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I remember these two, the sex begging was a deep low. I caught a couple of their streams but it was pretty vacuous. I thought they were just burnt out, are they worthy of a thread?

That was a fake mental health break because they couldn't stand being asked about the fake rape apology and why victoria had to solo stream with a depressed angry alan occasionally stomping around in the background or moping on cam with his woobie

summary of the scams etc, there is more now but someone else will have it

fake rape apology

sex begging etc
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Dean Pentel

White, meek, totally non-threatening
No, for real, what the fuck is up with that crotch?

And I'm conflicted on this type of thing. One part of me truly wonders why anyone would ever actually 1) give a fuck about a few lazy ass photos of a scantily clad, average of averages looking woman with some dirty feet, and 2) actually pay for that. Another part of me says that if someone is that fucking dumb and that much of a simp, well, "a simp and his money are soon parted."

I think it actually says that in the Bible somewhere.

Burd Turglar

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Shit like this just boggles my mind. Yeah, folks used to eat this sorta stuff up pre internet when it was straight dime pieces in a magazine, the porn channel cost too much and showed up on the bill. Now though it makes no sense. How much y'all wanna bet she's turning tricks being a tasteful and respectable companion on the side as well?

Edit* throw enough whiskey down my gullet and I'd probably throw a lazy fuck her way

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