Artcow Shädbase / Shädman / Shaddai 'Shadman' Prejean - Pedo Edgelord, Not Trooning Out, Possibly on Drugs

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this website fucking sucks. fuck this shit im out
Shadman is a Swiss pedophile ejected from his country after dodging the mandatory service all Swiss men must go through. He was disowned by his mother after drawing porn of her. For some reason, Patreon enables him to rake in thousands of dollars a month producing grotesque pornography.

Whether or not you believe Lolicon and Shotacon are gross, whether or not you think Shadman's "shock humor" is funny, you should be aware he is an actual pedophile attracted to real children and the money you may give to him goes directly to furthering his abuse of minors.

Shadman drew pornography of Keemstar's daughter giving a blowjob to Donald Trump, which is ostensibly illegal.

We can prove this is Keemstar's daughter by laying it over a SFW picture he did of her.

Shadman drew pornography of his mother.

Shadman drew porn of Lt. Corbis, a very young YouTube celebrity noted for grossly sexual content. Shadman has personal contact with Lt. Corbis and probably encourages this behavior.

Shadman drew porn of Dafnee Keen, the underage actress playing Logan, being raped by her costar. This resulted in a Cease and Desist being filed against him by her talent agency, and his host removing his site from their service.

Shadman is not just an edgelord parading around under the first amendment for profit and fun. He is an actual pedophile who fawns over developing young girls and draws erotica of them to feed his pedophile fanbase and make thousands of dollars in the process.

Few people care about sexually explicit cartoons featuring fictitious minors. Everyone should be concerned with this deeply disturbing trend of sexualizing real minors and his association with them.
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His art isn't bad, just full of fucked up fetishes that I kind of wish I had never looked at.

Like other people, I don't know if he is a lolcow or not considering that I have seen worse and more fucked up things online.


Have a sad cum, babe
He's honestly not a Lolcow. He makes questionable content yeah, but I don't think that's enough qualification for being a lolcow. IRL he's pretty chill and surprisingly has a big fanbase.

But if this is gonna stay at least change it to artcow, since it's more appropriate.

His art is fucked up and when it isn't it still isn't fappable, but he's hardly a lolcow. Also I'd hardy call underaged drawings "literal child porn". It's understandable if you're against it, but I think there's a considerable distinction between an edgy drawing and you know, hurting an actual human being.

Shadman is a popular artist on the internet, known for his edgy, shocking, anti-PC artwork, and most recently known for his loli artwork of Hillary Clinton. You've probably already seen it.

Shadman himself seems to be quite the savvy businessperson, with sites hosted across various networks, and styles himself with the "Gangsta" look for some brand recognition. While most of his fans are your typical anti-PC type, some are a bit.... well, I'll just let you take a look.








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