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Want to be the coolest buck out of everypony? I've got just the toy for you!

Wear this, and you'll be sure to stand out at your next MLP convention meet-up.

When I found that image, I also found something much, much worse.

Buckle up, children; Uncle Nice is about to show you what man is capable of creating.

After you've put down your vibrator, your 14" realistic fisting dong, and your dignity, have you ever looked at your pet and thought, "am I bad owner for not giving my dog orgasms?"

The French decided to answer this question with a "yes," and started a company selling Hot Doll - the world's first (and only) sex toy for dogs.

For the low, low price of $225, you can buy your dog a toy that will make him as big of a degenerate as his owner.

Here's a video (available in spoken French only) showing off the product on a show.

I can only imagine what the future will hold if more companies decide to try their luck at this untapped market.

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Hit up the Bad Dragon forums. The only people buying their XL sizes are the same three employees battling for the loosest hole, as if the whole "giant insertion" art kink was meant to be real.
Have you ever seen a man put a cactus in his butt? No? What about their largest XL dragon dong?

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I think I recently seen that video or one like it, I think it became popular after it was requested. I guess as a "They'll make x for x fetish? well then i'm getting one too!"


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Mentioned this under furry drama but apparently baddragon isn't making any custom orders. It's all whatever they have in clearance bins in their Arizona bunker like offices or merch like shirts and lanyards.

So taking bets who thinks this will finally bankrupt them after ten plus years?

Edit; damn braved their twitter and it says they'll be back to maybe half capacity next month... The summer if 2020 is gonna one helluva one depending on how much things reopen


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There is an onahole reviewer called InfernalMonkey who's really good. He writes really funny reviews, and I love reading them even though I can't use an onahole and because he tests the products and has a pretty nice one down there too

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Have you ever seen a man put a cactus in his butt? No? What about their largest XL dragon dong?

Pretty sure the only reason they keep selling XL dildos is for funny-haha and the two staff who constantly try to outsize each other. Literally what is the appeal of a gaping hole so loose you'd literally need a fleshlight to feel something again after boning your partner?

Ive had my fleshlight for a few months now and honestly, it's gimmicky as hell. I know a lot of people collect them and shit, but honestly, compared to being able to alter and focus pressure with your hand alone, Id say get the cheaper and more discreet 'knuckleduster' type sleeve instead. Also infinitely easier to throw in the sink so you don't have to stare at yourself as you clean out a silicone vagina. :(

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Can anyone explain why people like using animal shaped dicks to fuck themselves? I mean, doesn't that just make you feel... gross? What is so great about knots? I just can't understand.
I find this interesting, in the same way I find a 600lb womans physics intriguing. Just not interesting enough to read up on animal genitals. Basically, what, why, how? There can't be any physical pleasure in animal dildos, knots or not, it has to be 100% fetish, either furry or zoophilia. At least realistic ones, I think I read that Bad Dragon does fantasy stuff, like dragons, so I assume there's more room for designing it for humans, when there's not reference. Anyway, I can't imagine we'd get an answer here, and I'm sure as hell not going to look up a subreddit to ask. You just know there's one, or twelve.