Severly retarded people shouldn't be in public schools

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Boobie Bomb
Apr 13, 2020
I agree but i might also add that kids with mild mental conditions (Aspergers, ADHD, and others.) shouldn't be automatically sent to tard school/classrooms.
If they're outwardly disruptive constantly screeching fuckups, then the choice is present. But sending a kid that's just socially awkward or slow for studying to a place full of types the mental age of 3 month olds is contraproductive to these kid's development, and at worst it can blow away whatever potential to be normal these kids might have.
it's also bad if said retarded kid never talks once and are mute but their brains are the size of 0-year-olds in general. I had those too many in my School. I used to know a black chick that was so retarded she left after being in the private school for a week or two. Because her parents were worried she was gonna get bullied by someone. (Namely me) When she suggested if MLK Jr. was alive today he would be president. If only she knew he was a socialist also. Her tune would change fast. There should be a law in America to ban retarded people from our schools both public and private if they have signs of being mentally retarded even if some don't act this way. Fuck the "never leave your child behind" bill. I say let the US government pay bills for the retarded if they can't get any jobs once and never let them on the internet. I know a few people in real life that thankfully are not on the internet because they were raised during the Y2K era and stranger danger arc. And most are adults so even they know it's not safe to post online. I might get a phone call and get them on the video to see what their current thoughts are during the Trump era.


The good doctor.
True & Honest Fan
Dec 13, 2019
Agreed. Make the parents take care of their own mistakes or pay professionals to instead of offloading it on to the tax payer funded public school system.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

nWo 4 LyFe
True & Honest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
Unless more funding for public schools for the mentally deficient starts happening, there isn't much else that can be done.

It's either that or they hang out on A&N all day