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Mentioned on the Nick stream.

HOLMBERG 15A’s ultramassive black hole is estimated to have a mass of 40 billion times that of the Sun.

“This is the most massive black hole with a direct dynamical detection in the local Universe,” the researchers said.

“It is a factor of two larger than black holes in NGC 4889 (21 billion times that of the Sun) and NGC 1600 (17 billion times that of the Sun).”

“This black hole is not only one of the most massive known, it is also 4 to 9 times larger than expected given the galaxy’s bulge stellar mass.”


True & Honest Fan


True & Honest Fan
Mentioned on the Nick stream.

Between this and Vic singing an ode to the west Nile mosquito 10 years ago, I am convinced God has a sense of humor. That or the harlequin God truly did survive the cataclysm that doomed the eldar and is even now plotting his dark and hilarious revenge from deep within the webway.


Final Notice for Repo
That guy, I would ask a tangible question. Monica's appearances, her signature lines? How long are the fans waiting?
All things Shane would know probably, since he 'works' in an anime con. If he actually believe this, it cast doubts on Shane's business acumen on getting talent for cons. Congrats Shane, you played yourself.

The first time I watched the Nick vs Shane stream was with a friend, and he was getting so annoyed by Shane continuously answering questions Nick wasn't asking I was getting worried he'd beat the shit out of me just because I was in arm's reach of him. I stopped that viewing and went to the Mignogna deposition and that calmed him down because Vic, rather than being an arrogant and ignorant cunt, actually both listened to what was being said and sassed the lungless lawyer.

I just decided to watch the full Nick vs Shane stream and it was fucking terrible, although I did learn Shane can fucking ballet dance around any questions he's asked. Shane ran away like a bitch when Nick was reading superchats. I feel obligated to inform any Kiwis who haven't watched it yet that it'll be as painful, but 90 minutes quicker, to stick a toothpick under each of your toenails and kick a wall as hard as you can.
Ran away? He brought a butter knife to a Armored Vehicle duel....Shane is proof that there are organisms on this planet which can survive without a brain function.