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Shaddai “Shadman” Prejean shuts down Shadbase over legal problems

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  1. Full Story: Shaddai “Shadman” Prejean shuts down Shadbase over legal problems

    Kiwi Farms thread: Shädbase / Shädman / Shaddai Prejean

    Shaddai Prejean, better known by his artist handle Shadman, has shut down his pornography website Shadbase after remarking on Twitter about “legal issues”.


    Comic of Daniel Keem’s child by Shadman.
    Shadbase featured many drawn pornographic images with characters that were depicted as being underage. While such drawings are a hot topic in freedom of speech debates, American courts have repeatedly upheld citizens’s rights to own and produce erotic cartoons featuring young characters. There are two main exceptions to this law in the US according to U.S. Code § 2252A:

    • If the pornography is 3D rendered in such a way it is indistinguishable from a real photograph, or
    • If the pornography is drawn in the likeness of a real child.

    Shaddai may have violated the statute when he began antagonizing celebrities. He recently drew a picture of Internet sensationalist Daniel Keem’s daughter, albeit not in a sexual way. He also branded it with a banner stating that any likenesses are “coincidental”. While that precaution works for parody and satire, such as the iconic South Park introductory title card, US law is much less forgiving with child pornography. Many of the warnings, workarounds, and courtesies that would be given for defamation and copyright complaint cases are skipped in favor of property seizures and arrests, as U.S.C. 2252 is a criminal issue, not civil.

    LTcorbis in one of her videos, featuring her microphone.
    However, more explicitly, Shadbase drew a comic featuring the unmistakable likeness of the child named LTcorbis, an 11 year old girl who became infamous for producing videos with extreme sexual spoken content. This time Shadman was less subtle and more pornographic. The image featured the microphone in LTcorbis’s videos as an innuendo for a phallus simulating sexual acts with her and did not feature a “purely coincidental” warning as before. Members of Internet forums allegedly reported this video to the FBI for being a possible production of child pornography.

    It is unknown if this precisely is what caused Shadman to take his site down, though considering it is his primary source of income, the issue being a civil one does not seem probable.

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  2. Fan-fucking-tastic. I can't press 1 enough man.
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  3. No place for the wicked!

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  4. Judging by his Twitter feed, it's likely that it's unrelated to child porn. It may very well be a legal issue with ROBLOX, of all things.

    Here's a post from his Twitter that supports this.

    The weirdest part is that I'm pretty sure any ROBLOX-related images he's drawn were wholly non-pornographic and would fly on ROBLOX's servers.
  5. Whether it's Roblox or the Keemstar incident, all I can say is.

    It was only a matter of time.
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  6. A couple corrections, drawn CP is illegal if found to be obscene, and if any porn could be considered obscene, it'd definitely be Shadman's shit.

    That being said, with the Roblox tweet and the fact that his Twitter is still up, it's most likely the Roblox stuff, of all things. Good riddance.
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  7. Shadbase is back and he's not in any legal issues.
    I guess its over just as quickly as it started.

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  8. I imagine the girl's parents got upset about such material existing and threatened with big legal guns until they got what they wanted: the material (mostly) gone.

    I don't see why they'd be selectively outraged at this while letting their 11 year old child produce sexually explicit voice clips, with video, and upload them to the internet.

    Who the fuck do you think you're going to attract by putting your 11 year old daughter on youtube talking sex?
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  9. I thought the threat letter was from Dafne Keen's lawyer. She's an actress.
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  10. Correct.
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  11. I don't think they are even upset about the microphones. They just have to act like it because once they lose plausible deniability over the existence of the drawing, not condemning it would look like approval and cause CPS to go after them extra hard.

    More than likely they do this to get AdSense dollars.
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