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"Dumbass" is a compliment to him. Remember to never underestimate how dumb Shane is, because if there is anything he does prove people wrong about - it is his stupidity.
As Nick has pointed, Shane is even dumber than the shoes he eats, and when he talks law, he is even dumber than himself.


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Shane is just being a modern Jurnolism and posting his conclusion as fact and cherrypicking the scant few data points that confirms his point and ignoring the ones that go against what he's saying.

I mean, he is a journalist, after all, it says so in his twitter bio, he wouldn't lie about something like that, would he?


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Dumbass is a compliment to him. Remember to never underestimate how dumb Shane is, because if there is anything he does prove people wrong about - it is his stupidity.
Also the fact he is a DILF.
I love how @Shane_Yes_That_One can't just take the Payless loafer out of his mouth for five seconds to admit he got played by a fucking parody account. Take this L and place it in a shoe box with all your other ones you highly exceptional ass clown.
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Normal!Shane Holmberg vs Parody!Shane Holmberg

Normal Shane: 0
Parody Shane: 1
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Shane. You spread the screenshots. You were the one calling attention to it. You were the one to bring it to everyone's attention. How is it your parodies fault that you fell for such an easy bait?
Shane buddy, you won the race. You announced it first, not Nick! Take pride in that. Just ignore the fact that anyone with more than one braincell can see it was bullshit and take your win.

"The movement that is 90% trolls shitposters is behind this parody on twitter"
Good work gumshoe.
The cherry on the failsmug sundae is that Shane thinks it actually existed as a fundraiser for people to donate money to and is something someone could get charged for fraud over. It was a tos violation at best. And that is if it got published at all which he has no proof of.


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That looks awful. I guess he couldn't go to a real tattoo artist since they don't accept shoes for payment, so he bought some safety pins and grabbed some guy in front of the parole office.
I still can't believe that his reaction to being trolled about his shitty tats was to take clearer photos of them, thereby showing the entire world that they're much more shitty than we initially thought.

Shane is definitely the most inadvertently comic figure in this whole thing, but even in this flea circus he's the one wearing the biggest clownshoes.

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How come it has to be everyone of the ISWV group that is "behind it" instead of just the one person who made the fake GFM?
Nice of him to admit to being their mouthpiece now that they're muzzled by their team of unpaid lolyers. I don't think he'd out and out said that they were telling him to post about stuff, we knew he was getting info from Ron though.

Maybe it's time his communications become an interest to the plaintiff.

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