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Jun 25, 2020
I got the sense that most of them wanted a sense of community or a meaningful life.
Most of modernity is based on rejecting the notion of Humans being Animals and having Instinct, which IMO is why we can't get honest answers on anything, god forbid we get some and notice connections between theory and practice which would "dehumanize" some groups.

Fortunately, while we get lied to our elites are taught the truth from ancient times so they can manipulate us more easily by playing our instincts like a fiddle, all the while we believe them because they look, sound and feel like us but they know better. I harbor zero hatred for a butcher that does neovagina/neophallo-plasties, they are the smart ones, ones that don't deny reality but rather use it for their benefit at the expense of people who desperately want to belong because they're told all their life they do need to belong to fucking something.

Hermits had the right idea.

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Dec 27, 2020
I don't know how many downvotes are gonna start pouring in. I just wanted to state two things...

Our community is filled with exceptional standards and childhood trauma all mixed up. It really brings up all the insecurities to the surface. Now, a proper relationship and encompassing love from a partner is gonna fight all these insecurities away. What if it's one insecurity that's never gonna go away no matter the amount of love offered? Some gay guys may feel as if they're never gonna offer what a woman can offer to a bi man, despite offering all the love they can and they may prefer not to live with that constant nagging at the back of their mind. Would we say that's jealousy?

No matter where we are from, having a committed heterosexual relationship is gonna be easier (in a social aspect) than a committed same-sex relationship. What if some gay guys feel as if someday their possible bi partner might be willing to form a socially well tolerated relationship with a woman and he might not even have to fake it considering his attraction towards women? Would we say that's jealousy?

I know both of these aren't good enough to be aversed to/hate Bi guys because at the end of the day, they will have committed relationships with Men if they love their partner. Love rises beyond simple attractions. But it's also not good to pool all Biphobia under the rug by saying it's all because of jealousy. The chances of being jealous over someone in a loving relationship is way higher than being jealous over someone who can be attracted by both genders.

P.S. The question was directed to Bi Guys and about their experiences with Gay guys. Why did you not raise this question on a Exclusive Bi Subreddit? It just brings unnecessary trauma and fights to ask this here instead

Would any of you pure homosexuals have a relationship with a bisexuals? Personally, I wouldn't date a bisexual because that would be asking for heart ache. I know its self loathing, but there are no pluses to being in a gay relationship. Also I would feel even more self-loathing if I was left for a woman. I wouldn't hate the couple. I would try to my best to be happy for them.

On one level, I hate how sex or sexuality is tied to one's sense of masculinity. If to be a man or to achieve manhood was to sire children and have copulation with women than I failed. I really don't know I feel about it. One thing I liked about reading about homosexuality in the past is that most people reach some type of conclusion. Either they gone on to live a heterosexual lifestyle, lived a double life, or disappeared into the twilight world of Sodom.

I would take the third option, but the world of light and Sodom have merged into one with social media added in. How to disappear when gay culture isn't the underground world of Proust and Gide? When the very symbols and nuance has been lost to time? What does one do? If an alienated teenage girl can go into the twilight word and LARP as a gay man than that haven is gone. The presence of the teenage girl means that space is just hallow and a commodity to be sold to the masses.

I like reading about homosexuality in the late 19th century and 20th century, because those people were able to forge something. They were able to transform their feelings into art. Art or made an art out of living. How can someone do that now when it feels like culture has collapsed into one big hellscape?

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May 12, 2015
Would any of you pure homosexuals have a relationship with a bisexuals?
Absolutely I would date a bi dude. If he left me for a woman, there's probably a good chance he'd leave me for another guy as well. I don't have that paranoia that a lot of people do surrounding bisexuality. If the relationship is solid, there's no reason for me to be anxious.

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Dec 27, 2020
Absolutely I would date a bi dude. If he left me for a woman, there's probably a good chance he'd leave me for another guy as well. I don't have that paranoia that a lot of people do surrounding bisexuality. If the relationship is solid, there's no reason for me to be anxious.

Part of me would grieve if I dated a bisexual. Our relationship would deny him the right to have a normal life and children. Life is complicated enough with making it more of mess. I don't mind anti-gay sentiments. I respect that's apart of being in society. But some people can't handle the pressure of being in a same-sex relationship and the consequences of it.

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Dec 27, 2020
I decided to move the quote because I don't want to derail the topic of the other one. Also, I know I won't change your mind or opinion.

Or better yet, for those who want to help build a better culture in marriage with women and children.

That is up to the individual. I known and heard of same sex attracted men who done the second option.

In the closet, with their gay lover. Gedogenbeleid.
But isn't that just living on the largesse on society's goodwill? Goodwill that can change at anytime. Why would anyone want to live as a vistor in someone else's house? You can make the argument that gays are living in someone else's house(past & future).

So they wasted their most bankable years not getting married and are now closing to the wall, or have just past it (officially at 30, but in practise somewhere between 25 and 35 depending on genetics).

Not sure what n count you consider "low". To me that is n=1-3. But I'm assuming you mean 4-6?

Best way to go about it is to lower standards in how sexy they find a guy (one of the tragedies for women is that every new partner is likely to be less attractive than the last, due to youth and its fertility markers being prime selective pressures) and increase standards with how serious the guy is (even if that is a turnoff, and it usually is for women).

They should be going to places where they meet men. Dance classes, bookgroups, ultimate frisbee, church group. Basicly anything with mixed genders that fits with their own personality. Then they should have fun, make sure to look good going there and if they like a guy, not be afraid to move things along. But when going on dates, make some effort at finding how serious he is. Making some moves is a risky strategy for women, as it allows men who would not date them seriously to take advantage of them (I know I have), but it can help them land good men who are less players (aren't used to hitting on women and therefor; more likely to commit).

Birth control has put a competitive pressure on women to engage in sexual activities (or lose the guy to someone who does). But birth control does not eliminate all the risks (broken heart, pairbonding capacity).

One of the biggest problems for women these days is inflated self-perceived value. Whether the amount of responses they get on dating apps, or the amount of men giving them attention (for sex, not long term relationship). But also because all of their experiences are based on how young she was yesterday, yesteryear etcetera.

Look at someone like leonardo dicaprio who has all the choice in the world. Every girlfriend has been drop dead gorgeous. And everyone got dumped when they passed the age of 24.

There are about 8 women out there who have tasted the best of the best; but afterwards they have to settle for someone less than dicaprio. And less than if they had gone for someone lesser that they could lock down, because now they're 26, 28, 30.

This kind of mistake is made by women across the board.

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Jun 5, 2020
This is more on the T side, but why is it that there's a severe lack in solidarity between transmen and transwomen in online spaces in particular whenever anyone prods the "I've experienced misogyny" point? In experiences I've seen a lot of transwomen get outright fucking pissed if people insinuate transmen experience it, even though logically they would deal with it if society clocks a transman as a woman and treats the guy as such. It's a scism I don't really understand, and while a lot of vocal online MtFs are textbook troon coomers, I feel dismissive chalking the hostility down to Based FtMs actually know what misogyny is and troons screech like harpies at real women talking about their feelings, etc, because there had to be at least ONE not-coomer MtF who has a horse in that race and can explain it, right...?

I dunno man, trans tumblr- and twitterites are hard to comprehend through observation with constant definition changing and goalpost moving with terms like transmisogyny and shit. I just wanna know what the deal is.

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Sep 11, 2021
The idea of engaging in sex physically repulses me, due to the swap of bodily fluids (I think this has to do with my OCD). I have an extremely low libido and only want to have romantic, platonic relationships with women. Somehow I find hermaphrodites and other "androgynous" things hot- and because of how poorly the porn industry treats the people forced to go into it I only try to consume audio or drawn pr0n. IDK WTF I am- can one of you faggots please tell me on a scale of 1 to faggot how gay I am?

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Jan 14, 2019
The idea of engaging in sex physically repulses me, due to the swap of bodily fluids (I think this has to do with my OCD). I have an extremely low libido and only want to have romantic, platonic relationships with women. Somehow I find hermaphrodites and other "androgynous" things hot- and because of how poorly the porn industry treats the people forced to go into it I only try to consume audio or drawn pr0n. IDK WTF I am- can one of you faggots please tell me on a scale of 1 to faggot how gay I am?

Tumblr wokearati might call you asexual. I'd still call you a lesbian or bisexual if you're a woman interested in romance with women. If you're a guy, I'd probably still call you heterosexual.

Some people just don't have much, if any, of a sex drive but still desire intimacy that's not necessarily physical.

I'm hesitant to comment on the other stuff because that might be one more for the shrinks. I think part of the appeal with drawn porn is that it can scratch itches that aren't really possible to awaken or act upon in reality, but at the same time doesn't translate well into reality. Even the best presented ladyboy online who looks great IRL will still show signs of contouring, bodysuits or surgery etc they wouldn't in online filtered or drawn media and potentially might not spark the same reaction.

Androgeny is often almost exclusively associated with youth, one of the main factors animals are programmed to prize in a mate so there is the potential it could be something of that in why it's attractive too.

You're 11/10 on the fag o meter just for posting here.


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Sep 30, 2018

Would any of you pure homosexuals have a relationship with a bisexuals? ?
Let me preface this by saying I'm sure there are plenty of bisexuals out there who would be perfectly happy in same sex relationships. However, I've been left for men and even straight up cheated on more than once, and I will never touch another bisexual with a 10 foot pole.
I see bisexuals call themselves gay/lesbian despite liking both sexes (including one of the people I dated) which makes things worse.
I'm guessing bc it gives them more attention or something.

But Those thoughts would always be in the back of my mind and I don't care if it makes me sound weak, but I just can't go through that shit again.

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Sep 27, 2019
Yep. I can be friends with bi people, but I have a really hard time feeling like I’d want to get in a relationship with a bi guy again. I’m sure there are lots of good ones out there looking for a stable relationship yada yada but damned if I’ve ever found one. Most of the ones I’ve found are just promiscuous whores

Of course, the same could be said for a lot of gay dudes, which leaves ones like me actually looking for something long term and not a fuck buddy out in the cold. *shrugs* sucks but that’s life

Apr 6, 2021
I find bisexuals have a hard time sticking to one person or gender. Everything catches their eye and being locked down to one person and one set of genitals is just too much for them. Its not a problem if your in an open relationship and don't mind them stepping off the reserve once in a while, but the risk of pregnancy when they engage in heterosexual sex is a serious threat to your relationship so its generally a good idea to make sure they only swing with same sex, never opposite sex.


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Mar 15, 2016
The thing with being in a relationship with a bi dude would be he's still interested in women. So whereas I can relate to what my husband finds attractive, if I was in a relationship with a bi guy, he'd be ogling some chick's tits and I'd be nonplussed. And that would inevitably create tension, because tits do nothing for me.
Oct 10, 2021
New on the forum, my sincere apologies if I'm too retarded to understand where to post this.

My University class social media group has an obsession over LGBT and politics. Asking everyone if they are LGBT (and leftie), and if they are, they are automatically their friends. If they are not, they show clear disappointment and will not befriend them or include them in the discussions.

Several evenings were spent debating over those matters, though it looked more like an echo chamber than a debate, since the ones disagreeing with them were pushed out of the conversation, or belittled and told, ”Shh, don't talk, we'll help you become one of us”. I understand it's very likely to be a joke, but they do look very disappointed and even upset when someone doesn't follow their points of view and isn't LGBT/leftie/communist, and they are completely unable to hold a conversation with someone not thinking exactly like they do. They get offended very easily, and a little sentence stating your innocent opinion that doesn't go their way gets rewarded with very heated 1000+ word essays.

I thought this kind of behaviour was mostly seen in English-speaking/American teenagers on tumblr and tik tok and other dark online places (a part of my free time is spent playing browser games, I spare you the amount of degeneracy I see over there), but many of the students in my University class social media group are above twenty years old and though my European country often tries to imitate whatever the fuck is going on in the US, I didn't expect them to be so deep into that eternal quest for oppression and wokeism.

I used to have a neutral/positive view of LGBT people when I was younger, but it's been a few years that I'm getting very negative about them. The time I spend online doesn't help, since many degenerates gather in the same safe places where thinking slightly differently makes you the enemy.

Where does that come from? I thought it was a mere matter of being accepted and ”validated” in a community with people like them, or building a (very shallow) personality on their sexual and gender identity when they had nothing else for themselves, but now that they're older than twenty years old and have developed other interests and personality traits, why do they stay neck-deep into that?

LGBT people who are not obsessed over identity politics seem rarer and rarer to come across. I've read that even they get called homophobic/transphobic despite being gay/bi/trans themselves. I guess many of them prefer to be quiet over their part of themselves and would rather be seen as cis and straight people ignorant about LGBT issues. I may be in this situation myself. It seems being uninterested in sex and love is enough to be considered LGBT (the so-called ”aro-ace” identity). I don't agree with that, but I let people tell me I'm LGBT just for that reason now: they get quite offended that you don't consider ”aro-ace” people inherently LGBT, and apparently you're not allowed to decide for yourself if you're part of LGBT or not.

I've also seen several times the use of the Norse god Loki as an evidence that gender fluidity is real and valid, and that ancient Norse civilisation had therefore a broader understanding of the concept of gender. I was surprised to realise that it was an affirmation commonly accepted even by people identifying as Norse pagans. But it definitely doesn't make sense to me. LGBT people seem to want to see other LGBT people everywhere. While talking about that with a guy (born female, and convinced that transsexualism is a medical pathology, a view that I totally share since it makes the more sense to me), he told me that a well-known trans woman activist was actually a gay cis man doing drag queen for the lolz of it, but LGBT people were unable of accepting that reality and were forcing the trans woman label on him and not respecting his actual identity. And the guy has been dead for several years, which makes it even worse to me. It quite shows how backwards the community is. At least, it's clear the most active ones are completely degenerated and they make it harder and harder for the average Steve to tolerate LGBT people.