Shane Dawson accused of being a pedophile - Youtuber Shane Dawson accused of being a pedophile


NEWSSPORT YouTuber Shane Dawson admits to Googling naked babies as he ‘justifies’ paedophilia.
Video has surfaced of YouTuber Shane Dawson calling a six-year-old ‘sexy’ and admitting to ‘googling naked babies.’ #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty has been trending after graphic audio surfaced from a podcast that originally aired four years ago in which Shane attempts to ‘justify’ paedophilia and says it’s comparable to having a foot fetish. The 29-year-old YouTube personality has been accused of being a paedophile by a compilation video on Pop Blast, which pulls audio from Dawson’s podcast Shane And Friends from four years ago. In the audio from the 7 minutes 20 mark, Shane describes how a six-year-old came up to him while taking a picture of his salad for Instagram, describing how they got talking about how many followers they have on the platform.

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