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Snowflake sh0eonhead / June Lapinea poor man's boxxy (if boxxy looked like Sarah Silverman after 30 years of working in a brothel)

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Dynastia, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. Please post caps, we need actual content in here.
    Nah. It's fucking hilarious. If you're into pretending to be a five year old during sex, that's weird. But as soon as you sperg about it online, it's hilarious and should be seen to be believed.
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  2. I'm gonna try and give this thread a little boost, but I'm not scrolling thru years of this edgy girls life because I just don't care.

    There's probably some lulzy shit here, it's her Ask.fm. All I've noticed currently, is her saying she wasn't a sub until she got with Arabman and people should totally stop concerning themselves with their weird relationship dynamic because she's "happy".

    That Arab legit looks 15 years older than her

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  3. [​IMG]
    So this is a thing
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  4. One of the biggest signs of Autism is not understanding the concept of Sarcasm.

    So she's talking about shit that normies wouldn't talk about. We need tard cum, not catty bitches gossiping.
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  5. >Pedophillia as a side-kink

    Jesus Christ what the fuck.

    Is another sign of autism not understanding that you answered the same post with two separate ones?
    The threads in this section are not limited to lolcows, but DDLG is good to put in here.

    >Using 'normies' nonironically.
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  6. Why do I find it hard to believe she wasn't always into this.

    Off the top of my head, this is what I do know

    -Pulls/ed her hair out when anxious or stress, leaves her with bald patches

    -May have lived with parents until meeting Skeptic online(as in no job mentioned)

    -Had a Tumblr. Never used it. Was a semi-scene girl

    -Has this odd fixation with purposely being blocked by feminists.

    -Rumored to browse/use /pol/ and /b/

    What the hell with the "side kink"?
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  7. I take back what I said about her being funny and good. What the fuck.
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  8. So she's into kink? I swear I thought she said in a video once she was asexual.
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  9. She has Trichotillomania(hair pulling anxiety disorder) which requires her to wear wigs and her eyebrows are drawn on usually.

    Has an article on the Catie Wayne wiki


    Her kink-chart

    Kidding! (I'm not kidding)

    shoe00.png shoe01.png shoe02.png
    shoe05.png shoe06.png shoe07.png

    There is more, I remember when people were commenting on her stalking ArmoredSkeptic, and attempting to woo him through YT
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  10. I find it plausible. In college she was kind of chunky. Post graduation she basically lived a life of a shut in at her parents. Outside of online interaction, she probably did not spend enough time outdoors to obtain a relationship.

    And for any of you excessively exuberant thirsty jealous individuals, keep in mind that once you get her home and the wig comes off, you are looking at something like this.


    There is always a catch. And if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.
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  11. Found something interesting from her ask.fm:

    Also there's a cross between another cow Milo:
    I guess we're not the only one's thinking it's a scam?
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  12. Some autist spiraling around the Youtube Commentary community managed to fall for her obvious feminist parody account and "debunk" it.
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  13. Supposedly she's demisexual, a sexuality where you need an emotional connection with someone before you're attracted to them, and didn't experience sexual feelings until she met Skeptic.
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  14. Thread about "The Satiratician" when?
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  15. Here she is without makeup or a wig. http://ask.fm/shoe0nhead/answers/138477635062 . I'm guessing she's Italian.

    That diversion = super clever
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  16. She's asexual when a dude isn't coming in her mouth.
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  17. Girl/Boy? Looks like someone has a Shmorky hat fetish.
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  18. She's similar to Blair in her alt-right beliefs but she's nowhere near as good at Blair when it comes to making counter arguments. I literally lolled when she gave the fact that there are more men in prison (and they serve longer sentences) as an example of misandry. Couldn't be because men commit more crimes and those crimes tend to be more serious, right?

    I love seeing misandrists who call themselves feminists getting owned by Blair but when this chick does it, it's just kind of cringy because her arguments are poor. Her sex life and views on sexuality are where the real lulz are. Waving pedophilia off as a kink reveals way too much about her own fucked up sexuality imo.

    Anyone who posts about their age play daddy fetish openly online definitely has lolcow tendencies that are worth discussing, even if they're not a full blown tard.
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  19. She looks better without the eyeliner. She should stop doing that to her face.
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  20. [​IMG]

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