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The Shadow

Talk to the Hand

I mean I hate muse, but that seems pretty obvious they were being comedic with this video.
Yeah, if you want a Muse song that makes you laugh for its forced, overwrought attempts at being generically anthemic/rebellious mid tempo rock I'd go with that "They will not force us" one that my local alt rock station had a hard on for a few years back.


They climbed aboard their silver ghost

How the fuck have we gotten this far without mentioning this masterpiece?

However the part that makes me die isn't the opening implication that dionsaurs and humans lived together (though it is funny), but this part:

"Then the wolves, they came to steal the fire.
And the wolves,

It's like Bruce knew just
how ridiculous the lyrics was and sang it accordingly.

Autumnal Equinox

Let me in...
More the music video than the actual song, but Boat on the River by Styx. Song is supposedly about wanting to get away from the pressures of celebrity and return to a more tranquil and simplistic life. Tommy Shaw and Dennis DeYoung keep looking at each other like they want to fuck each other's brains out in the video. Makes me laugh with how odd it seems in contrast to the song.

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Have you ever been laying around, a little tipsy, watching a spider in your house and given it a name?

John Entwhistle knows those feels.

The Who can be a little weird sometimes anyway but this song used to scare me when I was little and now when I remember it exists and play it (usually because there's a spider on the ceiling) I crack up at the super deep "Booooooris the spider" and high pitched creepy-crawlies.


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