of many races in her little navaverse sergal world, ranging from the most obvious, to little birds, to weird goat people, etc. She has different works and creations, but she's ultimately known for the Vilous lore and canon, the latter which is elaborated upon later.

Her drama isn't well known as she either talks in broken english or merely talks through the Vilous team she established as a conduit between the western audience and herself. Ultimately very little can be assumed about her as well, since unlike Telephone Trancy doesn't have much of a drama streak, nor does she need to as the community does it for her. If anyone brings up something entertaining I will be sure to add it, but for now let's get into the sergal race and their infamy.


Everyone here probably knows what a sergal is. Them big raptor/shark/dog/fox/insert animal things with tongues for clit hoods, because "lol japan". Anyone outside the community generally ignores backstory and instead just whips out dicks (or flamethrowers, depending on your taste) in response to seeing one of these creatures.

Their history began essentially as a manga written by Trancy, a story about some planet where you got the edgy as fuck northern tribes led by a literal rape meme, Rain Silves.

You probably heard of "Rain lieks 2 raep xd" if you were around during the old 4chan eras, and frankly it's not an exaggeration. There are many written stories and established "canons" of how Rain murder rapes practically everyone. Whether or not it's some deranged fantasy of Trancy's or it's just for dramatic effect is yet to be seen.

Eventually the sergal meme was thrown out of the chans due to the obvious fact that it is still a furry. After this, the sergal phenomenon died down a bit, retreating to furaffinity and pixiv. It didn't die off however, as it quickly gained momentum over the years and established what I like to call the most cannibalistic community I have ever witnessed in my time. The majority of it was contained within the community. It did leak out, only to be dismissed because no one fucking cares.

Instead the war told in the stories were emulated within sergal cliques, a war that no one ever wins: canon spergals vs. murrgals.

FireShot Capture 028 - murrgal .png
The community of sergals was always a fragile one. Of course when furries are involved, drama follows, and there became into existence a schism. On one side were the canon spergals, ones that demanded canon accuracy as dutch angel dragons do, for every aspect of any sergal they come across. This included personality, stature, and other things that most people glaze over. Not considering the canon's changes over the years, canon spergals will go out of their way to shit on other sergals who do not fit their standard. Double that with the very true fact that sergal players are brooding 30 year old men who act as if they're 16 and want to cut themselves, most other furries will absolutely ostracize sergals, as they do with bronies.

On the other side, is the murrgals. The definition is pretty obvious, but for the sake of it, murrgals are sergals who ignore canon in preference for sexual content. A lot of sexual content. The term was coined (if I remember) by an FA user by the name of DoWantAnAccount, a femboy sergal who really likes taking it up the ass. Murrgals don't care about the canon, instead they prefer making their characters as "sexy" as possible for their own personal spank bank. In doing so, they are a little more accepted by other furfags for their big tits and horsecocks, but at the same time they earn the ire of the canon spergals because to the latter, murrgals are "ruining the sergals" so to speak.

Now when I said this was a war, I really mean there's more a one sided spergfest, where canon spergals will lose their shit at everything, including the murrgals who just want to jerk off to their 200$ porn. This situation is generally contained for the most part however, due to most mainstream furry sites frowning upon people shitting on art they don't like because of "muh canon."

Gee, I been talking a lot about canon, I should probably get to that...

In the course of a few years, sergals have had their canon changed, edited, amended, and other such things that one would expect from a creator attempting to take control of her species' overbearing popularity. Of course this was a double edged sword. On one hand, the canon spergals had to completely change their own characters every time to match the new canon that emerged. On the other, they had new ammo to go after sergals that didn't fit new age canon, citing that their god Mick has spoken, and any sergal that refused to change would be labeled as the dreaded "murrgal".

The full change history had been cited in the previous paragraph, but I would like to bring up some specific things mentioned about the shortest lived canon that lasted from 2009-2012. During this time, sergals were made to more appeal to the larger furry community, including butt feathers and tits. The latter brought sergals so much popularity to the point where it was nauseating to Trancy, and at that point she changed it back to the old canon, with minor details that would make one confused as to why the idea was brought up in the first place.

Along with the new NEW canon, Trancy began gripping tighter on the ruleset for canonicity for sergals, such as restricting eye color, fur color, etc. (If I can find image for reference I'll add them for clarity). This obviously caused a lot of problems, as most sergals (as most furries) realy fucking enjoy making their colors all wild and shit, and due to this calamity the canon spergs went on a rampage and tried determining whether or not their donut steel was canon or not.

Oh, and for the sake of it, let's address the other races:
  • Nevreans
They used to be gryphons or something, but the new age canon turned them into frail little bird cucks.
  • Agudners
Goat people. No one cares about them.
  • Talaxyians
This race is surprisingly the one with the biggest change.
For an abridged idea, take cat people, then turn them into this:
Then discard them because robot hermaphrodite ferals are just bad. Absolutely bad. Holy shit.
Points of Interest

A 25-year-old Omaha man has been arrested for a second time in an Internet sex sting.

The Nebraska State Patrol's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit arrested Joshua Barney on Tuesday for Sexual Assault; use of a computer (Online Enticement) and Enticement by Electronic Communication Device.

Barney, of 1412 Carter Blvd, was arrested after he arranged to meet a Nebraska State Patrol investigator posing online as a female under the age of 16. He was taken into custody at the meeting place.

A search warrant was also served, resulting in the seizure of a computer and other related materials.

Joshua Barney, born on 1/28/1982, was convicted multiple times during his lifetime of numerous felonies involving sexual assault, enticement, and other such things. The most recent was a Class A felony, conviction 12/1/2008, where Joshua attempted to get a minor to engage in prostitution. His current address, name, face, date, and everything else you dox him with, is currently on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry, where his every move will be posted for all to see until he dies. Holy fucking shit this has been the wrong article for a year.

Why am I talking about some creep though, we're talking about spergals here. So instead of going into Joshua Barney's convictions, let me instead tell you about Siskmarek Namaruk.

Sisk is a transgender sergal who was falsely accused of soliciting online sex roleplay from a minor. In the Summer of 2008, she met a 16 year old girl in a chatroom, where the girl attempted to yiff the everloving shit out of Sisk. Sisk was able to resist the urge to diddle the girl over the internet, and yet she was arrested illegally, abused in prison, and thrown away.

Sisk is a loving and caring woman who dindu nuffin. Please give us money. #saveoursisk :c


So we all seen what happens when a furry kills himself after he gets busted for CP. Furries have a strange tendency to defend anyone to the fucking death, in the pursuit of covering up their horrid degeneracy, and the sergals are no exception. When the news of Sisk's arrest came to light, a small group went up in arms about it on twitter, starting the hashtag #saveoursisk and a fundraiser to help pay for "legal fees and a good lawyer." The people involved worked on bringing up a website,

The website details one hell of a skewed view of the story, including listing the funnily named "Human Rights Violations" on one of the pages, along with many complaints that Sisk claimed, up to and including rape. Yes Sisk is claiming he was raped in jail, for having titties (don't forget he's a troon.) The site also includes a PDF containing the court record where he waives his right to a trial, pleading guilty.

While Sisk was busy getting the shit beat out of him for diddling kids, his Twitter was taken over by the #Justice4Sisk team, who posted a fuckshitton of whining about all the injustices to Sisk while he was awaiting trial and onward, as Sisk herself is effectively BANNED from all of the internet as per his probation. Nowadays it just retweets shit, and all of the coverage that can be found immediate is on the save our sisk website itself.

Everything about the whole scenario is more or less what I can only assume is what happens when one fails to become an hero before they actually get arrested. From the time of Joshua Barney's arrest and conviction to today, over the span of ten years one group had been flailing about rather without any form of deeper look into the actual situation, and instead furries flocked to his rescue. The kind of hivemind that was witnessed was for the most part unchallenged, and honestly the reason was mostly due to sergal communities being very hush hush about their activities. Until now that is.

Tune in when my heart rate stops being over 90 where I detail one such closed community, and because surprises suck I'm just gonna go out and say it's the Vilous International Sergal Collective. Or whatever they're named now.

Points of Interest:

The International Sergal Collective
I'm going to preface this with a warning.

We at KiwiFarms consider pozzing negholes a bannable offense. Everyone knows the rule but we tend to sometimes, occasionally, do it anyway. People only get away with it because they're not stupid and do it under a pseudonym that can't be traced back to them. Some do actually get busted, and we all know what happens. Especially @Ntwadumela.

That being said, sergal communities are volatile and extremely prone to losing their collective shits at the same time over anything and everything. I highly anticipate during the writing of these last sections, the reaction to this thread will be nuclear, but it'll definitely funny if it happens. In the meantime, it is very fucking important to not engage with these people. Watch from a distance. Engaging with the communities mentioned after this will guarantee you getting absolutely fucked in the face in all directions, and you will gain nothing from it. I know it may be tempting to some, but the amount of pozzing you will endure will make any sort of effort meaningless.

With that out of the way, let us begin. :suffering:

First, let us begin with a more lucrative discord server. The Vilous International Sergal Collective is a discord server run by Kaho Aoki, a Finnish furfag with a penchant for kids and weird drama. His discord is run under a vetting system that is designed to prevent any sort of trolls or dissidents. What is the vetting system you ask?

You have to be a Vilous species.

Yep, that's pretty much it. You give your FA, twitter, what have you, get a vetting status, and then you get to see every little bit of their discord.

Now beyond that, I imagine you'd find the typical autism that anyone would find in any furry server, such as underage flirting, talk about fetishes, discussing canon, or what have you. Under normal circumstances such as these this would be a boring as fuck section and I would've never bothered to write it.

Unfortunately there was a day that will live in infamy for TISC, as during one of the usual bouts of "I want to kill myself" by a user named Shadow, there was a leak. A thread was posted onto /trash/, posts of logs upon logs of the kid acting like a massive sperg in the general chat. The thread, along with the logs, are gone as far as I know, however that isn't what makes this notable.

As I said before, sergals are volatile as a community. When the news of the leak struck, the Cursed Wave struck.



Things only got worse when it was discovered that a user by the name of Raptoral was being coerced to draw NSFW art while being 16 at the time. He had multiple drawings he himself made of humping other users, namely a black man named Riku.


While this went on, there were more posts that the TISC members were dropping, including dildos, a potato holding a rifle, and selfies all around.

photo_2017-07-11_16-41-54 (2).jpg

And of course the shitstorm happened again.

Now what has become of TISC? I honestly have no idea. Some say it still lives on to this day, mucking about in its own shit with underage porn artists and cub loving. In order to find out, one would have to dive into the server themselves, but I am sure no one here is that stupid. :jacepout: Until someone is however, we only have these relics of the past to guide us, protecting us from the extreme autism that not even normal furfags can handle.

Tune in next time when I talk about MerpCrew, a group on telegram solely existing to stroke the ego of the owner.

Oh, and Kaho was into cubs.


I have had a bit of trouble archiving Kaho's FA, due to his settings preventing guest viewing. In lieu of this, I have attached a full snapshot. Furthermore, his original account, is a dead, but I'll cap this one for completeness.


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TITS makes it Canon Inaccurate. Ask Unknown_Primarch, he sperged on AltYiff over this one image posted by Yiffler. He even tried to convert the yiffers to become canonists; ultimately, he received "TITS or GTFO" in response. With this in mind, the Canonists have proven themselves to be bigger lolcows than the Spergal Yifftards. Either ways, this species have been utterly exploited either for autistic or sexual purposes, the question is which one is worse?

A) Autistic Canon Accuracy
B) Sexualized Sergals with breasts
C) Furzi Sergals

Cuddly, you forgot to mention how the Sergal species got derailed from the rapist species meme to become the perfect species candidate for uber master species fashy memes. I'm curious about the rise of sergals in "fascist-oriented" furry groups. Furthermore, I was informed that certain canonists also believe that Northern Sergals are racially superior to Southern Sergals; they praise General Rain Silves as if she was the Hitler of the Northern Sergal race. I find it disappointing that the racial categorization of this species is based on cardinal directions. I think there are four races: North [General Rain Silves' race], South [smaller subfaggot sergals but with higher IQ], East and West [both are mixed races].

In a multispecies universe like Mick's fantasy world or the furfag fandom itself, Sergals are depicted as master species, but within that species, the Northerns like act they are the superior race.

Also race =/= species, they are different taxonomical categories.

But then again, I cannot really criticize Mick about her racial categorization of the sergal species, when in reality we humans racially categorize ourselves based on geological locations. In example, Homo is the Genus, Sapiens is the Species, and Caucasoid(white or light tanned)/Africanoid(Blacks)/Australoid(Australian Aboriginals)/Mongoloid (North-Eastern Asians e.g. Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Mongols) are races.

Genus: Homo
Species: Sapiens
Race: Caucasoid

Homo Sapiens are the main reason why Homo Neanderthals, another humanoid species, went extinct due to hunting competition for foods and of course miscegenation!

Since Sergals do not exist, but in art form they are anthropomorphic, so let's pretend the Genus is Anthropomorphus [Latinization of Greek words], and let's also give a Latin sound to the sergal words, just for fun:

Anthropomorphus Sergalius Borealis [Borealis is North in Latin]

Genus: Anthrpomorphus
Species: Sergalius
Race: Borealis

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i used to talk to a bunch of sergal guys back in the day. there's a thread on him actually, but basically this cunt klace (link to his thread here) made this visual novel called "major;minor". he included this rainbow sergal vomit monstrosity (pic related) and well, it turns out in typical furry fashion he didn't ask for "permission" to use the sergal character. the sergal crew got pissed and insisted he pay royalties or some dumb shit and he told them to go fuck themselves. i think i remember something about trancy mick not even properly registering the sergal design or something because all the sergal dudes i saw on FA/etc were screaming about suing him, followed shortly by "lol oh shit she didn't protect her copyright so she can't sue". maybe i'm remembering that part wrong but someone who gives more of a shit like @John Furrman can fill in what i dont care to remember about furry trash throwing shit at eachother from continents away LMAO


a quick google search tells me that this has all blown over though and klace has apologized for trolling sergalfags immensely and paid royalties as he was asked, so that's lame and uninteresting.

and here's an archive
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Fashy Spergals bring lot of sperging in the sergal community. Guess which sergal group gets offended by Furzi Sergal images.


Yifftards want to be dommed by Sergals


What gamers think about Sergals.


Canonist are obviously the ones who take Furzi Sergals politically serious. They even tell their followers and watchers to "EDUCATE" themselves about Sergals.

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I used to be around when the sisk shit went down. Throw random shit at me, I'm trying to remember. There's some strange, inconsistent quotes involving them and I think there was something involving... like, boyfriends and having them but then not having them or some shit.

I think I remember their pronouns changing between male and female a lot.


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I don't know what it is but sergals, for some reason, they seem to draw in the weirdest types of people. And holy shit do they screech when you stray away from the cannon, like putting tits on a sergal. Hell the only sub species community I can think of that freaks out this bad about non cannon guidelines and shit are those Dutch angel dragon, fuckers.

scared sheep

fluffy sheep
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Somehow I managed to avoid all this autism while I was observing and in my time in the fandom. Kinda wish I knew how spergy these people got, it seems entertaining!
I'm kinda glad I missed out on it, these things look terrifying.

That being said, this fandom is creepy as hell.



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the sergal community used to be the 4chan "LOL RAPE!!" types. it was so bad to the point that sergals in second life legit had a reputation for being really rapey and creepy.
Don't they still? That also prevailed on Twitter though it seems the cliquey lefty sergal types did report and get banned all the right wing and edgelords sergals, as if that's much of an improvement.


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Don't they still? That also prevailed on Twitter though it seems the cliquey lefty sergal types did report and get banned all the right wing and edgelords sergals, as if that's much of an improvement.
Pick your poison, I guess.

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