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sh0eonheada poor man's boxxy (if boxxy looked like Sarah Silverman after 30 years of working in a brothel)

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Dynastia, Jul 12, 2016.

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  2. She's not bad looking but at one point someone said she looked like a Who from Whoville and I can't unsee it.
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  3. Shoe0nehead has pretty much always been about providing comedic social commentary. If you are looking at her for in depth nuanced reviews of today's issues, you are barking up the wrong tree.
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  4. What you get up to in the bedroom is whatever really, but openly posting about it on twittter is fucking stupid
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  5. True, but Blair proves you can be funny whilst still showing you have in-depth knowledge about subjects you're mocking. Doesn't matter that she strawmans in a comedic video really but it still does her no favors.
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  6. Since it hasn't came up in the thread yet, since she's trying to get all comfy with alt right etc.

    She rages out (or more correctly to say just deletes) the fact she used to date a black guy and doesn't like how the crowd she's pandering too this week calls her the stereotypical name of girls who date black men.

    She's never admitted to it even though there are pictures of it too.
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  7. ^She's getting super comfy with the alt right to the point where I think she might make a shift to neo nazi(*rates self optimistic*). I mean just look at how she answered this question about her boyfriend having the last name Fuhrer:
    Honestly, I don't think she'll go full neo nazi on us though I wouldn't put it past her to have some sick fantasy about it and for this answer to actually be what she really thinks instead of just a joke answer.
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  8. Man, she is confusing.

    I never enjoyed her content all that much and I always felt she was a bit too much of a 'not like the other girls' kinda person.

    But I'll say that I liked when she came out against the nonsense SJW conspiracy theory when Bearing got shut down for a few days.

    Bearing is an anti SJW youtuber. He basically makes reaction videos to some dumb fuck feminist/SJW whining in their college dorm room by calling people 'cunt' a lot. Anyway, his channel got deleted about a month ago because the bear he used as his avatar/mascot/logo was basically stolen from the TV show Drama Island. He had used it since the beginning of his channel, sold merch with it and never acknowledged that it wasn't his design.

    Some super Factual Anti-SJWs (including Sargon, Undoomed and a few others) immediately jumped to the conclusion that this was some evil SJW takedown censorship thing because the facts only matter when they're in their favor. Shoe actually was a voice of sanity in that regard because she called the copyright thing pretty early.
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  9. I would agree with you if her boyfriend Skeptic didn't steal his avatar from Google too.

    Also she calls everyone who has avatars in suits 'Skeptic clones' and is pretty much obsessed with the guy.
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  10. All of this is boring as fuck. Who is watching these videos?
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  11. Really smug people that like to listen to people say what they want to hear.
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  12. Yeah, I get that vibe too. Which is kinda sad because some of her ask.fm answers suggest that's not on purpose:
    Though, not be a bitch, I kinda think it's odd how she couldn't even make a single female friend. Even I could and I'm basically a social exceptional individual. Did she only try to get along with popular girls that cared about this shit? Also "normie" and "meat robots"? jc she's cringey.
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  13. Did an interview years ago with a blog

    From what I read shes a Liberal Arts College dropout who then did some part time work in makeup/cosmetics? Family seems pretty well off.

    Apparently there is a tinfoil conspiracy out there she is 16

    She gets pretty cringy with the bf
    crunge.png cringe3.png cringe8.png

    and yet, even more cringe-y
    cringe10.png cringe7.png cringe5.png cringe6.png
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  14. Meh, she's just a cringy, semi-weird girl from Staten Island.
    I don't see anything lolcow about her.
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  15. I know of a married couple IRL that kind of reminds me of Sh0e and AS in terms of both size difference and vaguely related interests (video games and anime), though far less dysfunctional (remember, these people I'm referring to are actually married and don't broadcast what they do in their bedroom publicly). I don't buy the "looks to be 10-15 years her senior" argument because there are going to be those girls that are tiny in their 20s and guys that are huge but not actually much older.
  16. LOL. Drivers license says she has "BRO" eyes.

    I think this thread is based more on jealousy and people who have issues with her politics looking to pick her apart. Not hard, because everyone has their flaws. No one is as picture perfect as we imagine them to be.
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  17. Whats funny is if it wasn't for the DLG thing she has this would just sound like someone dicking (vaging?) arround
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  18. Pics or it didn't happen.
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  19. Skeptic did a video mocking June's style, at one point screamed in the rabbits face "for teh lolz".

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