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Snowflake sh0eonheada poor man's boxxy (if boxxy looked like Sarah Silverman after 30 years of working in a brothel)

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Dynastia, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. In contrast to her alt-right pushing of free speech, one of her advertising sponsors is an app called "Candid". While this app promotes itself as a platform for anonymous free speech, it is actually used to collect data for devising algorithms to automatically detect and censor undesirable statements and opinions. Advertising money is worth more than principles in this case, it would seem
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    millais helicopter rides for antifa

  2. I don't get this thread. She's a run of the mill anti-sjw youtuber and she has her thread here just because she's biologically uncapable of growing facial hair on her neck?
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    Sperglord Dante

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  3. Isn't she a sub to a man that is at least 10 years her senior?
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  4. That's why there's only 23 posts in six months. There isn't much to say beyond I like/dislike this person.
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    Doc Cassidy

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  5. Ehh, Shoe's alright. She can be kind of cringy but she makes good points sometimes. She just strikes me as one of those girls who tries to be "just one of the boys teehee" to fit in.
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  6. So anyone here remember when @Brandobaris posted alleged "nudes" of shoe?
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    alex_theman Conflict Resolution Officer

  7. We must keep the inferior non-neckhairs out of our vidya games, that's why this thread exists.
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  8. Wait, she's not Boxxy?
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    Cyan #006666
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  9. She is and isn't Boxxy.

    TLDR when Boxxy was a thing, girls would try to play themselves off as her. June was one of those girls. She posted on a chan for a long time and basically was their camwhore for a few years. Nudes included.

    Then they figured out she was underage and it all got deleted.

    Now she's of age, but I swear to god she is into DDLG. There's also a set of nudes that people think are her, because it's a black haired petite with a sword covering her crotch.

    Edit: I may actually have that set saved too.
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    m0rnutz Totally not a spy

  10. Important notice for anyone who finds redeeming qualities in her: She went to college for Liberal Arts
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    Un Platano

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  11. so do I fuck off theatre is great
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  12. That's fact. She doesn't try to hide it at all. She talks about it all the time on her twitter.
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    tehpope Whatever dood

  13. Anyone who talks about shit like that on their twitter is a lolcow.
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    AnOminous L'Héautontimorouménos
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  14. Lolcow's produce tard cum. It is bone dry in here.
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  15. anti-sjw? feelin awful 2013 in here.
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  16. That's puritan shit.
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  17. This subforum isn't purely about the kind of Lolcows you'd see in the general Lolcow board. If you're not interested in the person of interest, I'd suggest to move on to another thread.
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  18. There's no tard cum faggot
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  19. If @Melchett thinks the thread is shit, it'll get locked or removed. If you have no further interest in the cow then I'd recommend to move on. And further meta commentary of the thread is probably better directed in Thread Watch so we don't inflate the thread with not-on-topic responses. Your thoughts so far have been inputted so thanks for the feedback.
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    Clown Doll

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  20. Eh this thread's been pretty shit since it's inception. I'll give it to the end of today to prove itself - if it's still shit, I'll lock it.

    Less thirstposting and "she's not a lolcow", more content about her weird fetishes!
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    Melchett Toilet Ninja
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