Servers will be migrated off of Linode

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Dec 29, 2014
Linode is far from the only cloud provider to have serious security incidents. However, they have no excuse for leaving their customers compromised and unaware of the situation for months. I wouldn't normally advocate changing providers over types of attacks that affect pretty much every organization, but they've made it clear that they don't have their security shit together. Godspeed, @Null.


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Dec 28, 2014

So Linode was hacked.

Following an entire month of sporadic downtime and three full days of consecutive downtime I've felt really bad for Linode, but now they've apparently been breached and have forced all users to change their password. This is a total failure. Combined with their pessimistic locking of my Infinity Development website, I cannot allow myself or my services to be subjected to this any longer. I'm not sure how I'm going to move gigabytes, if not terabytes, of data off 10 servers to a different host, but it will be done in the next month of two.

Current runner up is Digital Ocean.


This is far from the first giant security failure linode has had. Bitcoiners will remember the Bitcoinica fiasco. Needless to say, it was at least partly the users' own fault (lol you stored shit worth money in New Jersey) in that case, but security was piss poor. I'd thought they'd gotten their shit together since then but apparently not.

I'd just be seriously careful moving the site to a host where content like us is just going to be kicked off when some lolcows complain about us, which they will.

Or to a host small enough that the inevitable Farms-directed DDoS will actually force the host to kick us off to protect their other sites.

We have fairly ridiculous bandwidth demands for a pure forum site. At the same time, the site basically exists to piss people off.

A family-friendly ISP is not gonna want to put up with our shit. And a flat-out "bulletproof" ISP is going to be prohibitively expensive.

So good luck finding a cheapish site that won't throw our ass off after the first DDoS/lolsuit threat.

Another possible concern is that numerous threads, artcows in particular, present potential copyright/IP issues and could be a target for DMCA shit. Somewhere other than the United States isn't subject to DMCA shit. While it's the reasonable choice to be cautious about shit like that and delete at least pure original content by artists posted to threads when they complain, you want to be the one making that choice instead of your ISP.
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