Careercow Sgt. Peter Allan: Sussex Hate Crime Sgt & Trans Equality AdvocateFace of the thought police in Britain, focuses on mean words while Britain burns

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by King n Yellow, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. This thread might go somewhere, it might not. For now it's an experiment.

    So over the past few hours I've been looking at the Sussex Police Dept. and their "hate crime and equality" force. There's a few gems in it but right now I want to focus on the most prominent one, Sgt. Peter Allan:
    As you can see, in the face of unchecked immigration, potentially 23,000 radical Islamists in Britain, unarmed police with inadequate training with terrorism, and rampant terror attacks, Sgt. Peter Allan of Sussex Police Dept. look past it all and focus on the REAL issues: Mean words and wrong opinions in the current year.

    Notice how many of these reports don't have a suspect or are considered "non-crimes".

    http://peterallan.tumblr.com/ (yes, you're reading that right, he has a tumblr)
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    King n Yellow

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  2. If you had presented me the tweets regarding his "investigations" without context, I'd have assumed they were satire...
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  3. It's things like this that made me not decide to move to the United Kingdom. The whole country is a shit hole.
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    Anonymus Fluhre

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  4. Dear Sargent Peter Allan,

    A member of your community has committed acts of terrorism and despite multiple reports your pitiful, limp-dick agency prefers to bust down doors in search of people speaking mean words on Twitter, much to the chagrin of your entire country.

    The children of Briton will speak Arabic and sport bushy beards. Your memory will be that of utter and complete incompetence.

    Neck yourself.
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  5. say that to him on twitter and see how he reacts when he cant arrest you
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    NIGGO KILLA They dont call me the "White Devil" for nuthing

  6. I call them faggots on Twitter all the time. They sometimes respond to American citizens about starting an investigation which can be responded to with "lol 1A"
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  7. This is why we deserve being massacred by mudslimes.
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  8. Trudeau managed to come to his senses when it came to immigration, fucking TRUDEAU! Why the hell can't the UK?
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    Anonymus Fluhre

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  9. The XY-files.
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  10. not enough chromosomes tbh
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  11. Shit, this exceptional constable may have too many chromosomes.
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  12. As a resident of East Sussex, I am so grateful that my taxes contribute to this absolutely necessary department of the force.
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  13. This guy definitely has potential. Let's wait for the next big British rape scandal to be sure.
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  14. This guy is symptomatic of UK policing and bureaucracy gone mad, but it hardly makes him a lolcow.
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  15. It's sad when those memes about British police busting down doors over mean tweets instead of arresting muslim child rapists and terrorists is 100% true to life.

    These days I find myself wondering what will happen to sniveling incompetents like this guy in the near future. Do he and other apologists like him really think the "asian" people they're white knighting are going to reward them with anything other than a brutal death?
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  16. If the Sussex hate crimes squad ever get their own "Cops" show, I'd recommend replacing "Bad Boys" as the theme song with this:

    It feels so right listening to that while reading Sgt Allan's tweets.
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  17. no surprise this guy is employed in next district over from Brighton; clearly Brighton is leaking

    given what Tesco is generally like, I'm surprised that wasn't just an empty shelf
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