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Snowflake sh0eonheada poor man's boxxy (if boxxy looked like Sarah Silverman after 30 years of working in a brothel)

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Dynastia, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. I legit LOLed at 'Nikki Narcotic'.
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  2. Men tend to commit more crime on average and more violent crimes at that. No wonder there's more men in jail, if only for the fact that women tend towards financially-based crime (ie: shoplifting or embezzling) or non-violent misdemeanors which can be commuted to shorter sentences or fines.
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    Lackadaisy WHITEY CAN'T WIZARD

  3. Is she still shilling for candid?

    tarni rhineland conqueror

  4. "Greg had one too many Molson's and June was craving hot maple syrup. Always happy to appease the Patriarchy, June polished Greg's hockey stick before the nasty Hoser made her moan in English and French."
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    CervixHammer Internet ist Krieg

  5. "cleaning" :eggplant:
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  6. You can't really mock her for her sexuality because she mostly thinks it's funny, but if you ever imply MaleDom/FemaleSub is mainstream, an old hat or vanilla she will get super offended. For example this video,

    At 18:59 June and Greg get upset when the blog author calls DD/LG "Daddy/Daughter" and it's fairly funny. They kind of hyper focus on if in the narrative of peoples DD/LG role plays if the little girl is suppose to be the daughter of the daddy dom.

    Well she calls him daddy. He has the authority to set rules for her. Discipline her. Reward or spoil her. A big part of the psychology of the kink is that he is her protector and keeps her safe and secure. They usually own their shit sexually, so it's kinda funny to see them get defensive.
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    #87 purrings, Feb 18, 2017
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  8. Even if she isn't she signed a contract with them so she can't say anything bad about them publicly for two years.
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    Buer The God of Tits and Wine

  9. Apparently there are arguments on the various shoe0nhead fan boards (yes there are fan boards) about the validity of a supposed nude pic.

    Internet Sleuths are on the case!

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  10. Those are some fake titties.
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  11. Every since the whole candid fiasco, Skeptic and Shoe have been deleting YT comments calling them out about candid.

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  12. added that to ED article
  13. Apparently shoe was found guilty of filtering comments on her boyfriend's channel, while said boyfriend was glorifying youtubers for being trustworthy and transparent.
    Later both went batshit on Harmful for releasing the DM, even though she said to direct the attention at her.
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    Mater Lachrymarum

    Mater Lachrymarum The Phantom Pain

  14. Gotta spend that adsense money on something.

    FatNero Cole Blooded

  15. Jeez that Twitter reply tree just goes on forever god damn. https://twitter.com/ArmouredSkeptic/status/833823847182893056

    Also Skeptic has an ex-wife? Jesus

    In other news, Shoe is now selling shirts as well? Does eveyone on YT do this stuff?

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  16. Many and she gets lots of hateboners from MGTOWs.
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    Mater Lachrymarum

    Mater Lachrymarum The Phantom Pain

  17. I watched a few of her videos, and she makes a few fair points but a lot of it is pandering and pointless garbage that has already been repeated by many,many people and is basically just food for the beta neckbeards. Like fuck off bitch.

    I also wish her daddy-dom would buy her a better camera and mic set up because it's fucking awful. But maybe a high-res camera would reveal the sags in her face.

    Emmet No freakin' way, Josuke.

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